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Over several  hours of deep dive learning , I’m going to show you how to find the right marketing tools FOR YOU so that you can not only do the things that are most effective, but that YOU are GOOD AT.
I’m going to help you take the overwhelm and the resistance out of your marketing efforts so that you can finally see your freelancing career grow consistently and have FUN as you do so!
 –  Are not making the money  you want

– Don’t know how to  bring in additional clients

– Are  stuck in resistance  with your marketing

– Say you’ll market regularly but  don’t follow through

– Or  don’t even really know  what you’re supposed to do.
Here’s the thing:  Marketing and finding high-paying clients is NOT difficult.  In fact, if you can learn the simple sales strategies to use in your marketing, you make yourself irresistible to clients. It’s a one-time effort to put together your sales materials, and then it’s simply a matter of sending them out, regularly, to the people you want to work with.

It’s about putting your name in front of the dream clients you want to hire you.

Because the thing is, it’s completely possible to live the freelancing life that you want, to enjoy not only getting the assignments and enjoy the work, but to have fun while you’re working on getting it.
I Want You To Show You How Easy It Can Be
I spent so long  forcing  myself to do marketing in my freelancing, pushing against myself, and treating the marketing as a chore. 
Very quickly, I turned that around and not only did my marketing achieve greater results, but I also had more fun doing it.
These days, I have conversations, I meet people, and I make friends. And frequently, I work with them.
Getting work from freelancing is about three things:
  • Knowing what you bring to the table.
  • Finding the right people who have the ability to hire you.
  • Consistently reaching out and following up with people.
That’s it. It’s that simple.
We’re going to talk about an attitude adjustment. We’re going to focus on  how to make your marketing interesting, fun, and most importantly, something that rises out of your unique skill sets  and your unique strengths.
You’re going to receive  53 video lessons (15 minutes on average per lesson) that will each cover for you one way in which to land higher-paying clients.  I’ll talk about the strategy itself, how to best use it to your advantage, and give you examples, samples, and cheat sheets of how to apply it immediately.
We’re going to talk about consistency.  Marketing is a game of numbers, and there’s a formula to winning it.  You will learn how to use the numbers to your advantage and how to increase your income as you gradually decrease your effort.
I’m giving it all to you, no holds barred
The techniques I use, how I’ve used them, how other writers I know have used them, with examples, templates, and actual samples of queries, letters, emails, and tweets sent that landed me and others high-paying work.
This is a list I once made for myself when I was marketing five times a day, and like many of you, kept running out of ideas. Having this list on hand was crucial to my success and efficiency in getting clients.
It’s the simplest way possible to not only get one or two new clients, but to  start a consistent stream of high-paying clients  that can help you get your freelance career off the ground and soaring into the skies.
If you want to grow in your freelance career with the minimum investment, this is a no-brainer offer and the best place to start.
No more wondering, no more waking up in the morning and knowing that you need to do some marketing but having no idea about how to go about doing it.
Higher-paying clients that are a joy to work with.
It all starts here.
We’ll Be Looking At:
  • how to  create time  for marketing in your week
  • how to do it  easily, efficiently,  and with the best results
  • how to  weed out the low-paying clients  and focus on higher-paying ones
  • the daily habits you need in order to  grow your client base consistently
  • finding editors and clients who are the  right fit for you  and your goals
  • doing more of the  writing that you love  and enjoy
  • getting assignments and  receiving money weekly
  • getting it all done by  utilizing your natural skills and talents
  • letting it be FUN!
Because isn’t it time you stopped making it so damn difficult?
If you’re ready to grow your freelancing career, take the fear and resistance out of marketing, and start working with people you respect, this course is for you.
The Modules
Let’s talk about the specifics of each module and what it covers.
If you want higher-paying freelance clients, you’re going to have to fall in love with the pitching. In this module, I’m going to walk through the many different types of pitching:  query letters, LOIs, contests, cold calling, submitting essays, and more.
What’s the kind of work available to freelance writers who want to earn a high income and  where the heck do you find it ? I cover that in this module.
Your personal networks can be a fantastic source of freelance clients. Here’s how to f ind out who your friends, family and acquaintances know  (and how to get work from them!)
Your  clients can help you find more clients . This is how. In this module, we will cover three very strategic ways of doing just that.
How to write your profiles on freelance networks and directories so that you attract high-paying work to you. In this module, we’ll cover one-and-done marketing:  Do the work once, and have clients coming to you forever.
The dreaded word: Networking. Here’s how to make it effective AND fun. (And trust me– it’s  more than just going to events . In fact, I share five different strategies in this section.)
Community is important, not just for your mental health, but for your financial health as well. In this module we’ll talk about what to do to  find additional clients without pissing off your writer friends.
Being seen as an expert in your field will get you higher-paying clients. In this module, I will cover  eight different ways to become known in your industry  and show you how to use that to get clients.
It’s not as simple as tweeting every now and again or keeping your profiles keyword-rich. You can get very  strategic with social media  and it can help immensely with getting work.
Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some students of Higher-Paying Freelance Clients have to say about the course.
Rania Margari, Travel & Food Writer
Since I took Mridu’s first e-course my  mindset as a freelance writer has drastically changed  and I now consider her as my no. 1 mentor and motivator whenever I need an extra push. I also took her course “Higher-Paying Freelance Clients” which gives very  practical advice that you can follow right away  to increase your income and find higher-paying clients. Ever since I am always, always negotiating rates and terms of any project that I have taken and I am  more confident than ever before  when saying no to clients who underestimate my work.

