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This workshop will give you the tools to launch and grow your affiliate marketing giving you a passive income. Generating a passive income provides you the opportunity to leverage your time more effectively, not trade your time for money and allow you to spend more time on other things you love or want to do. This could be spending more time with your family, traveling more or finally getting the time to work on “that project” for your business that you’ve been putting off.

Because The Affiliate Rescue workshop will give each person customized guidance that is relevant to what they enjoy and what their business focus is, it will only be available to a small group of people.

8 modules that breakdown each critical piece to finding success with affiliate marketing. We will uncover what path will be the most efficient to finding success.

In each module, we will cover a new step required to get your going start to finish. You’ll leave each one with actionable homework which we’ll discuss and review during our group call.

You’ll have access to our private Facebook group where all the materials will be posted & receive ongoing support from both Megan & the group. This group will only be available to participants in the workshop.

In this module, we take a look at the basics of affiliate marketing & passive income. The homework gives you a sense of what your strengths & weaknesses are. You’ll also receive an overview of what you can expect from this workshop and what will be happening in each module.

In module two, we dive deep and examine your current status. You’ll explore where you are now, where you want to be, create goals and put a plan in place for how to reach them. We will also touch on mindset a little bit.

During this module, we move on to curating opportunities that fall inline with what was covered and you created in module 2. You’ll learn where to find affiliate opportunities, what ones will work for you and how to determine which opportunities are lucrative and which are not profitable. After this module, you’ll have a clear sense of where you need to focus your efforts so that you are as effective as possible with your time.

In module 4, we look at “the how” of pulling this all together. You’ll receive the tools and systems necessary to implement your plan & strategy from the previous modules. After this one, you will have the nuts & bolts to get off and running!

This module reviews various marketing strategies and action steps to spread the word leveraging your current list & how to use affiliate marketing as a list building strategy.

When you’ve finished this module, you will have the tools & resources necessary to begin generating a passive income through email marketing.

In module 6, we explore leveraging events to expand on your affiliate marketing efforts. We cover what affiliate events are, the types, how you can leverage them and how to host your own.

In this module, you’ll explore the various strategies, channels & tools to expand on growing your passive income from affiliate marketing outside of events & email-only efforts.

You’ll walk away with a plan for how to “mix it up” so your affiliate efforts don’t seem too repetitive and boring for your audience. It’s important to always keep their attention!

The last module outlines what it takes to create your own passive income product, how to recruit affiliates of your very own and do a recap on everything you learned in the previous modules.

In addition to a dedicated private Facebook group, this program also includes monthly ‘live’ group support calls.


Megan has been featured in several media publications including…

Access all of the materials for Affiliate Rescue from the Facebook Group.

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“Megan’s Affiliate Rescue Workshop program is chock-full of amazing resources to make real money using affiliate marketing. Spelling out exactly which steps to take to meet your goals and guiding you through these steps; the Affiliate Rescue Workshop is one that delivers real results!”

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Affiliate Rescue Workshop by Megan Dixon Sales Page
Affiliate Rescue Workshop by Megan Dixon Sales Page


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