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You too can have the magic mojo! Learn straightforward, seriously in-depth, tested and proven systemized process, for building beautifully branded websites. Gain confidence, impress your clients, and earn more.
  • ? Detailed hands-on video lessons
  • ? Access to designers’ secret tool-box
  • ? Downloadable guides and resources
  • ? Lifetime access to course and updates
  • ? Exclusive templates and layouts
  • ? Exclusive premium bonuses
  • ? Private Facebook Community
Limited Time Offer
Full price: $497
Yes! I need to be a design master
If you are an existing DesignClass student, you already have access to this mini-course
Some websites look polished, cohesive, captivating, flawlessly beautiful, and were evidently built by a professional. Other websites, well, let’s just say that they look unbranded, underwhelmingly cluttered, unattractive, messy, difficult to navigate and seem to have been patched together by an inexperienced amateur.
There are secrets to turning a website into a flawlessly designed digital masterpiece. I’m here to teach you all of them.
Is this you?
Have you tried, over and over, to get your design-act together?
  • You’ve watched endless tuts but still can’t ‘get it right’ when it’s time to implement.
  • You’re having trouble ‘getting started’ on building a website and keeping it ‘On Brand’.
  • You’re struggling with lack of inspiration and spend hours stuck staring at a blank screen.
  • You’re frustrated with the amount of time it takes to decide on a design direction.
  • You’re embarrassed and reluctant to show your website to clients and colleagues.
Not everyone needs to hire an expensive designer.
Let me help you learn design principles and share my secrets so you can go from wasted time, frustration and overwhelm to confidence, polish and refinement. Proudly present your website, earn your client’s respect and command higher price.
It’s time to level-up your skills. Let me guide you through my easy to follow, tried, tested and well thought-out system, utilizing free tools and resources whenever possible.
Generate the perfect color palette centered around your audience and your brand.
Understand and implement the rules of impactful typography and font pairings.
Practical steps to creating consistent and cohesive design, by mastering the laws of contrast, spacing, visual hierarchy, and white-space.
Create a brand style guide for a flawless user experience, and translate it into a completely branded website.
I’m here to teach you all of them.
Yes! I need to be a design master
Here’s what’s inside the
  • ? A close look at the challenges and obstacles entrepreneurs, digital marketers, web developers and agency owners face when building websites.
  • ? The foundations of every design project. You’ll learn the principles and guidelines of designing to fulfill exact brand requirements.
  • ? Why is having a systematized design process so important? You’ll learn tried-and-true methods of designing to increase conversion rates.
  • ? What makes great typography? You’ll learn how improved readability affect conversion.
  • ? A deep dive into the process of selecting and pairing fonts. You’ll learn the tools and resources that will make these tasks effortless.
  • ? You’ll learn practical and detail step-by-step methods to styling and formatting typography, for enhanced user experience and increased retention.
  • ? A deep-dive into the important and significant role of color in digital applications. You’ll learn methods and techniques that will enable you to make precise color selections.
  • ? A detailed process for generating the perfect color palette centered around your audience and your brand. You’ll learn how to define and pick colors to enhance brand awareness.
  • ? A close look at how powerful is the impact of color on the user experience. You’ll gain tools and systems that will enable you to expertly select color to increase conversion and retention.
  • ? What are the components of branded layouts? Are branded layouts important to the overall functionality? You’ll learn how composition and hierarchy affect the user experience and conversion.
  • ? A detailed examination of the principals of component placement. You’ll learn how to place various elements to enhance cohesiveness and order.
  • ? You’ll learn detailed and practical steps to creating consistency and cohesive design, so your website is looking premium and polished.
  • ? The anatomy and application of brand boards. What are brand boards, and how can they expedite and systematize the website creation process.
  • ? Learn the step-by-step process of curating and collecting the elements of your brand board. You’ll have the exact same tools and resources used by professional designers.
  • ? You’ll learn how to use and utilize your brand board as a roadmap when building a branded website. You’ll also learn how to enhance your own marketing efforts using a brand board.
  • ? How to setup the branding elements in your theme and page builder. You’ll gain a process that will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on initiating each project.
