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The only thing between you and a next-level launch that creates BIG-picture profit in your business, is understanding how to build and execute.Because you know your expertise is worth way more than you’ve generated in the past. So slip on your CEO socks and get your bank account ready—Live Launch Academy is taking you from mini (or major) meltdown to I never knew this was possible.


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Because you know your expertise is worth way more than you’ve generated in the past. So slip on your CEO socks and get your bank account ready—Live Launch Academy is taking you from mini (or major) meltdown to I never knew this was possible.





You did it! You took your genius and turned it into a course or digital product (pop the champagne, you’re ready to see $1,000 payment notifications from Stripe while shopping for organic bananas at Whole Foods #bestlife)

But somehow… the purchases never came (and your bananas are browning) 

 Was it my sales page?

 Should I have done paid ads?

 Was my bonus not good enough?

Did my emails tank? (see also: should I have done email marketing vs trying to launch exclusively using IG)

 Did I come across too desperate?

A stellar promo plan 

 Support from me & your fellow Live Launchers 

 Some ANSWERS, am I right? You know you can do this, you just need the roadmap.

I got you. I’ve pioneered a proprietary framework for six-figure launches, and packaged it into a fool-proof, highly implementable plan—meaning no more wrong turns, midnight launch terrors, or running out of peanut butter. 

Not only will it make your next launch a wild success, but your entire business sustainable and scalable. *cha-ching baby* 




Sound familiar?

You might be thinking, “I’m never launching anything again—I’ll stick with my 1-on-1 offers where I know I can make money.” 

It’s time for some tough love from your Biz Big Sister—you’re thinking too small. You’re giving up before the game gets good. You’re limiting yourself to the tools in your current toolbox instead of heading to the hardware store and investing in what it takes to become the CEO of your business, and life. 


• You know you’ve got the expertise to absolutely blow your audience away—you’re just not sure how to deliver it (SOS need a launch GPS)

• You’re ready to offer an elevated experience that transforms lives, but you’re tired of working endless hours (and losing your sanity) in the process

• You want to move from “time-for-dollars” to “passive income CEO”

• You have PTSD from past launches and are *fingers crossed* next time goes differently (PSA: it CAN go differently—but only if YOU do things differently)

• You crave consistent cash infusion (and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there)

If it felt like I was reading your mind or snooping in your diary, it’s because I see you—like really see you. And I’m holding out the one resource that can make all of that a thing of the past—all you have to do is take it. 

Luckily, Live Launch Academy isn’t just another launch course. And I’m not just another launch coach. Circle around, it’s time for a full-fledged heart-to-heart, business style.

Full transparency: There are other launch courses out there. Some might even help you wrangle in a few thousand dollars, but none of them (zip zero) give you the necessary tools, resources, and guides to go beyond a killer launch and continuously bring in $20k+ months. 

where most others say “This is what I do—replicate me” I say “These are the stone cold facts, numbers, and strategies that have proven successful on multiple occasions—and here’s how to apply them to your individual launch.”

providing done-for-you content to make your life insanely easier and connecting you with a community of experts to provide continued support along the way.

You’re not learning maybes, you’re creating your own guaranteed success with the guidance of someone who meticulously studied the rules—then wrote her own.


You’ve officially entered my orbit—prepare to elevate every aspect of your business and life, because around here we don’t waste time on the fluffy stuff. We make sh*t happen, together. 



Before you start attracting cash, you need a killer offering. 

In this module, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create an elevated, best-on-the-market offer your people will fall in love with:

• Creating a program suite for scale (and mapping out your year of launches)

• A formula for strategic pricing + discounts (bye  guessing game)

• How to create premium materials, easily (video, workbooks, audio)

• Picking your perfect software + step-by-step video instructions

• Choosing your affiliates (+ LLA’s Affiliate Success Plan – ‘mo eyeballs, ‘mo money)

• Creating perfect bonuses (psychology time!)

And because I love you—

Bonus: you’re walking away with a MEGA lesson on creating your high-converting sales page… I’m talking copy + paste structure of your sections, interactive copywriting system (with magnetic intros done-for-you), where to place the price / testimonials / CTAs, and ALL of my psychology tricks. Yowza. 

Do you hear that? The cash is knocking. 

Knowing what to do only works if you know when to do it.

We’re breaking down an exact timeline of events so you can focus your efforts where they’re needed most, and we’re working through all the content you’ll need for the best launch ever:

• My proprietary system Live Launch Promo Plan system that gets your audience OBSESSED with your offer (banging-down-the-door style)

• Creating your first-class sales funnel

• Day-by-day breakdown of audience needs: what, when, where

• Full email campaign (nurture + sales-mode DONE FOR YOU!) 

• Identifying & nurturing leads (the right way)

• Straight up rocking the *ish out of your (packed!) waitlist 

Bonus: Designed for you sales funnel + you’re walking away with plug & play nurture sequence and sales funnel along with launch graphics (basically, your turn-key launch plan is just waiting for you to unlock it).

Con-frickin-grats, you made it to launch week! Don’t let the momentum stop now. 

This module is all about channeling your energy into sales—the effective, non-icky way. You’re learning how to make launch week feel like Cloud Nine (in the middle of a cash storm):

• Leveraging FOMO in a strategic way

• Day-by-day launch week content

• Pitching & selling scripts with examples of exactly what to say

• Getting scrappy mid-launch to achieve your stretch goal

• Becoming *that* launch on Instagram (everyone’s talking about your offer!) & you’re receiving endless IG story mentions – helloooo social proof, authority & more sales 

As always, you’re getting a bonus (duh)—what to do if you feel like your launch is flopping or slowing down (instead of panicking and giving up). And you’re snagging a launch week content breakdown including a calendar with ideas for every day. 

