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What if you NEVER had to worry about money again and instead built an undeniable relationship with money that kept your
and your
When you become the Rich Babe of your life…
ANYTHING is possible
It’s Time To Master Your Money Mindset and Unlock Financial Abundance For Life With The Rich Babe Academy!
mastering how the energy of money REALLY works 
Learn from the broke, embarrassingly shy girl who went from drowning in $25K in debt to
and has since manifested over $5M+ in the last 3 years. 
SO….you’ve been practicing this money manifestation thing for a while now and let me guess…NOTHING has really changed. 
Maybe you manifested a couple hundred bucks a few times…? 
Maybe you’ve received an unexpected check in the mail out of the blue, or maybe all you’ve stumbled across are a couple quarters laying on the sidewalk. But, for the most part…ZILCH. NADA. 
Nothing too inspiring or life changing. 
Why is that? 
Well, before I tell you, let me know if any of the following sound familiar:
You’re hustling WAY too hard to live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of
You’ve subscribed to the belief that RICH people work really HARD and only those that bust their a** will see financial success. Making a lot of money means sacrificing your sanity, health, and relationships. 
You’re NOT taking the financial action you KNOW you need to be taking
You know taking risks and making big leaps is NECESSARY to building a strong financial foundation…yet you’re paralyzed in inaction, twiddling your thumbs hoping you can bypass the discomfort and the money will just magically fall into your lap.
You’re sabotaging your biggest opportunities before they even materialize
Every time you bring in more money, you immediately spend it. You can’t even see your bank account grow because something inside of you keeps impulsively online shopping. “Of course I need new shoes! I deserve them!” Yet… you still tell yourself that you’ll reach your big financial goals when REALLY you keep thinking “ugh, there’s just never enough money!”
You feel “wealth shame” for wanting more which STOPS you from tapping into and pursuing more money-making opportunities
You’re living with the conditioned mindset that more money = greedy, selfish, and undeserving. You shame yourself (or experience shame from others) for wanting more financial abundance which creates a block between you and the very prosperity that you desire. You’re a lightworker. You care about people and the world we live in. You can’t possibly be associated with something “dirty” like money… BUT AT THE SAME TIME… you know having more will give you the freedom to DO more. What a f*cking conundrum.
You keep thinking to yourself, “who am I to be rich?!”
You keep questioning what makes YOU special enough to experience financial freedom. You either already feel unworthy of what you currently have or you can’t even fathom of having more. You immediately feel the need to either give it all away like a 21st century money martyr or reject receiving more than you feel is “fair” for you to have. You are still stuck in the classic “pie in the sky with only so many slices to share” way of thinking when it comes to wealth. Who are you to be rich when there are so many people out there who are struggling financially?!
GUESS WHAT BABE:  Everything you believe to be true about money right now you were TAUGHT to believe. Yep. Your family, your culture, the media… they all molded you to think a certain way about money. And that very way of thinking is now working AGAINST you in your adulthood. 
Thanks mom and dad! Now you have a money story that is holding you back from manifesting long-lasting financial success. 
NOW WAIT! Before you panic and blame everyone who was responsible for your upbringing… I have some VERY good news for you.
Just like you were TAUGHT to believe these things, you can also UNLEARN them and purposely create a brand new belief system that supports that life YOU really want. 
I used to be a BIG believer of the points I listed above too and I did some SERIOUS work to unlearn them so that I could create a brand new relationship with money that allows me to live the life I have today..
Let me explain.
I always knew deep in my soul I was made for more, but there was a lingering guilt and feeling of unworthiness that kept me stuck in the same position, month after month.
to when I was a tiny little human, absorbing the world through the filters of what was “normal” to those who I trusted and learned what to believe from the people around me. 
My family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine with $900 in their pocket and a dream to build a life in America with me as a baby in tow. My parents set out to provide for us in any capacity that was necessary.
With that came MASSIVE sacrifice. 
 the Rich Babe version of me. 
My mom was going to nursing school, living off of welfare checks and student loans, and my dad was washing dishes 14 hours a day barely getting by. We were collecting furniture off the side of the street and living in a teeny tiny 1-bedroom government subsidized apartment. It wasn’t much, but it was home to us in this brand new country. 
You can probably imagine the conversations we were having around the dinner table.
“We can’t afford that.” 
“Too expensive.” 
“We don’t have enough money.” 
“We’re not rich like those people!”
“We have to work 10x harder just to get our feet off the ground here.”
As a child, I heard these phrases day in day out and slowly started to formulate a “truth” around what I believed money to be. 
Fast forward to the moment I’ll never forget when I made the decision to become the most successful version of myself–
Until…I had my “enough is enough” moment. 
My response was clear in plain sight :
“I’m living for EVERYONE else BUT me.” 
I knew that in order for things to change, I had to change. 
I realized that I was pursuing medical school at the time only because my parents wanted me to, I was in the relationship that I was in just because it was comfortable, and I was living in a small town in the state of Washington because my current relationship was keeping me there. 
In reality, I wanted SO much more and knew deep in my soul I was made for MORE. 
I was trying to please everyone instead of asking myself what I truly wanted which kept me sacrificing myself for everyone else’s approval of me. 
