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  • Every time I use affiliate links, I don’t make any money – it doesn’t work
  • It’s not smart to promote companies for free with no guarantee of payment
  • My friends say affiliate marketing sounds shady and I shouldn’t get involved
  • Anyone making real money with affiliate marketing must have a million followers
  • Sounds like something I’m going to have to invest thousands of dollars into
  • The bloggers in my niche make all the affiliate income – there’s no room for me
  • Earn money that’s not tied to your time – no more trading precious hours for dollars
  • Save a substantial cushion on the side while working the day job you love (or hate!)
  • Get affiliate cha-ching notifications while you’re out at the park with your kids
  • Fire that crappy client without having to worry about your income taking a hit
  • Create affiliate content that grows your audience and income at the same time
My comprehensive online course where I show you how to grow your audience & income with affiliate marketing. Skip the guesswork and take my easy to follow, step by step program.

“Justine’s course on Affiliate Marketing is the most valuable course I’ve purchased yet. It had all the information and tools I needed to get started right away including a list of potential affiliates, charts to organize my affiliate information, and links to plugins that would make my affiliate marketing clear and purposeful. I’ve already started to reap the rewards of my hard work and I’m excited to see how those numbers continue to add up.”

  • Scared that affiliate marketing is too complicated for you
  • Frustrated by the little earnings you’ve seen from your affiliate links
  • Stuck without a step by step plan to grow your affiliate income
  • Annoyed that your audience isn’t buying products through your links
  • Concerned you’ll never have enough time for affiliate marketing
  • Confident by how much you’ve accomplished as an affiliate
  • Encouraged that your affiliate income stream is becoming more meaningful
  • Clear as a bell on what you need to do as an affiliate
  • Happy to see your affiliate content is finally resonating with your audience
  • Assured that affiliate marketing is worth your time

Affiliate Income Map is available in both video and written lessons for every learning style.
You’ll also get workbooks, spreadsheets, tutorials and other actionable resources in every module.

  • The 5 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Figure Out What Your Audience Really Wants
  • How to Map Out Your Audience’s Journey to Getting What They Want
  • Mind Mapping Products for Each Point on Your Audience’s Journey
  • How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your Brainstormed Products
  • 3 Site Elements You Need Before Applying to Affiliate Programs
  • What Different Program Rules Mean
  • How the Affiliate Application Process Works
  • Affiliate Disclosure Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to Manage and Test Your Affiliate Links
  • The Proper Way to Use Affiliate Links
  • How to Track Your Campaigns
  • 7 Simple but Effective Ways to Make Your Site More Sticky
  • 5 Steps to Optimizing and Monetizing Promising Blog Posts
  • 5 More Places to Incorporate Affiliate Links
  • How to Create an Irresistible Affiliate Resources Page
  • Everything you Need to Know About Affiliate Tutorials
  • How to Position Your Tutorials for Search Traffic
  • 3 Key Visuals to Take Your Affiliate Tutorial to the Next Level
  • How to Outline and Write Your Affiliate Tutorial
  • 3 Enticing Themes for Your Affiliate Roundups
  • How to Pick Traffic Generating Keywords for Your Affiliate Roundup
  • The Elements You Need to Write Your Affiliate Roundup Fast
  • How to Use Collages and Widgets to Bring Your Roundups to Life
  • A Unique Way to Promote Your Affiliate Roundup
  • Why Affiliate Reviews are the Most Profitable Affiliate Strategy
  • The Keyword Research Process for Affiliate Reviews
  • How to Develop Standard Criteria for Your Affiliate Reviews
  • 3 Steps to Outlining and Writing Your Affiliate Review
  • Different Videos You Can Include in Your Affiliate Review
  • Why Email is the Fastest Way to Make Affiliate Income
  • 5 Quick Affiliate Email Tactics You Can Try
  • How to Create a Winning Dedicated Affiliate Email
  • 5 Steps to Developing an Affiliate Email Series
  • 3 Steps to Setting Realistic Affiliate Income Goals
  • How to Create a Plan to Achieve Your Affiliate Income Goals
  • My Method for Managing and Completing Affiliate Projects
  • How to Develop a Stellar Affiliate Editorial Calendar
  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your Affiliate Promos

How to Do Affiliate Joint Ventures Like a Boss by AIM creator Justine Grey
[Written Training]

Dead-Simple Guide to Social Media Affiliate Marketing by Dani Fairhurst
[Written Training with Video Tuts]

