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Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos – from a #1 Trending Creator
Everything you need to know about building a Youtube Channel Fast with Algorithm Secrets & Editing Hacks.


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Thank you for considering the decision to build your income and wealth via building a Youtube Channel! This courses Shares ALL of the secrets with you that I’ve used to build my channel over 695,000 subscribers and how I made it to  #1 on trending  and now have over 109,000,000 channel views. However, this course is unique – not only will it tell you my Youtube secrets, but you’ll learn my secret 5-minute edit and hacks that allow me to publish 5 ultra-high quality news videos in a high-news day, produce high-end livestreams, and how to monetize your channel outside of Youtube with affiliates, partnerships, courses, and sponsors.  The tricks in this course have helped me build a business that in 2020 has generated over $350,000 per month.  That’s 7 times the national median annual salary in one month. This course, tells all.

Welcome – Is This Right For You?

Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of Youtube  to the next level of wealth  no matter what your experience is:

LIFETIME-ACCESS to Lectures benefit you no matter if you:

  • ✅Have ZERO Video/Film/Speaking Experience.
  • ✅Have SOME Video/Film/Speaking.
  • ✅You’re Looking for  Passive Income and Cashflow .
  • ✅You’re Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.
  • ✅You Have Little Startup Money (You don’t need Much to Start!).
  • ✅You Speak English ( Useful Globally / Internationally ).

Meet Kevin’s Mission Statement:

❇️Teach the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a  Millionaire Youtuber .

What You Get:

  • ✳️High-Quality Lectures to enable your Mastery of Youtube and Making Money.
  • ✳️Daily (Market Open), Private Group Livestreams with Kevin  ( AKA mentoring through  March 31, 2021  – start time subject to change ).
  • ✳️Access to our Private Group Discord channel with Kevin (The best way to reach Kevin is to attend the livestreams, though Kevin does reply to questions on Discord).
  • ✳️Lifetime access to recorded livestreams & lectures.
  • ✳️Free Teachable App access to Watch Courses  on the go .
  • ✳️Set custom Playback speed.
  • ✳️New Lectures are  Regularly   Added  (Example: trends or changes).


⚠️Pricing *has to* go up as more members join to fully support the streams and Discord channel. Lock in the today’s pricing as pricing has already increased.

Notes :

  • ☑️Content will continue to be added  FOR FREE  as time goes on.
  • ☑️Content will continue to be available after purchase with  lifetime access .
  • ☑️Since we are offering access to our private livestreams and private Discord channel at purchase,  we cannot offer refunds.
  • ☑️You can search my reputation on Yelp “Meet Kevin” and see that my reputation is very important to me or Check @MeetKevin on instagram to see my testimonials or go to
  • ☑️The livestream schedule may change (more might be added, different times, etc.).
  • ☑️At some point into the future, the *new* livestream schedule may reduce. All previous content remains for life. Livestreams guaranteed through 2020.

Targeted Students

📣Curriculum (Even More Will be Added Overtime):📣

All Below will be Available August 10, 2020:

Section 1: Let’s Get Started.

  • ✅1.0: Discord Chat.
  • ✅1.1: How I Started and Ended Up #1 on Trending.
  • ✅1.2: How YOU Should Start: Naming, Design, and our First Video.
  • ✅1.3: Can you Make Good Money Fast? (Spoiler: Yes: Proof of $1,000,000+ Ad Revenue).
  • ✅1.4: Finding your Niche / Channel Topic / Understanding the Algorithm.
  • ✅1.5: The Most Important Aspect of any Video (Algorithm Hack!).
  • ✅1.6: The Second Most Important Aspect of Any Video.
  • ✅1.7: The Third Most Important Aspect of Any Video.
  • ✅1.8: The Fourth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
  • ✅1.9: The Fifth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
  • ✅1.10: The Sixth Most-Important Aspect of any Video.
  • ✅1.11: Platform.
  • ✅1.12: Tonality, Reading, and Emotion (Very Important).
  • ✅1.13: WARNING – the “Cut” Cover DANGER.

Quickstart: Lighting & Your Set:  The “Meet Kevin 2”  Minimalist  & Easy Set Design [Full Guide]

  • ✅[Your Set] **Very Important Fundamentals** with Lighting Guide.
  • ✅[Your Set] Setting Up your Camera/Phone with the Basic Set [Important for ALL; Don’t Skip].
  • ✅[Your Set] Setting Up your Lighting, Booms, and Tripods.
  • ✅[Your Set] Final Look and Color Lights.
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration and Tricks].
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration with Smooth Shot].
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Smartphone Demonstration ADD THIS to Smooth Shot!].
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide [Stable Smartphone & Amazing Audio Solution].
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide [DSLR Raw (Problems – Example of when DSLR is BAD.)]
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide Two Big/Easy DSLR Solutions.
  • ✅Quickstart Outside Guide DSLR Run and Gun (Ultimate Solution).
  • ✅Quickstart  Outside   TO   Inside  Guide [Run and Gun Stable]
  • ✅Quickstart:  I Went All Smart Phone for 1 Year (4 Examples)  (Spoiler: It Works! BUT…)
  • ✅Quickstart Inside with NO Lights. [Smartphone Capable – VERY CHEAP and GOOD!!]
  • ✅Quickstart Temperature of your Filming Set and Powder.
  • ✅Quickstart Acoustic Treatment (Easy).
  • ✅Quickstart Soundproofing (Advanced).