I loved the course so much… If you are a freelance writer who wants to earn a decent income from your writing career, this is  one of the courses you should definitely invest in . It’s worth every penny.
Marcia Clemmitt, Journalist, Content Writer
I’m a long-time journalist moving into other writing opportunities, and I  can’t begin to describe all the help I’ve gotten  from Mridu’s “Higher-Paying Freelance Clients” course.

Her course is  extremely comprehensive  – describing pretty much  every source of content-writing income I can think of, plus every avenue available for introducing yourself to these different clients.  But what really sets it apart is how Mridu explains the nuances that differentiate client types – like big businesses and small businesses, for example – and what those nuances mean for how best to approach different clients, what to expect from them in the way of payment and types of work, and much more.

Because she brings her point of view as a writer who’s navigated these different writing worlds herself,  she answers the exact questions I’ve had – as well as many questions that I should have had but hadn’t thought of!   She also clarifies which clients might be easier to transition to from journalism and why. And that’s made it much easier for me to establish smart priorities for broadening my client base.

I can’t begin to list all the valuable tips in this course that I’ve used to my advantage.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and raise your pay as a nonfiction writer, there’s a ton of helpful material inside this course.
Janice Holly Booth, Author, Speaker, Photographer
I started freelancing back in the day of SASE. The internet changed everything, and for those of us still trying to navigate this new landscape,  Mridu and her common sense approach to building a base of higher paying clientele has been a godsend.
… Mridu’s guidance is invaluable. She gives specific instructions for approaching a vast array of different markets, as well as advice on building personal networks and actively networking in ways that are not too painful for those of us who hate it. Building relationships with other writers is something we tend to let happen by chance, but  following Mridu’s advice landed me two extremely interesting and highly-paid long-term assignments.
Mridu takes what seems like an overwhelming strategy for writers looking to be better paid freelancers and simplifies it to the point where, at the end of each lesson, you say, “Yes, I can do that!”
I’ve taken two of her courses and learned so much.  She’s a terrific resource for anyone looking to be more successful and better paid.
Who Am I?
Hi there. I’m Tasha (formerly known as Mridu Khullar Relph). That’s me there on the side. I’ve spent more than 15 years working as a freelance journalist, an author, and an entrepreneur.
I’ve written for publications in over 20 countries, including  TIME, The New York Times, CNN,, ABC News,, The CS Monitor, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Self, Marie Claire,  and  Ms.
I’ve also created marketing content and strategy for some well-known brands and businesses, including Chase, Prudential, HP, Cathay Pacific, Nationwide Building Society (UK), and others.
I’ve been published in the books  “Lonely Planet Travel Anthology: True Stories From The World’s Best Writers” and “Voices of Alcoholism.”  I’ve also written several bestselling books for writers.
In this training, I talk about:
  • Internal and external rates: why you need both and how they’re different
  • Setting different rates for different situations
  • How to price in a way that showcases your experience and the value you bring to a client
In this training, we talk about:
  1. Why you’re not negotiating
  2. Why you SHOULD negotiate
  3. How to do it effectively (and the many, many strategies for how to)
That dream magazine? You know, the one that arrives every month? The one whose pages you touch lightly, turning them carefully as you read every line, every paragraph, every advertisement?
You know that magazine that makes your knees go weak every time you think of having your name in it?
You know that newspaper you want to write for not because it’s a big name or because it’s tough to break into or because it pays well, but because being published in it would mean that you’ve achieved that level of writing ability that you can be proud of?
You know that dream publication of yours?
Here’s how to break into it.
The feast and famine nature of freelancing is what kills so many freelancing careers. If you want to survive long-term, you need to know how to build recurring income. Here’s how to do it.
Pay in full and gain lifetime access to all the course material plus any future upgrades.
Pay in three easy installments to get immediate access to the entire course (plus bonuses) to start taking action now.
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Higher-Paying Freelance Clients by Mridu Khullar Relph Sales Page
Higher-Paying Freelance Clients by Mridu Khullar Relph Sales Page


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