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I have realized a  return on my investment of 6,000% . If you are a Digital/Marketing Agency, Freelancer, Business Owner or anyone that is serious about learning and getting paid for their skill’s, Jeff’s course will help you get there.


There are two big obstacles that stand in the way of growth for every service-based business.

Whether you’re just getting started with your business or you’ve been running an agency for years, it’s inevitable, you’re going to have to face and overcome these obstacles.

Do you know what they are?

According to a recent study I conducted with 149 service-based business owners, you’re probably more familiar with these roadblocks than you’d like.

Here are the most common words the business owners I interviewed used to describe the challenges they face.

Not enough clients or not enough time.

For most service-based business owners it’s one or the other.

Yet, I am willing to bet your inspiration for starting your own business wasn’t to be consumed by anxiety about how, when, and where you’re going to find your next client…

Or to spend 90 hours a week trying to service your clients, just so you can scrape by, pay the bills, and live to fight another day.

No, like most of us, you are likely looking for a better way.

Running a service-based business is a chance to do the work you love while leading life on your own terms.

More importantly, your business is an opportunity to  turn your expertise into the   financial asset your job could never become.

But the moment your agency meanders into the not-enough-clients or not-enough-time trap two things happen:

  1. 1
    You transform your dream business into a high-stress job that absorbs (NOT enhances) your life.
  2. 2
    Your business fails to deliver the security, benefits, time off, or even the pay rate most hourly 9 to 5 jobs offer.

These outcomes are the opposite of your ambitions and inspirations.

And I don’t want you to suffer this fate a single day longer than you have to.

So today, I want to share how you can  break free  of the not-enough-clients/not-enough-time doom loop and build the business you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer

You may know me as the founder of Data Driven.

But long before I started my online digital marketing training hub, I was a freelance web developer, a database specialist, and an SEO…

Honestly, I was a freelance “I’ll do whatever you pay me to do within reason.”

Now, fortunately, I found my way out of this phase of my career. 

And, I worked my way up to become a partner in an award-winning digital marketing agency.

By adopting the principles I am going to share with you today, my agency grew so rapidly we were recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Businesses five straight years in a row.

Yet, the best part is the fundamentals I’m sharing with you have helped hundreds of others achieve their own business success.

You see, by building your business to avoid the lack-of-clients/lack-of-time trap, you can use your business to create real financial and lifestyle freedom.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

The success of my agency allowed me the freedom and time to not only travel the world but also build Data Driven into a  19,175  members-strong community.



And the 1,000s of Data Driven members who’ve joined my business programs have seen life-changing success as well.

Last year was a record year for me in terms of both revenue and profit


I used the ideas from your course to identify my niche, hustle for meetings with key decision makers and eventually price a value driven proposal for a prospect who responded. After 3 face to face meetings and a long call, we signed a contract with a retainer which is 5x of what I used to charge and a nice setup fee.


So let’s talk about how you can grow your business to support the life you ultimately want to live while achieving your most ambitious financial goals.

There are three key principles that comprise the pillars of growth for every service-based business.

Embracing and implementing these principles in your business will allow you to:

  • Magnetically attract clients to your business
  • Scale your services while increasing your profits
  • And manage your business to achieve your growth targets


The best way to attract clients is to do great work and deliver above expectations.


Word of mouth and referrals are unreliable sources of lead generation. If you want to be in demand, grow your brand!

Great work is what your clients expect, and rightfully so. Your clients will focus on themselves first. Sure when it’s convenient they might mention you to their colleagues.

But if your work is truly great –  the secret weapon your clients can’t do without –  they also might want to keep you all to themselves so they can monopolize your expertise.

The truth is word-of-mouth and referrals are unreliable when it comes to lead generation.

So what other options are out there to get in front of clients?

Job Boards, Paid Media, SEO?

Here’s the deal.

All of these tactics can work. But ONLY if you differentiate yourself from the pack… AND… deliver a message that captives the attention of your potential clients.

The best way to connect with your ideal clients and stand out from your competition is to… 

Building your brand doesn’t mean you have to become Nike or Pepsi.

It simply means you need to do these two things really, really well:


Identify your best service and industry niches


Craft a unique selling proposition that resonates with your ideal clients

Most agencies fail to attract enough clients because they don’t understand how to leverage niches. They also have no idea what motivates their clients to hire a service provider.

Now, this is great news for you… because guess what happens when you select the right niches for your business?

And when you craft a unique selling proposition that speaks to your clients most burning desires?

You magnetically attract clients to your business.

And this wealth of client opportunities allows you to choose to work with the cream of the crop… which in turn allows you to experience successes that build your brand even faster.

The process of building your brand all starts with this simple equation:

Nail these two variables and no matter how you choose to promote your business, if there are clients within your reach, they’ll be lined up to work with you.

