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If you’ve struggled to get new clients, felt confused and overwhelmed by all the different possible strategies to use to grow your business or felt invisible in the marketplace and you want an easy-to-implement, low-cost, and simple strategy for attracting and enrolling new clients FAST, then you’re in the right place!


On this page you’ll discover this strategy and how to start attracting and enrolling new clients without spending months on confusing marketing campaigns, investing in costly software, or undertaking a complicated product launch.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to do this in a quick and simple way. But before I do, there are a few important questions for you to answer…

  • Have you ever felt frustrated by online marketing – and wish you didn’t need vast tech skills and know-how to get clients online?
  • Is there a part of you that feels like the best kept secret and you aren’t willing to wait years (or even months) to become known as the trusted authority in your area of expertise?
  • And do you want to bring in new profits and results in as little as a week… without spending thousands of dollars on technology or Facebook ads?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one (or all) of the questions above, I can confidently tell you that you’re not alone.

Hi! I’m Alina Vincent.


Founder of Business Success Edge, business and technology strategist, and an international award-winning instructional designer of online courses (in my past career).

After helping hundreds of business owners over the past few years get clients and grow their business, I am here to tell you that I’ve discovered the golden ticket to getting clients online.

In fact, I know it’s completely normal because that is exactly how I felt when I first got started…

Before I started my career as a business strategist, I spent 16 years in academia

 – teaching and designing courses at the university level. You can imagine the surprise I felt when I finally went into business for myself – all of a sudden I had to market what I did, and show people the value that I was bringing. If you’re anything like I was when I first started out, you know how challenging it is to start from scratch…

After struggling for months to get clients

, I realized a BIG distinction.

I realized how important it is to position yourself as an expert in your field.

You see, when I was teaching at the University, people wanted to learn from me because they knew I was the expert in what I did. And now I was seeing it happening in my new field, only I wasn’t the go-to expert – other people were and they were getting all the clients… while I wasn’t.


That’s when it all clicked.


That’s when I knew that I had to become an authority.

I had to become a trusted expert.

So I used my knowledge and expertise

 in creating content that people wanted, along with the power of Facebook to do just that!


…In the process I accidentally discovered a WINNING FORMULA – an easy-to-implement process that not only positioned me as a trusted expert and gave me visibility and credibility FAST – it was also highly PROFITABLE.

And that’s how the Profitable Online Challenges formula was born.

But before I tell you more about it, let’s make sure we are on the same page…


 Online Challenges…


Have you heard of online challenges?

Have you ever participated in one?

Maybe you’ve even offered one yourself?

An online challenge is a mini-training, where participants commit to challenge themselves to form a new habit, to master a new skill, or to achieve a goal over a short period of time.

Challenges can be created in any industry and on any topic – anything that people would like to do or change in their life, business, health or relationships.

The best part is that you don’t need to have a list or an established online community to run a successful and profitable online challenge.

In fact – online challenges are one of the best vehicles to grow your list, increase your visibility, create a strong online following and get clients online – especially when you’re first starting out. That’s what I did.

My first ONLINE CHALLENGE took my business from ZERO to over $250,000 in the first 2 years.


Ever since then online challenges have been an integral part of how I run my business, and I’ve fine-tuned my process and offered multiple challenges over the years.

Now online challenges are becoming the HOT NEW MARKETING trend.


They’re even getting the attention of big names in my industry, because online challenges are ALSO one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize your existing reach, visibility and influence.

AND it works wonders if you are just starting out online.

Stick with me here and I’ll show you how it worked for me and my clients and how it can work for you.

“I Made $7,117 From My First Online Challenge…”


“I signed up for Alina’s program because it seemed like a fun and easy way to get in front of people 

without a huge commitment of time or money.

 I was already on Facebook a lot, but I really had no idea how to get leads or turn them into clients.

The program was amazing! 

Alina’s teaching style is soothing, informative, totally organized and intuitive.

 Any time I had questions about technology or how to actually create and offer a challenge, she either answered it already in a video or would respond fully on a call or in the FB group she created for the program. 

