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Learn how to generate more leads and close more deals
Want to increase your service business’s lead generation and sales close rates?

The Lead Generation and Sales Accelerator is the culmination of five years, 4,500+ prospects generated, and seeing $125,000,000+ (yes, million) in digital marketing leads come through Credo. In that time we’ve learned what works to get qualified leads in the door, convert them to prospects, and ultimately close them into clients.

This five module course (with a bonus pricing module included) covers the five most important areas of building a service business lead generation and sales engine.

Keep reading to learn more, and join today!

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You’re here for a reason…

Hi there,

If you’re here then you’re probably running a services business (marketing, design, development) and you’re tired of the ebb-and-flow, up-and-down rollercoaster of a bunch of referrals one week and then none for who knows how long.

You’re tired of these new prospects all wanting proposals, and then none of them signing with you.

You’re tired of “leads” reaching out through your site and saying “So what is it that you do exactly?” You’re tired of wasting time explaining what you do to people like this too, because you know they’re not going to buy from you.

Simply put, you’re tired of a service business that feels like a job.

Well dear service business owner,  you’ve come to the right place .

Since 2015 we’ve worked with hundreds of agencies and consultants. Some have solid processes and are looking to get more qualified leads in their door, and we love working with those.

But we’ve also spoken with a lot of agencies, just like you, that are struggling. Struggling to generate leads and struggling to close leads. You’re tired of struggling to not make enough revenue to achive your goals.

Because of this we’ve worked hard over the years to identify what makes an agency (or consultant!) successful in attracting and closing work, and now we’re teaching that to you.

This course delivered live cost $1,099. You’re getting it for a fraction of that.

We’ve tested these strategies while doing our own sales (remember, Credo is run by former and current service business owners!) and then taught them our customers and monitored the results.

Results can’t be guaranteed (my lawyer told me I had to say that), but implementing these strategies (especially one specific one in the 4th module) has returned sales improvements of 15%-35% for agency owners. One agency has gone from $600,000 per year to $4,000,000 per year in revenue since we trained them on sales.

And as you’ll see below, we had one agency that completed the course go on to close a $96k annual deal. That’s a 111x ROI on his investment within 3 months.

If you’re a tired service business owner that wants to break free of the inconsistency of referrals and close more deals in a consistent way, the Credo Accelerator is for you.


John Doherty, Credo Founder & CEO

INTRODUCING Credo Accelerator Course

This is a 5 module video course delivered by Credo CEO/Founder John Doherty, a veteran digital marketer and consultant.

Build the right website

Many things going into building a website that converts. While digital marketers usually think a lot about traffic acquisition, we spend too little time thinking about what gets clients to convert. Module 1 covers the ideal structure of an agency website.

Messaging and conversion

Messaging is hard, so how do you build messaging around your core offerings that qualifies in the right leads, qualifies out the wrong ones, and still converts? We’ll dig deep into the language around consulting and services and share case studies from what works and doesn’t. Week 2 is all about messaging and conversion.

Lead generation

Marketers are great at talking about “how many leads we generated last month”, but when it comes to converting them we waste a ton of time. Week 3 covers lead generation and how to attract the right leads, and take top of funnel leads and convert them into paying clients.

The Sales Process that works

Lots of agencies can generate enough leads, but the funnel breaks down when it comes to closing. Too many proposals get sent that never get signed. Week 4 covers the sales process we know closes work and will tighten up your existing processes so you sign more clients and make more money.

Proposals that close

This week covers creating proposals that get signed. Many agencies do a lot of unnecessary work and lose contracts because of their proposals. This module teaches you the four needed parts of a proposal so that you can win more contracts.

Pricing module

Pricing is one of the hardest parts of running a service business. In this module, we’ll show you a few pricing frameworks you can use to determine and present your pricing in proposals so that you have the best shot at closing that prospect into a client.

John Doherty

Credo Founder & CEO

SEO industry veteran, former in-house marketing leader, consultant to large websites, and Credo CEO.