To be honest, we just copied most of the strategies from Jeff’s course, and  it helped us to create a foundation to become Estonias top AdWords agency in only 10 months . So, money well spent 🙂



The only thing you need to do to grow your business is land more clients.


Clients bring in revenue, they don’t create profits. To Increase your profits and make your business more efficient you need to 80/20 your service plan.

You can’t grow your business without clients. Yet, too many clients can also kill your business if you’re not prepared to handle the workload.

And while  clients bring in revenue they don’t create profits.

What creates profits for your business is scaling your ability to deliver your services.


Low-value tasks need to be automated, delegated or outsourced.


Your services have to become standardized as much as possible, without watering down the personalization and customization your clients are buying from you.


Your lead qualification process needs to be highly efficient, so you don’t waste time on bad prospects.


Your new client onboarding needs to be a well-oiled machine that sets the right expectations and gets your customers excited to work with you.

BUT, if you never hired employees or contractors before, OR standardized your services, OR created an onboarding process…

Then taking on these challenges can feel more overwhelming than simply maintaining the status quo.

Speaking from experience, there are really only two ways to do this.


The hard way : Go for it, and hope you don’t get burned by a bad hire, or process oversight, or a gaffe with a client.



The fast way : Learn from someone else who’s already been there, borrow everything they’ll share with you, and adapt it to your business model.

When my agency truly started to take off we hired a $6,000 a day coach to help us fix our processes so we could grow profitably. As costly and difficult as it was to try 80/20 ourselves while were growing, it was still the best money I ever spent on my business.

80/20 your business early on  and you’ll be able to bring in new clients profitably without hitting a revenue wall or burning yourself out.

Doing the exercises in the (Data Driven) programs allowed our business to take a huge leap forward. They forced me to take a look at my business in a way I never have before.



Profit is the only metric you need to worry about.


Earning a profit from day-1 is a great start, but if you don’t know how to use your profits, you can’t scale your business.

The members in my business courses are always surprised by what they learn when they enter their business’s numbers into the Data Driven growth projection model. 

This model reveals by-the-numbers answers to many of the questions that keep business owners awake at night.

Questions like:

  • How many clients do I really need to hit 7-figures in revenue?
  • How many employees can I afford to take on and when should I hire them?
  • When should I increase my own salary, and what do I risk by pulling money out of my business?

Turning your vision for your business into tangible Data Driven targets is an absolutely crucial process.

But the real skill lies in managing your business to hit your targets.

Jeff’s course is like  getting an MBA in running an Agency . Intense, thorough, rich in detail, and taught by someone who has lived the agency life and started and scaled a successful agency.  This is not theoretical knowledge – these are hard-learned lessons , taught by an entrepreneur who is excellent at teaching.


Now the bad news is, there’s no magic pill that will transform your ability to financially manage your business.

You have to  learn  and you have to  earn  these skills.

Yet, the good news is there are ways to drastically reduce your learning curve and avoid the substantial risks of financial mismanagement.

The opportunity I am about to share with you is unlike any I have ever offered before.

The programs I am introducing today are uniquely designed to provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and resources to:

Develop a brand that magnetically attracts clients

80/20 every stage of your service process

Manage your business to your targets

Now, before we go any further, I need to share one more truth.

If you’re suffering from lack-of-clients or lack-of-time, there’s no overnight fix for these problems.

But, what you can do is  take control  and dedicate yourself to make a change in your business now, before you hit the point of no return.

And starting today, you can follow a complete program that will guide you through implementing the three guaranteed growth principles for your business.

Agency Jumpstart is a complete journey through the frameworks and processes I used to streamline my service offerings and  build a multi-million dollar client roster  as both a freelancer and an agency owner.

There’s NO  fluff  or  magic tricks  in this program.

Simply real-world strategies that will help you attract high-value clients to your business and build long-term relationships with those clients.

If you’re a freelancer or an agency owner that wants to follow a proven roadmap to the next stage of growth, this program is for you.

Taking the Agency Course has had a great impact on my business.  It took out the guess work . I learned new strategies, acquired new tools and gained confidence in what I was already doing well.  T he agency course has helped me grow my business.


Agency Jumpstart is a five-module training program, featuring over 14 hours of content, that leads you through a structured action plan for building your business.

Inside Agency Jumpstart, you’ll discover how to use  six service-based business revenue engines  to drive your agency’s growth.

Then, we’ll go in-depth on your business development strategy. You’ll gain proven techniques for inbound lead generation, closing deals, and creating recurring revenue streams.

And, I’ll show you how to calculate the prices you should  really  be charging for your services.

Next, we’ll 80/20 your agency building. I’ll reveal my 8-stage framework for hiring top-level employees at a profitable pay rate. And, I’ll show how to systemize your client on-boarding, so you simplify this process without missing critical steps.