It was like having a personal coach, plus a teacher, trainer and friend all wrapped into one, every step of the way.

With Alina’s step-by-step instructions and templates, creating and running my own challenge was so easy. And it was fun! My “Unleash Your Inner Psychic” challenge was a huge success. I had 60 people in it, and 

I made $7,117 PLUS a growing monthly recurring income of more than $250.

I’m having a lot of fun with all of this and can’t wait to do another challenge.”

~Kerry Dontchos, Psychic Enlightenment Center

Easiest Way To Get Clients Online…

 Even If You’re Brand New Or

Don’t Have An Email List


I hope I’m not sounding too magical here, but the fact is online challenges really are the fastest and easiest

way to get clients online. Not only that, online challenges have the unique ability to also help you…

  • Grow your social media following AND build your email list with hot prospects at the same time
  • Turn your Facebook ‘likes’ into raving fans and clients in a matter of days
  • Create an engaged community that sees you

    as a leader
  • Bring in new profits and results in less than a week (even if you don’t have a list)
  • Quickly become the known trusted authority in your area of expertise
  • Create a digital product that you can sell over

    and over again
  • Promote your programs and services using a fun way of attracting clients that works in today’s market
  • Give yourself the edge so you stand out in the crowded online marketing space
  • Get clients online without having vast tech skills or knowledge
  • Create a quick cash infusion + set yourself up for unlimited future sales and sign ups

As I said earlier, I knew I had to position myself as the Trusted Expert in my field of expertise and create content people were going to LOVE.

That’s why online challenges are so brilliant…

“I Got Over 100 Opt-ins and Made Over $2,000 Right Away…”


“BEFORE learning Alina’s strategy for challenges, I loved participating in challenges and tried doing a couple of my own, but they fell flat. I wasn’t sure why.

I followed Alina’s step-by-step formula and during my first challenge I got over 100 opt-ins and made over $2,000 from it right away.

 In the following 3 months, I’ve run two more and got even better results! Challenges are so fun and easy now!

But, what’s even better than the opt-ins and the immediate income is that 

I grew my tribe of ideal clients AND turned each challenge into its own program

 I can now sell at any time. Just from creating and running those challenges, my sales funnel was born!

I am always truly grateful for Alina’s wisdom, strategic mind and caring teaching methods. Thanks Alina!!”

~Kelly Jo Murphy, Legacy Empires

Now, don’t let the cool name fool you, micro learning is not a fad. It’s been applied to all kinds of industries and is exemplified by mobile apps such as Duolingo, Canva, Ted-Ed, InstaNerd, and more. It provides a structure to deliver content in a way that fits with what we know about how people learn – short, focused, regular challenges that stretch and reward us.

Here’s what that means for you:

By organizing educational content into easy to consume, bite-sized portions, participants not only feel more successful, they ARE more successful! When clients succeed you succeed. So as clients experience results in your challenge, they naturally associate YOU with their success!

In other words, when you use online challenges to market your business you become an instant expert because people are associating YOU with their results.

This is better than being able to print your own money!


After I ran my first challenge, I got my first $2,000/month clients. Just 3 months later, I converted my challenge into an online program and ran my first launch, adding hundreds of people to my email list (which was a BIG deal for me at the time) and had my first ever $20,000 month.

I’ve gone on to use online challenges to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to my business, thousands of people to my email list, and become known as the expert in my field.

It feels so surreal…

Just a few short years ago I ran my first challenge and now I consult giants in the coaching and online business industries on how to host their own successful online challenges!

“It Gave Me a Multiple Six-Figure Payday!!!”


“LOVED this program!!

I decided to center my entire launch around a challenge and the engagement is incredible.

I followed your step-by-step instructions exactly, and it gave me a multiple six-figure payday!!!

 (Yeah, that was exciting!) 

And… it was THREE TIMES more effective than the traditional approach I used before to promote the same offer.

Thank you, Alina, for turning me on to this fun and easy-to-implement strategy to build my list and attract amazing new clients!”