  • ? Downloadable guides and references. You’ll have lifetime access to resources and references that will expedite your design process.
  • ? Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder premium layout packs. You’ll get a look “under the hood” into proper elements and spacing placement, that you can use as “starters” for many projects.
You will also get these amazing benefits:
  • ? Lifetime access and unlimited updates
  • ? Access to my secret “Tool Box”
  • ? Bonus course material, worksheets and cheatsheets
  • ? Exclusive templates and layouts
  • ? Exclusive Canva templates
  • ? Feedback from me on your designs
  • ? Private Facebook group where you can get support from me and other members
… and much more
Limited Time Special Bonus
A premium bundle of 9 eBook/Lead Magnet templates stack, to help you easily create, download, and share branded resources and assets.
Yes! I must have these templates
As a developer with an eye for design I’ve always struggled to create new designs.
That all changed when I too Mor Cohen’s Design Class!
She’s unpacked design theory in such a way that I can EASILY understand it and apply it to my day to day web build process.
The course is SUPER organised, and she clearly sets my expectations, then she teaches me, then she wraps up that section cementing everything I’ve learned into easy to remember one liners.
I’ve never quite experienced a course like this!
It has been a pleasure to learn from Mor, and to work through the course. She is a complete legend!
If you want to sharpen your design skills, or become a designer, I HIGHLY recommend this course!
Lee Jackson
Mor thank you so much for your course which I finally got around to purchasing and watching about a week ago … I LOVED LOVED LOVED the course … I keep going back and rewatching the colour modules as I’m implementing your selection methods on a site now … it’s fantastic … and gives me much more confidence in my design methods because I’m not going purely on instinct any more, I feel like my intuition is backed up by fantastic knowledge and tips now.
Super value as well.
Thank you!
Chantal Marie-Laurence Edouard-Betsy
Mor’s course takes you from start to finish explaining the elements and reasoning behind website design. Typography, font pairing, colors and layouts – this course covers the full spectrum. 
If at any time you get stuck, Mor is easily reached and more than willing to help. Between the videos, templates, resources, community, and help from the teacher herself; it would take MORE effort to NOT learn than to pick up some very valuable skills here. Seriously, you’re doing yourself a disservice by missing out on this course. Enroll and take away useful information you can implement in your business right away!
Tom DeBello
You can do it. I’ll show you how.
Yes! I need to be a design master
Hi, I’m Mor, and I will be your instructor.
I am the owner and lead designer of The Branding Designer, a flourishing branding agency, and FlixFrame, a successful web design agency.
Having over 2 decades of experience as a business owner, a branding and web designer, a community leader, and a course creator, I understand what you are going through. I know your struggles and I have the experience and expertise to teach you all that you need to know about design.My sites are showcased in GeneratePress Premium library. I am on a mission to share my extensive experience and expertise to help you excel and level-up your design skills.
I am an endorsed and preferred GeneratePress front-end web designer and a WP Elevation Certified Business Consultant.
Your Investment In Your Success
By enrolling in the course you get LIFETIME ACCESS so you can progress at your own pace and revisit content as often as you wish.
There are two methods of payment, you can pay in 3 monthly installments or pay for the entire course upfront (for a $50 discount.)
Pay in full (save $44!)
3 x $147
3 easy monthly payments
Limited Time Special Bonus
A premium bundle of 9 eBook/Lead Magnet templates stack, to help you easily create, download, and share branded resources and assets.
Yes! I must have these templates
When I first looked at the modules I wondered, “Is this all I need?” Then I took the plunge and find myself working everything into my processes for delivering fantastic sites that are well designed!
Every module is not *just* theory, but also exercises using practical tools to accomplish real tasks. Then makes that reusable with downloadable reference documents and for GeneratePress users, a site library unique to the students that takes the drudgery out of going through all the different Customizer settings. That alone will save you the hours on one just to justify the cost of the course!
What takes this course over the top, and truly makes it “Five Star” is the support and help from Mor’s group. You’ll find top talent from a design *and* web developer perspective to help you understand and even review your use of the tools and techniques taught in the class. Stuck on something in particular? The community is full of different sorts of helpers who are responsive and experienced!