Section 2: Preparing for a Video.

  • ✅2.1: START here BEFORE Doing ANYTHING.
  • ✅2.2: Then ALWAYS Follow THIS Algorithm Plan.
  • ✅2.3 The Perfect Video Length,  Algorithm’s Engagement Myth , and Topics
  • ✅2.4: Highest Paid Sectors on Youtube.
  • ✅2.5: The Best Engagement Strategies & Biggest Danger.

Section 3: Why Videos Fail.

  • ✅3.1: The Judgment Test of a Video’s Success.
  • ✅3.2: The Truth about Viral Videos.
  • ✅3.3: Why Do The Most-Well-Planned Sometimes Fail?
  • ✅3.4: The Most-Common Mistake Made on Youtube.
  • ✅3.5: How to Work your Opinion without Offending.
  • ✅3.6: Getting Into Saturated Markets and SEO (The Truth).
  • ✅3.7: When should you Start? (Date Danger & Trojan Horse).

Section 4: Audio and FIRST Edits.

  • ✅4.1: EXTREMELY Important Audio Rule & Edit Trick
  • ✅4.2: The Easiest Audio & Cost-Effective Setups PLUS Important LESSONS.
  • ✅4.3: The NEXT Easiest Audio & Cost-Effective Setups PLUS Important LESSONS. Prime Lenses, Point and Shoots, Microphones, Etc.
  • ✅4.4: The Next Level Audio (Easy to Do, but Pricier).
  • ✅4.5: One of the Most-Common Setups (with Dangers).
  • ✅4.6: The Holy Grail of Audio (AMAZING QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY) (with Dangers).
  • ✅4.7: Outdoor Option 3 (Advanced, Best, and Extreme).
  • ✅4.8: Very Important Audio EDITING Steps (Do this EVERY Video!). FIRST Edit Demonstration!
  • ✅4.9: The BEST Start to Editing Workflow: Sample File with 3 Different Editing Softwares (Final Cut, iMovie, Premiere).
  • ✅4.10: How to Deal with a Separate Audio Track vs In Camera. (Multi-camera Sync / Multi Audio Sync MUST-FOLLOW TIPS).

Section 5: Subject Matter & Story Telling.

  • ✅5.1: Picking your Subject Matter and Buckets.
  • ✅5.2: Being your Subject Matter.
  • ✅5.3: Proving the Subject Matter.
  • ✅5.4: The Art of Story Telling and Relatability (Two Tricks).

Section 6: The 5 Minute Edit (How I can Post 3-5 Videos Per Day) BY MYSELF.

  • ✅6.1:  The Secret Steps to Producing Content FAST (Some buy this Course for THESE Sections Alone).
  • ✅6.2: Simplified Explanation of a My Tools.
  • ✅6.3: Part 1: Creative to Start to Finish Example of My Production (Example 1).
  • ✅6.4: Part 2: Creative to Start to Finish Example of My Production (Example 1).
  • ✅6.5: Start to Finish Filming through Posting (Example 2) (300k views in 8 hours). (Example 2).
  • ✅6.6: A Possible Easy Solution.

Section 7: The Truth about the Algorithm.

  • ✅7.1: Does the Like Button Matter? What it Really Does.
  • ✅7.2: The Truth: What ACTUALLY Matters to the Algorithm?
  • ✅7.3: Why do My Videos Get Less Views than Someone Else in My Niche?
  • ✅7.4: How to Trojan Horse.
  • ✅7.5: Exactly How to Beat the Algorithm (Kevin’s Triangle).
  • ✅7.6: The Hard Truth about your Audience.
  • ✅7.7: How Long does it Take to Get Views on a Trojan Horse?
  • ✅7.8: My Last Video Got 50% Less. Why? Should I Delete It? (Golden Hour & Tricks).
  • ✅7.9. The Algorithm is “Mad at Me” and Live-streaming & the Streaming Algorithm.
  • ✅7.10: Frequency: The Algorithm & Scarcity Myth & ROI vs Views.
  • ✅7.11: The Trending Page: How I Got on #1 on Trending.

Section 8: Camera Adjustments.

  • ✅8.1: The BEST Camera Settings & Deep Dive on Camera Colors/Functions.  Deep Dive on Studio Settings vs Run and Gun.
  • ✅8.2: The Best Settings for Beautiful Bokeh in your Shots.
  • 8.3: Color Grading your Neutrals.