~Jeanna Gabellini, MasterPeace Coaching

“We got BETTER results with a challenge, than when we spent $10K on Facebook ads!”


“We created our first challenge to lead to our live event. We more than doubled our event sign ups after offering a 

FREE 5-day challenge, comparing to the previous launch where we had spent over $10,000 on FB ads!

I want to make sure you caught that: 

we doubled the results with no FB ads!

What I loved the most about the challenge was feeling connected to our people! They were getting into action, seeing what our templates are like, and we got to read their posts—which was really inspiring.

We are looking forward to doing our next challenge!”

~Sharla Jacobs, Thrive Academy

  • Going through other people’s challenges
  • Sifting through all the good (and bad) info out there on how to host and promote a challenge
  • Try to create your content, and pray it works
  • Cross your fingers that you can figure out how to sell something when your challenge ends

…but that will 

take you months and will not guarantee the results.

I don’t want you to have to spend months and months trying to figure out how to do it on your own.

That’s why I created the Fast, Easy And Profitable Online Challenges program… to help business

owners just like you take the stage online and get their work out into the world in a fast and simple way.


don’t need

 a team or graphic designer. You don’t need to be tech savvy.

I’ll give you everything – what to say in your emails, Facebook posts, how to create content, how to get people into your challenge, and how to get clients right away…

In other words, everything you need to know to make your own

online challenges successful is included in this program!

So… if you want to get clients online fast by running your own profitable online challenges,

I have a special invitation for you…


Fast, Easy & Profitable Online Challenges


This program is designed to give you an easy, step-by-step process to create a profitable online challenge

that attracts new clients, grows your email list, and turns you into a trusted authority in your field.

You will walk away from this powerful program with the rare ability to bring in new profits in a matter of days (even if you’re brand new or don’t have an email list).

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the formula. Simply follow each step and by the time you’ve completed the program your challenge can be up and running!

Fast, Easy, And Profitable Online Challenges

 consists of 5 in-depth training modules. Each module focuses on helping you create your profitable online challenge, each one building on top of the previous.

MODULE 1: Profitable Online Challenges


You will discover…

  • 10 ways online challenges grow your business.
  • Why online challenges are more powerful than the typical free opt-in offer (ebook, free report, checklist, etc.) most online marketers will tell you to use to grow your email list.
  • Important distinctions between online challenges specifically designed to get you clients and challenges that aren’t (If your goal is to grow your list fast, get new clients, grow your online following and get paid – don’t make this BIG mistake).
  • How to quickly come up with your hot challenge idea – you can do this on the spot with me and have your idea ready to go!
  • All of the elements of the Profitable Online Challenges Formula.
  • And much, much more…


Fast & Easy Set-Up


You will discover…

  • The 6 pieces of marketing you need to have in place in order to start promoting and filling a successful online challenge.
  • The secret to naming your challenge (it’s not about hot buzzwords or catchphrases. It’s all about getting people to see at a glance that this is something they want to participate in).
  • 6 ways I get thousands of people to join my challenges. Use these to promote your challenge (online and off) to get as many people signed up as possible.
  • How to use your confirmation page (the page people see once they sign up for your challenge) to start generating sales for you right away.
  • The timeline and technology for your challenge, so you know what to send when (and how to automate as much as possible).
  • And much, much more…

MODULE 3: Content Creation Secrets


You will discover…

  • The 3 types of challenges and how to choose the right one for you and your audience.
  • How to make your content easy to consume without giving so much away that people get overwhelmed or worse – feel like they’ve got all they need and won’t want to take you up on your next level offer.
  • 3 ways to create hot content videos (simply choose the one that feels easiest for you).
  • Most common mistakes people make in the challenge videos and how to avoid them.
  • How to create “forever content” (This allows you to use your challenge as an ongoing way to bring in new email subscribers and clients OR you can use it as a stand-alone digital product when it’s completed.)
  • And much, much more…