John is an SEO industry veteran who spent 2.5 years at Distilled in New York City working with incredible clients before moving to Zillow’s rentals brand HotPads in San Francisco to run marketing and growth. Originally trained as a web developer and technical writer, he’s focused on digital marketing since 2009. He’s consulted with some of the biggest names online over the years, and since 2015 has run Credo full time and overseen over 4,500 project inquiries comprising over $125M in project value. He’s made agencies over $10M via Credo.


John lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Courtney, their daughter Tatum, and their very large black labrador mix named Butterbean. Born and raised in Virginia, John’s lived all around the world and United States until settling in Denver, Colorado.

When he’s not working on Credo or his other businesses, he can be found in the mountains or on an airplane.


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Accelerator Course

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Course Price $1,099  one-time  ** $329   one-time What’s included:
  • Unlimited access to all 5 modules (plus 1 bonus module)
  • Over 3 hours of tactical training content
  • Lifetime access to updated content
  • Course downloads and resources
  • Course progress tracking
  • Discounted private consulting calls (add-on)
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** This accelerator course was previously offered as an in-person training for $1,099 per seat. You’re getting the same training with unlimited access for a one-time payment of only $329.

Agencies who trust this training

Healthy 7-figure agencies have used this training to scale their sales pipeline.

See what one student has to say about their results

Spoiler alert: a 111x return in under 3 months

Austin Mullins, Conversion Creatives

Jeff Fernandez

Former CEO and cofounder at Grovo

“We worked with John for two years at Grovo. He communicates very well, develops scalable strategy, and helps prioritize a tactical roadmap to make it happen. John’s an expert in the space, but can get his hands dirty too. John’s also a great guy. He’s personable, friendly, and always on. I can’t recommend John enough.”

Paul Ghio

Former VP Product, Creative Market

“My team and I worked with John for 18 months after we were introduced by a mutual colleague whose deep SEO knowledge I respect. I’ve worked with a handful of talented (and some not so talented) consultants in this space since 2011, and after speaking with a half-dozen more when we were looking to onboard someone new to tackle some hairy projects, I can confidently say John is the best I’ve come across.”

Jake Sheafer

CEO, Venta Marketing

“We began working with Credo at the end of 2018. Since that time we’ve grown incredibly and a large part is thanks to John and his team’s direction and training. They ripped apart our sales process and rebuilt it from the ground up. When we look back at our performance, that training was a lockstep change in our growth. I cannot recommend this content more highly.”

Who gets the best results from the Accelerator?
One of this is true about you in your current position:
  • Agency/consultancy owner
  • Agency head of marketing
  • Agency head of sales
  • Solo consultant looking to scale up
  • Agency employee wanting to go out on your own
You identify with these type of problems:
  • Your website is abandoned and outdated;
  • You’re not generating enough qualfied leads;
  • You’re not closing enough qualified prospects into clients;
  • You’re doing a ton of manual work during sales, without enough return.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Credo Accelerator.

Where can I watch the content?

Once you check out, you will be logged into the site and able to access the trainings.

Can I give others on my team access?

Absolutely, just share your login.

Will I get access to updates?

If we update the trainings in this course, yes. If the trainings are brand new, no.

Where do I learn more about sales consulting or agency coaching?

If you are interested in learning more about a private lead generation or sales coaching call, you can learn more about that here.

Agency coaching information can be found here.

Get instant access today!
Accelerator Course

Get instant access to the full course, bonus module, downloads, progress tracking and more!

Access your course from any device within our secure members area.

Course Price $1,099  one-time  ** $329   one-time What’s included:
  • Unlimited access to all 5 modules (plus 1 bonus module)
  • Over 3 hours of tactical training content
  • Lifetime access to updated content
  • Course downloads and resources
  • Course progress tracking
  • Discounted private consulting calls (add-on)
Accelerator Course by John Doherty Credo Sales Page
Accelerator Course by John Doherty Credo Sales Page


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