Simple Yet Effective SEO Magic:
Q&A with SEO Strategist Meg Clarke
[Video with Transcript]

Create Your Email List In a
Weekend by Dani Fairhurst
[Written Training with Video Tuts]

Master List of 500+ Affiliate
Programs in Different Niches

Submit your assignments and assets
for the Monthly Critique Corner
[Video with Timestamps]

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned so much about affiliate marketing. I love the fact that Justine provided guidance as I actually created multiple affiliate marketing campaigns for my site. She gave fantastic feedback to help improve my approach and the way I was thinking about these campaigns. This course not only helped me with affiliate marketing it also helped with my blog overall. Very well worth the time and investment! ”

Get instant access to Affiliate Income Map, including :
  • 8 modules with video and written training
  • 4 bonus trainings on SEO, email, social media and more
  • Monthly assignment and content critiques
  • Master list of 500+ affiliate programs
    Get instant access to Affiliate Income Map, including :
  • 8 modules with video and written training
  • 4 bonus trainings on SEO, email, social media and more
  • Monthly assignment and content critiques
  • Master list of 500+ affiliate programs

    $25 from every sale of Affiliate Income Map is donated to The Red Cross

    Hey, I’m Justine Grey. I’ve helped thousands of affiliates monetize their content through my work as an affiliate manager.

    Unlike others sharing affiliate tips based on a one-time or one-niche experience, I’ve worked with bloggers across countless industries and have seen first-hand what it takes to find success as an affiliate. On top of that, I’ve monetized several blogs myself having been a content affiliate for almost 10 years now.

    I’d love to be your affiliate marketing guide, but you need to know the truth first.

    Contrary to what you may have heard, most bloggers aren’t raking in mansion money from their affiliate marketing pursuits. Instead, they’re building up a respectable income stream, slowly over time. Money they can fall back on if they need to fire an annoying freelance client. Money they can use to make that dream vacation a reality sooner. Money they can maybe, one day far from now, retire on.

    If you want to do something similar, with realistic timelines and honest insights, I’m your girl. I look forward to working with you in Affiliate Income Map!

    It really depends on you and your current situation. For example, a student with an established blog and email list will change their income faster than a student just starting out. A student who watches the lessons but doesn’t take action won’t learn the skills as quickly (or at all) compared to a student who meticulously consumes and implements each lesson in order.

    Just keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where you’re starting out or how much time you have to devote. If you put in the work by completing the step by step lessons, you can expect to see positive results within 3-6 months.

    • Haven’t started a blog yet or only want to do affiliate marketing on social media
    • Desperately need to make money within the next few months – try freelancing instead
    • Are not a doer because this course requires you to experiment by taking action
    • Looking to learn PPC/paid affiliate techniques – this course is focused on content affiliate marketing
    • Struggle with basic tech instructions and/or are easily frustrated with your blogging platform
    • Have a new or existing blog you can leverage – bonus points if you have or want to start an email list too
    • Understand that affiliate income takes time to grow and have other income streams to support you in the meantime
    • Are a go-getter who thrives on taking action and experimenting with new projects and ideas
    • Love creating unique content for your blog and want to learn how to put together SEO-friendly affiliate content
    • Enjoy working with your blog platform and are willing to follow simple tech tutorials to improve your affiliate game

    “Justine works with thousands of affiliates managing the FreshBooks affiliate program. And thanks to her coaching, resources and trainings, she’s helped countless motivated affiliates in our program grow their income.  I highly recommend her as an affiliate educator.


    Get instant access to Affiliate Income Map, including :
  • 8 modules with video and written training
  • 4 bonus trainings on SEO, email, social media and more
  • Monthly assignment and content critiques
  • Master list of 500+ affiliate programs
    Get instant access to Affiliate Income Map, including :
  • 8 modules with video and written training
  • 4 bonus trainings on SEO, email, social media and more
  • Monthly assignment and content critiques
  • Master list of 500+ affiliate programs
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    When does Affiliate Income Map begin?
    Do I need to buy expensive tools for this course?

    “I’ve run several online businesses over the last 15 years and have known Justine for 9 of them. My most famous site, The Mogul Mom, sold for close to 6 figures in 2013 because of its affiliate earnings. Justine is the only person in the world I trust to give me affiliate marketing advice, and with her help I’ve personally generated thousands in commissions. ”


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    Affiliate Income Map by Justine Grey Sales Page
    Affiliate Income Map by Justine Grey Sales Page


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