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Teaching you what I learned from  3 years working at Facebook as a client ads consultant : the secrets, principles, and practices used by the world’s best Facebook ad marketers. I’ve also advised dozens of startups through my consultancy, and launched 6 eCommerce companies of my own.

*only publicly available information is shared, nothing breaking NDA agreement.

Covering  every subject you need to know  about Facebook ads: FB’s ad ecosystem, building compelling ads, the ad auction, campaign structures, bidding, and more! Want to see a new subject covered? Just ask!  I’m always creating new content based on student demand , changing best practices, and ad product updates.

Exclusive access to the private Facebook group

You’ll be added to the private Facebook group, to participate in discussion and Q&A with other participants, and myself. Is there a subject you’d really like covered?  Just ask, and I’ll respond!

Meet Your Instructor

Khalid is a Facebook ads expert with 6 years experience in Facebook ads, and  3 years spent working at Facebook as a client ads consultant.

Khalid worked with dozens of clients, both multinational enterprises, as well as small/medium companies, helping them drive return on investment through Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns. Among others, he’s worked with  Netflix, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola , and many early stage startups.

He currently runs a Facebook Marketing consultancy, and a growing eCommerce business, StrawSave.

The complete course includes 60+ video lessons (and growing!) on-demand, and exclusive access to my private Facebook group.

This course will enable you to more confidently leverage Facebook ads to deliver business outcomes.

With proven methods, used by the most sophisticated advertisers. Want to access a free mini-course? Click HERE.

  • Welcome!(0:15)
  • Brands Built Entirely on Facebook & Instagram – What do They Know?(1:07)
  • About Me(2:11)
  • What You’ll Learn in this Course(2:04)
  • Agenda for This Course(1:13)
Facebook’s Ad Ecosystem
  • Facebook’s Ad Ecosystem and the 10 Year Roadmap(2:20)
  • Beyond the Facebook Blue App(2:05)
  • Cross-Channel, Cross-Device, Identity Tracking(0:55)
  • The Emergence of Digital Native Companies, Built on Facebook and Instagram(2:43)
  • Programming the Right Instructions: Campaign Objectives(2:38)
  • Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions(2:20)
  • Ad Ecosystem Quiz!
  • NEW: Ads Manager Part 1: Beginner 101, Navigation, and Reporting(19:25)
  • NEW: Campaign Structures: Evolving From Basic to Advanced(12:50)
How to WIN the Facebook ad auction
  • How the Facebook Ad Auction Works(1:58)
  • The Underlying Auction Formula That Runs EVERYTHING(5:02)
  • How to Win at the Auction(4:30)
  • Minimizing Constraints on Delivery(1:13)
  • Why are Lookalike Audiences So Powerful?(2:19)
  • Building a Robust Lookalike Targeting Strategy(4:02)
  • NEW: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Lookalike Audiences (in Ads Manager)(8:20)
  • The “Learning Stage” of Optimization(1:46)
  • Preventing “Significant Edits” & Learning Resets(3:08)
  • What Exactly is the Facebook Pixel? Why is it a MUST?(2:51)
  • Facebook Pixel Implementation Principles(5:45)
  • Placement Liquidity (Automatic Placements & Asset Customization)(3:16)
  • Post-Click User Experience(2:49)
  • Key Takeaways(3:29)
  • Ad Auction Quiz!

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Facebook Ads Training - Khalid Sales Page
Facebook Ads Training – Khalid Sales Page


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