MODULE 4: Engagement


You will discover…

  • High engagement is directly proportional to a high-quality experience – here’s how to create an experience your participants will never forget.
  • Top 10 strategies for keeping engagement high for the duration of the challenge (you definitely don’t want it to fizzle out halfway through!)
  • Easy things you can do each day to ramp up excitement and participation inside the challenge.
  • What to say in your emails while the challenge is going on and how often to send them.
  • 5 keys to create powerful (and friendly) Facebook prompts to encourage and grow engagement inside your FB group.
  • And much, much more…

MODULE 5: The Money Making Details


You will discover…

  • What to do with your challenge participants in the first few days after the challenge ends so you don’t miss out on this powerful client-getting window.
  • Why it’s so important to have a powerful way for you and your participants to wrap up your challenge together… even if you don’t make an offer at the end of your challenge (which I highly recommend you do).
  • What to say in your emails to get participants to invest in your next level offer.
  • 7 key points to include in your challenge wrap up call so people understand what ongoing support looks like from you, announce prize winners (if applicable), celebrate participants, and invite them to step up into your next level offer.
  • 5 ways to monetize your challenge so it continues to make you money and bring you new clients as you move onto your next challenge or promotion.
  • And much, much more…

The “Profitable Online Challenges”

Online Community


  • Year round group support from me, my coaches, and all the other members.
  • An engaged and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs all working towards hosting online challenges.
  • Access to guidance and support from other members, many of whom have experience in running multiple profitable online challenges.
  • A private forum to share your ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from members at different stages of the journey.

I’m passionate about helping coaches, healers, authors and speakers…


…get their message out there in a bigger way, attract and enroll more clients into their programs, build a successful business teaching what they love, and monetizing their knowledge and expertise.

I first started using online challenges to grow my business back in 2014. I started to create better and better results and every time I ran a challenge I’d see a rush of new clients and income. Then, many people saw what I was doing and the success I was creating, and they started asking me for support.

Using what you’ll learn in the 

Fast, Easy And Profitable Online Challenges

 program I have grown my company to over a million dollars in annual revenue, teaching what I love and helping other people share their message… and I’ve helped hundreds of clients host their own challenges, create large influx of new clients, and grow their income.

Because of the results I’ve been

able to create this formula…


…I’ve been invited to speak on stages of other leaders in the coaching industry and people like Christian Mickelsen, Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Bill Baren, Rich German, Steve Olsher, Milana Leshinsky, Jeanna Gabellini, Sage Lavine, Marisa Murgatroyd, and Jay Fiset all promote my programs.

I now get to hang out with the coaching industry’s top leaders, many of whom have hired me to teach them my Online Challenges strategy for growing their businesses, and expanding their visibility and impact.

I’ve used what you’ll learn in the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

 program to grow my business to 7 figures, I’ve been hired by the top leaders in the coaching space to teach them this formula, and I have supported hundreds of other entrepreneurs to grow their business, impact, and income through profitable online challenges.

When you make the decision today to join me in the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges



…you’ll learn everything I’ve developed and endlessly improved over the last several years to gain more visibility, get more clients, and make a bigger difference in the world by leveraging the power of profitable online challenges without using any paid ads or complicated marketing strategies.

When you use this simple process you’ll reach more people with your message, build a whole lot more visibility and exposure for yourself, and create consistent influxes of new clients and income.

“We made $9,850 as a result of our first challenge!”


“Thanks to your expert coaching and training, Alina, we had over 200 people engaged in our first online challenge. There have been tears, laughter and deep reflections and shares from all!

After the challenge, 

50 people said Yes to our $197 program. That’s $9,850 in just days!”

~Anna B Feldman, Fierce and Fully Expressed

“I Hadn’t Gotten Clients From

FB Before…”


“I hadn’t gotten clients from FB before going through Alina’s program. After my very first 5-day challenge 

I filled 2 seats in my program AND got a 1-on-1 client

 (who I didn’t even have to “sell” — she contacted ME).

Alina’s genius guidance got me through the resistance and fear of doing my very first online challenge – and I am so glad I did it! 

It’s so much easier to get clients now!