The party don’t stop with a launch drop. 

A post-launch plan is just as important as a pre-launch plan—and I’m showing you how to get the most out of yours:

• The science of the waitlist page (and how to make it work for you)

• Building momentum for the next run (starting now!)

• Handling refunds and late purchase requests (stuff happens)

• Picking even MORE money up off the table (no dollar left behind)

And to top it all off, an exclusive bonus lesson from Shannon covering how to create massive passive income by going Evergreen, along with a done-for-you waitlist page design that guarantees opt-ins.


“What do you guys think about this caption for urgency?”

“What do you think of this fast-action style bonus?”

“Here’s my outline – am I leaving any money on the table?”

“Someone asked me a weird question about the offer… How do I handle this?”

That means this launch, next launch, 576th launch – You’ve got Shannon, a team of experts, and your Live Launch Community of biz besties to support.

I’m talking copy + paste structure of your sections, interactive copywriting system (with magnetic intros done-for-you), where to place the price / testimonials / CTAs, and ALL of my psychology tricks. Yowza.

You’re walking away with plug & play nurture sequence + sales funnel along with launch graphics (basically, your turn-key launch plan is just waiting for you to unlock it).

No more panicking & giving up! + You’re snagging a launch week content breakdown including a calendar with ideas for every day. 

An exclusive bonus lesson from Shannon on taking this course or digital product from live-launch-euphoria to ever available sales-while-you-sleep.

Hey friend, going “all in” on building & marketing your offer can be scary – I remember the first time I live launched with wild abandon… It’s intimidating. This is why I’m going to come alongside you every step of the way.

How? By leaping alongside of you and taking 100% of the RISK off of your shoulders.

I am so confident that my proven launch systems & strategies will lead to your scaled-up business that I make you this guarantee:

I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

We’re in this together. I want you to have full confidence that LLA will help you scale your business – and I want you to have confidence in yourself that you have what it takes to get there. (Because giiiirl, have you met you? Yowza.)


• Clear, exact play-by-play guidebook from pre-launch to post-launch (never question what to do or when to do it again)

• Done-for-you resources with a proven track record of success (these aren’t just what’s worked for me—these are what work, every time) 

• Access to sought-after experts to amplify all areas of your biz (and discounts!)

• Bonus lessons and materials in every module (so you can go beyond “a good launch”)

• An organized infrastructure including systems, SOPs and boundaries (gasp) 

• A smart launch & sales plan for the year (hint: you don’t need to be *constantly* selling in order to be highly profitable – let’s revenue stack, live launch, and create passive income) 

• Income projections based on data, and a growth plan to reach your audacious (yet HIGHLY achievable) goals 

So you’ve been doing this business thing for a hot minute, and it’s been… fulfilling

*Camera: Pans to flashback

*Scene: Interior, kitchen table 

*Cast: You with 6-day dirty hair, working 7am-10pm, multi-tasking between Instagram stories / client calls / answering DMs / creating curriculum / remembering you forgot to attach a contract to that damn email / elbow deep in bag of Trader Joe’s dill pickle popcorn 

& FYI: I know you have *one day* dreams…

Opening a brewery with your husband, helping fund women-owned start ups, or creating a new CRM for your industry. 

You’re not limited by your current “niche” or “bubble”. We can create a strategic expansion plan for your business, and who knows, a year from now you could be opening a coffee & coworking shop (😉) I want to help you get there. 

Consider B.E.B. your degree in online business development, and it’s only for Live Launch Academy students. 

I have a secret to tell you, come close… 

You don’t *have* to launch your high-ticket offers publicly, campaign them for days, and then have an ego-flare-up when that lead ghosts you OR the application deadline is swiftly approaching and you’re still hearing a chorus of crickets. 

Instead, we structure your program suite for lifetime value by first selling your lower-ticket program(s), and then effortlessly upselling your high-ticket offer(s). 

1. To ensure we’re not “cannibalizing” your expertise by putting all of your brilliance into one massive package (not only is this cutting into your profit margin, but it’s WAY overwhelming for the client) 

2. To create an epic amount of trust with this client (who is now a loyalist to your curriculum and wants to buy everything from you) 

3. To create an authentic & EASY high ticket sales process because the client is banging down the door for your next offer

Psst… I’m an expert at mastering this holy trinity of timing, and these strategies are all yours in High Ticket Sales System. 

• The personas that are most likely to buy from you within 24 hrs

• Easily knowing if someone is ready to buy & how to pivot the conversation

• Honing the #1 technique that will help you close any sale 

• Learning persuasive messaging and leveraging strategic micro-conversions

• Mapping out your quick-close workflows

• Tactics to set yourself up with pockets of leads, per offer

• Three phase approach to selling out group programs in 7 days

• Private invite verbiage & marketing emails for masterminds

• The one-call-close script that’s brought in over $500k

• Templates to overcome any objection (and how to know when NOT to) 

• What to do when your 1:1 is at capacity – it’ll happen with HTSS 🙌

Live Launch Academy by Shannon Lutz Sales Page
Live Launch Academy by Shannon Lutz Sales Page


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