I suggest this course to anyone who is looking for a way to up their game and create fantastic looking sites with great UX.
Mike Sale
Thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. The highlights for me were the color module and the module on setting up GeneratePress and Elementor.
The color module was good because it provides the tools and methods I can use to select a color palette that will look great without depending on my color-blind judgement.
The module on Generate Press and Elementor is going to streamline my project startup immensely and showed me some efficiencies in setting up default typography and colors.
An excellent course all around.
Kevin Roberts
I cant say enough good things about the course and the instructor. After taking just the first two modules on typography and color, I learned so much that I was able to put together the color branding for 4 new brands in 1 day! Mor is kind, attentive, and happy to help answer all of my questions.
Her videos are very well put together. She speaks slowly and is clear, making sure to pay attention to the details and showing you everything that she is explaining. This helps the student to be able to retain the information better. This course was by far where I have learned the most and was able to apply the information immediately to my business.
Jenny Sponton
Got any questions?
Please note: This course will not teach you how to become a web developer, code, SEO, hosting, plugins, writing content or marketing your website. Basic knowledge of WordPress, website creation, themes and plugins installation is assumed and a prerequisite.
? “I am an experienced web developer. Will this course help me?”
? “I use a different theme and pagebuilder, will this course be right for me?”
? “I am a digital marketer. Is this the right course for me?”
? “Will I need to purchase expensive tools?”
? “Will I have access to you if I have questions?”
? “Is all the course material available immediately?”
? “How is the course content delivered?”
? “I am an agency owner. Will this course help my team?
? “Do you offer money-back guarantee?”
I’ve been designing websites for a long time and I always struggled a ton when it came to picking colors. I would usually just keep changing colors throughout the project until I didn’t hate them anymore. There was no rhyme nor reason. No method to my madness. It truly made me mad.
This all changed when I took the DesignClass Course. I finally had a system to follow that would guide my designs from the beginning so I wouldn’t be sweating it. This course is short, thank goodness. But, it goes deep. I watched it three times, constantly taking notes and making a Standard Operating Procedure.
I’ve used the tools and techniques on this course on three projects so far and it’s now part of the core features of my design process.
I recommend this course for anyone who ever needs to choose colors, fonts, or layouts for anything that needs to be visually appealing or functional.
As a side note, Mor, the creator of this course, is a superb human being and was very helpful in giving me feedback on the first couple brand boards I made.
If you’re still reading this just do yourself a favor and buy the course. You’ll make your money back before you know it.
Charles Kile
Amazing course with plenty of detail and links to grow your knowledge on the steps to define a clients branding setup for their website.
How many colours you need and where to use them, typography guidance and the customer wow factor with a brand board. Has changed how I will start designing for each client – the course has really helped me.
Course is nicely paced and one I will be referring to again and again.
Great links and material in the course too – Thanks Mor!!
Niamh Hogan
Mor beautifully explains the why and how of design theory and immediately shows you how to put it into practice when designing for clients.
You get a full understanding of why each area of design, typography, color, spacing, branding is so important to get right and she shows you her process to make that happen.
The tools she shares and the bonus templates are amazing, so you leave the course ready to go. She has thought of everything.
I loved it and will use it over and over I’m sure.
Lindsey Barlow
I just finished the course and I’m excited to start implementing everything I’ve learned. As a seasoned designer, this was a great refresher course and invaluable for applying good design principles towards the web platform. Really excited to use the resources and tools. It’s a game changer and time saver for sure. Great job!
Christina Ventzos
10 /10 There are only 5 stars, but it deserves 10!
Thank you Mor for this amazing course! I absolutely recommend this course to anyone. It will be a great asset to my business to ensure we are all on the same track.
Angie Neal
I’d consider myself a fairly good designer. Client feedback supports that. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was learning from the first module alone! I like learning from people better than me, and Mor is definitely world class. It shows that there is a big difference between good and great, and I feel pretty confident this course will help get me to be great!!
Nick Gulic
Start applying your knowledge immediately.
Yes! I need to be a design master
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DesignClass by Mor Cohen sales page
DesignClass by Mor Cohen sales page


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