 And the best thing is, I can rinse and repeat anytime.

Alina’s Challenges program is so doable and results-oriented. She made it so easy to follow — just take it one step at a time and you’ll get it done. She’s the real deal!”

~Michele Moreno, On Camera Confidence

“I Immediately Monetized My Challenge With Minimal Efforts!”


“As a master business coach for small businesses, I have wanted a space where I could easily reach, teach, and help. I knew my audience was on Facebook, and yet I struggled in how to engage them. I tried many ways – unsuccessfully. I took programs with little or no results, and wasted money on Facebook ads. Alina’s program changed all that!

While taking this program I offered my first 5-day challenge. I followed Alina’s system, strategies, and used her templates – it was just so easy!

My result? Mind Blown! I started a brand-new group which added 

300+ members,

 plus I had a 

25% conversion rate into my lifetime access upgrade offer – so I immediately monetized my challenge with minimal efforts!

I am about to branch out into 2 new audiences and I will be creating new challenges to do it. There is no better way to start than by teaching and helping (which is at the core of who I am). Plus- I already know that in a challenge everyone has so much fun, learns so much, and gets amazing results. It’s a no-brainer and I can’t wait to get started.”

~Lee Munch, Business Bliss Academy

When you join the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges



… you’re going to discover the simple, easy-to-implement and low-tech strategy for running a profitable online challenge that brings you more visibility and exposure, creates a big influx of new clients and grows your income.

You’re going to walk away with a clear plan of action for creating your very own profitable online challenge that engages hundreds of your ideal prospects and leads them through a journey to become paying clients.

What would it be worth to you to have a simple step-by-step formula that you can use over and over again to create engaged audiences of ideal prospective clients, deliver them huge value, and then create a big influx of new PAYING clients…

Imagine how you’ll feel…


… when you know you have a simple system that WORKS for getting new clients in just days…

Imagine being free of having to chase new clients and having a step-by-step proven process for creating new influxes of paying clients any time you want …

And imagine the peace of mind that you’ll have when you are growing your visibility, making a bigger impact with your message and enrolling new clients almost on demand through your profitable online challenges.

This is exactly what we’ll be working on creating with you when you join the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

 program and community.


I could easily charge over $2,000 for this program and it would be totally worth it. Look at Kelly Jo Murphy who made over $2,000 right away, or Kerry Dontchos who earned $7,117 from her very first challenge, or Jeanna Gabellini who has used this program to earn multiple 6-figure paydays!

When you join the program and follow the simple step-by-step process you could be creating results like these or even greater and earn the $2,000 invest back in no time.

However, like you, I feel called to serve and support more people in the world and make a bigger difference, so I have a special limited time opportunity where you can join me in the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

 program at a massive discount.

When you take action today and enroll, your investment

will only be 3 payments of 


… Or you can pay 


 in full

and save an additional 



This discount is only available for a limited time until the countdown timer on this page hits zero, so if you want to discover the step-by-step system for running your own profitable online challenges, growing your visibility and getting new clients in just days… then take action now and join the program before this offer disappears.

You’ll be glad you did.

My team and I are completely committed to you achieving amazing results with your challenge and getting results with this program that well exceed the investment.

That’s why I guarantee that this program works, and that you will get results when you do the work and implement my system.

In fact, I am so convinced you will learn how to create successful and profitable online challenges and use them to effortlessly attract clients online, that I am offering a 

1-year No Risk Guarantee!

That’s right! I personally guarantee that if you do not earn back your investment in this program in the next

12 months, I’ll give you a full refund.

That means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

program right now!

To qualify for the guarantee, you’ll just need to do these 3 things:

1) Use the coaching, support, and resources provided in the program.

2) Follow the simple, proven, step-by-step process to complete all of the assignments and run at least one challenge.

3) If you fully implement my system as outlined above and don’t see the results, let me know within 2 weeks from the end of your challenge and I will make sure you get extra 1-on-1 support from my team to help you get the results.

Within 12 months of starting this program you will have earned at least $997 from your online challenge leads (likely way more than that!)… or I’ll give you a full refund. Read the full details of the guarantee here.