Section 9: Gear.

  • ✅9.1: Gear: The FULL Gear List [Live Cheat Sheet].
  • ✅9.2 The First Gear Set (Start Here) Demonstration.
  • ✅9.3 The Next Gear Set Demonstration.
  • ✅9.4: Advanced Gear Demonstration.

Section 10: Insurance, Taxation, and Liability.

  • ✅10.1: Insurance and Liability and Youtube.
  • ✅10.2: Do you Need an LLC or Corporation? Guide.
  • ✅10.3: Taxation and Youtube.

Section 11: Easy Videos You can Make NOW!

  • ✅11.1: Idea and Style Set 1. On Set. [Videos you can Make NOW!]
  • ✅11.2: Idea and Style Set 2. On Set. [Videos you can Make NOW!]
  • ✅11.3: Idea and Style Set 3. Outside & START LIKE THIS w/ Example. [Videos you can Make NOW!]
  • ✅11.4: Still Lost for Ideas? Then do THIS and You’ll Succeed.

Section 12: Uploading, Making Money, & Monetizing.

  • ✅12.1: Getting your Video in Search and on Google (Step by Step).
  • ✅12.2: Thumbnails & Editing Workflow (Photography Tricks and FULL Photo Editing Tutorial).
  • ✅12.3:  All About Monetization (Ads).
  • ✅12.4: Music.
  • ✅12.5: Monetization, Affiliates, Short Links, and More on Money.
  • ✅12.6: Videos without Being on Camera & Audio Tricks.
  • ✅12.7: Live Streaming Camera vs Lighting and Tricks.
  • ✅12.8: GAMERS! Huge Trick for Editing Gaming Footage! 7.5 Hours in 5 Minutes.

Section 13: My Editing Secrets – Going Deep on Hard Edits vs Easy Edits.

  • ✅13.1: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons on Editing).
  • ✅13.2: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons and Tricks).
  • ✅13.3: Deep Edit Example (Multiple Lessons and Tricks).

Section 14: Final Tips.

  • ✅14.1: Collaboration Rules.
  • ✅14.2: Shooting Thumbnails.
  • ✅14.3: Editing Thumbnails.
  • ✅14.4: WARNING: Batch Recording & Delayed Edits.
  • ✅14.5: The Best Internet Setup for FAST Uploads.
  • ✅14.6: Solving Youtube “Processing” Issues (Stuck at 0% or 95% or 99%).
  • ✅14.7: Do I Need an Expensive Computer? What Should I Get?
  • ✅14.8: My Big Mistakes in Youtube.
  • ✅14.9: My Big Successes and Tricks for Youtube.
  • ✅14.10: Fair Use, Copyrights, Music and B-Roll Licenses (Recommendations).
  • ✅14.11: Two Important Things to Include in ALL Videos.


❎I am not a CPA, attorney, insurance, contractor, lender, or financial advisor. The content in these videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information yourself. This is a Youtube video for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, Kevin MAY have an ownership interest in them — DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on Kevin’s videos. If you need advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, insurance agent, contractor/electrician/engineer/etc. financial advisor, or the appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Linked items may create a financial benefit for Meet Kevin®. Any use of other media is by fair-use or license only. The Paffrath Organization is a licensed real estate brokerage doing business as Meet Kevin® in California under DRE #02032575. This is not an advertisement of property for sale. Any mention of properties listed or sale or otherwise shall not be construed as anything other than an opinion for entertainment purposes only.

Trademarked Slogans (NO use without written permission and license):

  • ⛔️Meet Kevin ®
  • ⛔️No-Pressure Agent ®
  • ⛔️Providing More ®

California Shield Law provides statutory and constitutional protections to journalists seeking to maintain the confidentiality of an unnamed source or unpublished information obtained during news gathering. IF you submit news or information to [email protected], have faith Kevin will keep your name confidential if you so request. Obviously, you could request to be referenced.

Your Instructor
Meet Kevin

Hey everyone, Meet Kevin here! I’m Kevin – from Youtube! Over 1,080,000 of you have subscribed (I’m so grateful for y’all!) and have made it to #1 on the United States trending page on! I have sold over $130,000,000 in real estate and transacted over 300 individual deals, renovations, rentals, apartment buildings, vacation rentals, etc. In addition to my background in finance as a licensed loan broker, economics, corporate finance, accounting, and financial analysis, I practiced construction as licensed general contractor doing structural additions and remodels. I also have a strong background in property management and I am excited to share the experiences of myself, my father-in-law (35 years in real estate investing & sales), and my mother-in-law (35 years in property management, managing hundreds of units), and wife (11 years in management). These experiences will help you develop your skills in sales, client retention and expansion, investing, appraisals, valuation, finding the wedge (great deals), and building a portfolio built to last; for wealth and freedom. Start learning about sales, passive income, cashflow, and money today and these skillsets carry over to stocks as well.

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