Finally, you’ll master setting up your business for long term success. And you’ll gain the insider knowledge needed to avoid temptations that can destroy even the most successful agency businesses.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside Agency jumpstart:


Agency Fundamentals

  • A simple walkthrough of how to interpret a profit and loss statement so you understand the basics.  (Your accountant will be amazed by your thoughtful questions)
  • The TWO accounting statements  you need to master to check if your agency is profitable
  • A complete thorough deconstruction of what a balance sheet is and all its components. (Plus, the most important equation you should know – the equivalent of E=mc^2)
  • Why Performance Based Consulting sounds great on paper, but is actually terrible in practice
  • A downloadable revenue model calculator to help you determine which revenue model to choose for your services
  • Why it’s difficult to scale revenue with big projects 
  • The ONE non-negotiable thing your services need to have  in order for you to be profitable as a freelancer or consultant
  • Why boring industries can sometimes make you the most money.  ( And how specializing in one boring industry helped my agency effortlessly close sale after sale)


Business Development

  • 16 lead generation tactics that require ZERO cold calling
  • The single most important lead generation tactic that allows you to position yourself INSTANTLY as the expert just by association
  • Complete deconstruction of how your prospective client thinks about their problems and how you can leverage that into your sales pitch
  • The SINGLE most important concept for service businesses to understand in order to easily hit income targets 
  • The TEN sales metrics every consultant or service business needs to track in order to understand the full sales picture and its impact on profits. ( Miss one of these and you will be flying blind during your sales cycle)
  • The ingredients of a great sales pitch deck to  persuasively communicate the value your service provides to prospective clients .
  • The THREE biggest mistakes service businesses make when marketing their website and how to fix them
  • 5 tactics that will easily improve your website’s homepage  so you avoid the kitchen-sink marketing syndrome
  • How to  leverage knowledge of client budget cycles into your sales process  so you can intercept them when they are most likely to buy
  •  My Client Budget Cycles framework to track client’s budget cycles and stay top-of-mind during the sales cycle
  • Why most agency’s revenues come from 2/3 of existing clients and how client relationships are the difference factor between you and your competitors
  • The Bad Client Checklist  and the Sauer Principle (80% of the pain in your butt comes from 20% of your clients)


Growing Your Agency

  • Why agencies fail in making clients happy with the work they deliver
  • The 9 critical questions you should ask your clients during the onboarding  process to manage client expectations
  • The FOUR components of project management
  • How to receive timely payments from clients
  • My secret to effective Statements of Work that you can learn and implement right away.
  • Discover how to use the  RHC metric so you know EXACTLY when to hire a new employee from a financial perspective
  • Discover the right time to hire an employee from an operations standpoint with the  8-step Hiring Flow Framework
  • The best advice my CFO gave me while growing my agency ( Hint: Timing is everything when it comes to profitability)
  • Common pitfalls to avoid as a subcontractor
  • Why you should involve your employees in your marketing and business development.
  • The truth about retaining employees and  how to determine if you should or should not give your employees a raise


Long Term Planning

  • The THREE different phases of building an agency ( And the biggest lessons I learned as a “solopreneur” and agency owner )
  • The difference between an affiliate and a business partner. ( And the most common rookie mistake I see consultants make)
  • How to deal with your existing business partners and the 4 things you need to consider in case you decide to end your partnership
  • The 8 decisions executives make and the primary responsibility of your company’s shareholders.
  • The THREE types of businesses that could potentially acquire your business  and how each one goes about acquiring an agency business
  • The organizational chart  that my own agency used for years and the largest role that made up 75% of employees
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to your services using  The Profit Opportunities Framework  so you know which are bringing REAL profits and which are not worth offering anymore
  • How to create a customer success strategy  that you can easily reproduce, so the best clients keep working with you in the future


Temptations To Avoid

  • Understand why not all revenue is good revenue
  • Make a choice in your business between creating a platform or providing services
  • Don’t try to scale your culture too quickly
  • Every agency must have these 8 business planning building blocks in place before growing (and we provide a checklist to make sure you have addressed them all)
  • Be sure to differentiate your services , and use third-party recognition whenever possible

As a member of our Data Driven business courses, you’ll enjoy priority matching in our Service Provider Rolodex.

Over the past 140 days, Data Driven has referred 41 projects to the service providers who are in our Rolodex. Those projects have been worth  over   $217,000* in immediate revenue for members.

* This total only factors in the immediate project value of our referrals. The lifetime values of these referrals are excepted to be 12 to 24 times this amount.

That works out to one  new referral every  3 to 4 days at an average value of $5,292!

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for the referral from [redacted]. She got in contact asking for help with Cross Domain issues. I have arranged a time to chat with her next week. Thanks for mentioning me to her. cheers!


And we only started beta testing this referral program a few months ago. We haven’t publicized it. We haven’t promoted. We haven’t advertised it.