Bonus #1: Facebook Fundamentals


2-hour training on everything you need to get very comfortable using Facebook for business, including basic navigation, posting, sharing, important settings that affect your experience, terminology (timeline, newsfeed, homepage, status updates, tagging, PM’s, hashtags, etc…), differences between pages, profiles and groups, and much, much more.

Value: $500

Bonus #2: Visibility Kickstarter Challenge


Copy my success – get lifetime access to my most successful and profitable challenge “Visibility Kickstarter.” In addition to using it as an inspiration for your own challenge, discover how to 10x your business exposure in 5 days or less… without spending a penny on Facebook ads.

Value: $500

Bonus #3: 6-Month Access To Fast Track Success Academy Mastermind


Enjoy 6 months of LIVE implementation support inside the private group mastermind calls and through our exclusive Facebook group. This is your chance to get personalized feedback and guidance from Alina and your peers to move your business forward fast.

Value: $2,000

Why NOW?


Like I said before… Online Challenges have quickly become the hot new marketing trend in today’s market.

That’s why I feel so strongly about getting this program into your hands.

This is your chance to skyrocket your expert status and the trajectory of your business in just a matter of days.

This might be the only time I offer this program for $997. You will have lifetime access to the program and can get clients with online challenges whenever you want, as often as you want – all for this one-time introductory investment.

This entire package with bonuses is a special deal that won’t come around again.

A Final Note From Alina…


As I said earlier – you could figure out how to run your own online challenges on your own by compiling all of the info out there on how to host and promote a challenge, and by watching other people do it.

And you most likely won’t get it right on the first try… and probably not even on your second (believe me, I’ve seen it again and again)!


I’d hate to see you struggle and waste time and effort making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

And leaving a lot of money on the table…

If you’re really serious about getting clients online and becoming known as the trusted expert in your field, do you really want to look back in a year saying, ”I wish I had taken a chance a year ago when I almost signed up for the Fast, Easy, And Profitable Online Challenges program… I’d be so much further along…”?

The Time is 



If running easy, fun online challenges and getting clients is what you want, I encourage you to join me inside the Fast, Easy, And Profitable Online Challenges program. We’ll go through the steps together.

That’s why I created Fast, Easy, And Profitable Online Challenges.

So you can map out and set up your own successful online challenge by the time you’re finished going through the program.

You don’t need a team. You don’t need to be tech savvy. I’ve given you everything – emails, Facebook posts, how to create content… In other words, you don’t need anything else to make your own online challenges happen. It’s all inside Fast, Easy, And Profitable Online Challenges.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to getting to know more about you, your business, and helping you be a wild success.

To Your Success,

“She Makes Everything So Easy…”


“Alina’s programs are gems. I’ve participated in three so far, and each one has been so well-organized, clearly focused and packed with information that 

I look forward to many more.

They also include much more than advertised — additional information on tools, sources, processes and options. And you don’t need to know a thing about technology to get great value. 

She makes everything so easy.

 I’m not an intuitive user of technology, but I am inspired by her presentation and support.

I recommend her programs to everyone!”

~Maria Simpson, Ph.D. Executive Coach,

Consultant, Trainer and Mediator

“It’s all there, laid out in brilliant clarity, simplicity and practicality.”


“I’ve taken Internet Marketing training from dozens of “gurus.” You’ll find my money in the wallet of almost every name known in this space.

What I love about Alina is that 

you actually get everything you need to do Online Challenges from her course. It is complete. No assumptions, no gaps.

 You don’t need another upsell. You don’t have to study copywriting for five years. You don’t have to hire a tech company. You don’t have to be a junkmail geek. 

It’s all there, laid out in brilliant clarity, simplicity and practicality.

Her course is stellar because, 

in addition to being a business guru, Alina is an amazing teacher.”

~Crisman Cooley, The Book Game

“Everything was so doable”


“Alina‘s course about creating challenges was an amazing aha-experience.