So, just imagine how many more clients we’ll attract when we rev up the Data Driven lead generation machine in the coming months.

We want to reward the Data Driven members who have invested in the long term health and structure of their business. We put out reputation on the line when we refer clients to our members. So we want to match our clients to the best service providers in our community.

As a member of either our Agency Jumpstart or Project Apollo program,  y ou’ll receive preference when we go through our matching process , and refer new clients to our members.

Average Value: $5,292!

When you join one of our business programs, you become a member for life… which means we don’t stop supporting you just because our guarantee came to close. In fact we’re still offering support to every member who’s ever joined our business programs in the form of:

  • Direct responses via email
  • Personalized video and audio recordings
  • Messages in our private Business Owner Facebook group
  • And responses to your comments on every lesson in our programs

Jeff and the team at DataDriven go so much further than anyone else offering training on similar topics.  When I need to ask a question – the team is always there to backup their products and help me along the rest of the way . Their material is so thorough, so well organized it will inspire you to learn more and to think about how to improve the way you provide your own products and services.


Value: Priceless

There’s one inevitable reality that we all have to face. The best time to improve your agency and start building the business of your dreams is probably years in the past.

Yet… the second best time to take action on building a better business, a business that will allow you to achieve your financial AND lifestyle goals, is  today .

Now, if you know the exact steps and process you need to follow to build that business… then I encourage you to STOP reading this page and get to work.

But, if you’re still looking for answers when it comes to executing the management, service and client acquisition strategies that will allow you to build a business you LOVE…

Then let’s talk about how you can join Agency Jumpstart.

Join today, we are here to support your continued learning. If within 60 days of purchase, you’ve watched all the Agency Jumpstart Course videos, followed the SOPs, and used our support channels to get help, but still do not understand the content, then and we’ll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your Agency Jumpstart Course purchase. See our complete refund policy here.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up below and I’ll see you inside Data Driven.

  • Agency Jumpstart Course ($1,999 Value)
  • 20+ Plug and Play Agency Workbooks & Frameworks ($1,000 Value)
  • Private Data Driven Business Owner Facebook Group Access ($500 Value)
  • Bonus: Priority Client Matching ($5,292 Average Value)
  • Bonus: Unlimited Support (Priceless)

The course is incredible so far and worth every penny (and then some).  It feels like getting an MBA specializing in agency/service-based business  — which probably saved me the $80K I contemplated on an actual MBA.



Hi Jeff, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know  I finished the Agency Course and it exceeded my expectations . Seriously, mega!  I honestly feel like there must be thousands of digital marketers out there in a similar position to me that your course would help give the confidence to make the jump,  so keep up the great work and I wish you all the best for success.


When I put Jeff’s sales techniques to use the results were immediate. He helped me take all the awkwardness out my sales pitch. And literally the day after I started using his tips, I had the best sales call in the history of my company.



There are numerous consultants out there pitching their services to business owners to help them generate more leads and help to grow their business

Once you start digging it’s amazing how many of these experts have had their successes just by selling their information products and coaching programmes to people looking to grow their business

They haven’t got a solid track record of recently selling their services business to business or if they have then it’s from years ago.

Jeff Sauer is different – he’s not only built his own agency over a number of years but he is also putting his selling expertise into practice today dealing with clients looking to utilize his agency’s digital marketing services.

Sometimes  it’s just refreshing to get a different perspective or to know you are doing the right things right .

The video training, templates and step by step processes he provides within all his program are outstanding



I learned more in this course than I have pretty much all the other courses I’ve taken in my life. The great thing about this course is that  everything is actionable . It’s not all theory, it’s all actionable and  Jeff makes it very easy to take action with the handouts and spreadsheets .

The biggest thing that the Agency Jumpstart Course saved me from was instead of entering into a partnership with another freelancer, I decided to remain independent. Based on what I learned from the course, and the personal feedback I got from Jeff, I broke off that relationship amicably.  It saved me from making irreversible mistakes with my business.  That alone was worth a lot of money that I could have wasted in the future.

And if you are worried about the investment,  this course can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes in the future . Depending on how big those mistakes are, it could even be hundreds of thousands of dollars. I feel confident in saying that it can save you tens of thousands of dollars over just a few years.



  • Agency Jumpstart Course ($1,999 Value)
  • 20+ Plug and Play Agency Workbooks & Frameworks ($1,000 Value)
  • Private Data Driven Business Owner Facebook Group Access ($500 Value)
  • Bonus: Priority Client Matching ($5,292 Average Value)
  • Bonus: Unlimited Support (Priceless)

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Agency Jumpstart by datadrivenu (Incldes Sales Jumpstart) Sale Page
Agency Jumpstart by datadrivenu (Incldes Sales Jumpstart) Sale Page


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