It was given to us in 

easy to digest chunks that did not overwhelm and gave me everything I needed to know about what to do before, during and after the challenge.

 I knew everything I needed to have in place to have a smooth running… and 

everything was so doable.

I love Alina’s clear and friendly, down-to-earth approach that lets her generous and happy personality shine through.

Thank you, Alina for all the support, your teachings and your authentic interest to support everybody!”

~Tina Eitzenberger, Feminine Spirit

This Program IS For YOU If…


  • You are looking to grow and monetize your online presence quickly
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • You like the idea of having fun while you are growing your business
  • You want to follow a proven step-by-step system that actually gets results
  • You are an action taker and implementer
  • You like the support of a community
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your business

This Program is NOT For YOU If…

  • You do not want or need to establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • You hate learning new, easier ways of doing things
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that will produce results without doing any work
  • You only collect information and stop when it comes to taking action and implementing
  • You already have all the clients you want

This program is ideal for anyone who is building an online business (regardless of the kind of business, stage of your business or your level of experience)

If you’re just starting out

 – it’s a simple low-cost, low-tech process that does not require an existing list or an existing expert status, and works incredibly well to help you attract new clients online, build a list, and create a first digital offer – in as little as 5 days.

If you already have a list or an existing online following,

 it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize your existing reach, visibility and influence. It’s a fun, engaging and easy-to-implement alternative to a more traditional launch model.


“Alina’s Profitable Online Challenges program was FANTASTIC!”


“As a former teacher, I was amazed by the 

practical value

 of what she was teaching us. Alina helped me to inspire and motivate others in a wonderful and easy way.

I APPRECIATE Alina’s method for lining up the challenge and the offer. Her strategy is the best one. And for me it is 

much easier to take the actions and implement.

This 5-Day challenge format of launching a program or service is one that I will use from now on in my business. 

I highly recommend Alina’s Program.”

~Nela Rusu, Change Yourself

“Alina is a master teacher and business coach extraordinaire.”


“Alina is a master teacher and business coach extraordinaire.

Alina’s in-depth experience and understanding of business strategies, marketing and social media, combined with her former career as an instructional designer, make 

her programs some of the single most effective online training systems available today.”

~Michelle Kopper, The Inspired Voice Coaching

“700 People Joined Our Challenge and Generated Sales of $29,990!”


“Alina’s Profitable Online Challenges program is simply the 

best step-by-step, “this is how you do it” from beginning to end course

 I have ever seen.

The truth is that I don’t usually participate in online trainings… But I did go through the Profitable Challenges Program and it was outstanding!

In 5 days we created our challenge from scratch and in our beta test had almost 

700 people join the challenge, 9 attended our live event and generated sales of $29,990!

We are now integrating challenges into our annual marketing plan and about to do our next one!

It was easy, fun and people created a TON of value and I highly recommend it! Thanks, Alina :)”

~Jay Fiset, JVology

… and you’re ready to start attracting and enrolling new clients without spending months on confusing marketing campaigns, investing in costly software or undertaking a complicated product launch and instead have an easy to implement, low-cost, and simple strategy for getting clients FAST, then take action now and join the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges


When you get this program you’ll discover the simple step-by-step process to run your own profitable online challenge at low cost, increase your visibility in the marketplace and create a flood of paying clients… any time you want.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about challenges from how to name them, how to get hundreds or thousands of people signed up and how to turn those people into paying clients.

Simply put, if you’re tired of feeling invisible in the marketplace, are annoyed by all the confusing and complicated marketing strategies out there, or want to avoid spending a ton of money on advertising AND you’re ready to have a simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step process that you can use to create large groups of raving fans, bring in new influxes of paying clients, and make a much bigger impact and income take action now and join the 

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges program.

This offer is only available for a very limited time and you can get the program and all the other bonuses valued at more than $5,000 for only $997. But registration closes soon and then this offer disappears forever so take action now, don’t delay, and get ready to watch the new clients rolling in.

Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges by Alina Vincent Sales Page
Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges by Alina Vincent Sales Page


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