And no surprise at all…this people pleasing kept me broke. My business at the time wasn’t taking off, I was constantly making decisions out of fear of disappointing someone, and I didn’t believe that I had what it took to be successful. 
Hard to come by. 
Something you worked EXTREMELY hard for. 
Something that was ALWAYS running out. 
Money was supposed to be a struggle and would always be inconsistent. 
As you could imagine, these beliefs and “truths” around money followed me into my adult life and showed up in MANY ways as I strived for success. 
I could never keep a stable bank account. I could never dream of investing money because the thought of it made me want to pass out and I certainly couldn’t GROW my money because it was always running out.
All the beliefs I had ingrained as a child were STOPPING me from living the life that I so obviously knew I wanted.
Not to mention, I was working 18+ hours a day and NOTHING was coming in… 
I THOUGHT HARD WORK MEANT MORE MONEY?!? What the hell Universe!!! 
It was right around my birthday in October of 2015, when I was sitting in an audience of over 10,000 people at a well-known personal growth seminar where I first heard the question come to me in a whisper… 
 “Kathrin… who are you living for?” 
I didn’t know where this question came from at the time… but I knew I had to listen. 
It was what catapulted me on a year long journey of learning how to master the money mindset of a millionaire. I very quickly let go of the belief that having and wanting more money meant that I was a bad person. I understood that as I expand on my journey, I take others with me. 
As I show myself what’s possible, I show others what’s possible for them.
This is where I learned that
I had to make a different decision. I had to take the plunge because the way I was currently showing up in my life wasn’t taking me anywhere. And it was the BEST wakeup call I have ever received.
In that moment I chose to make an investment…which was something I had NEVER done before. I said YES to the life I wanted to live and made a whopping $15K investment into my personal development. I knew that
What they believe. Who they surround themselves with. The kind of information that they learn and consume, and of course, most important of all, the kind of action that they take. 
And that investment? That investment birthed the Rich Babe version of myself. 
if I wanted to BE a successful person, I first had to learn how successful people think.
when good babes make good money… literally EVERYONE benefits. 
And this belief is what led me to create the Rich Babe Academy– the ultimate school of money manifestation mastery. The academy where you learn the full scope of how the energy of money ACTUALLY operates, how to rewire every single belief that’s causing you to unconsciously resist and sabotage the flow of money into your life, and how to step into AND EMBODY the most successful version of yourself, so that you can make wealth a DAILY life experience for you. 
The ONLY thing standing in between you and the life of financial freedom you’re desiring…is your willingness to CHANGE the disempowering money story you’ve been holding onto.
Rich Babe Academy is your opportunity to take matters into your OWN hands and learn how the energy of money REALLY works so you can create the life you were DESTINED to live.
Similar to yours, my money story goes all the way back
Rich Babe Academy is NOT just another money mindset course you see floating around the internet … 
It’s a complete transformational METHOD that will help you go from a frustrated, overwhelmed and overworked money repeller … to the Rich Babe version of yourself that makes your bank account DANCE.
You  learn how to eradicate your self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs around money  that are keeping you broke, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.
You get to  create a crystal clear vision for what it is you REALLY want  and create a step by step blueprint to get you there…WITHOUT sacrificing your sanity.
You  discover how the energy of money REALLY works  so you can attract, earn, save, circulate, and invest money like it’s no big deal at all. You were born to do this. 
You  speed up the manifesting process by rewiring your subconscious mind  with a daily hypnosis and meditation that creates NEW empowering beliefs that will support YOU and your bank account for years to come. 
You  get access to an amazing, high-vibe community that allows you to find support,  guidance, and a place to build life-long relationships with Manifestation Babes just like you. 
You  finally embrace your inner Rich Babe so you can unlock financial abundance  and create your life from your most authentic, Highest Potential.
“What You Think, Believe, Say, And Keep Affirming About Money Is The Very Thing That’s Keeping You Dissatisfied With Your Finances”
Did you know your finances have very little to do with money in the first place?
Money is a form of ENERGY
In fact, how much money you have in your bank account has NOTHING to do with your worth, how hard you work, and what you deserve…
You see…money is a state of mind. 
That may be a hard pill to swallow…BUT when you discover those limiting beliefs around money that are hiding deep inside of your subconscious beliefs, you can pinpoint exactly WHY your bank account looks like it does today…AND officially start the exciting process of creating a brand new relationship with money that supports the reality you actually want.
And here’s a twister for you to process…
Money DOES NOT come from people.
The amount of money you earn and hold onto is just a reflection of your belief system around money and what you’re an energetic match to.
The cumulative total of everything you ever believed about money—
 that is what has manifested into your physical reality today.
Let me repeat that one more time for the people in the back…
Money DOES NOT come from people.
It does not come from your boss, your clients, the government, or any other external source.
Money is energy. It flows through people, but it REALLY comes from Source (or God, the Universe, whatever word you want to use to describe it).
Yes we have a physical form of money (paper, coins, numbers in an electronic bank account), but the nature of what you see in your bank account is NOT physical. 
It’s called currency because there’s a current of energy that flows through the BODY of money. Similar to how you’re a soul with a physical body that makes you human, money also has a soul. 
Which means…DING DING DING!!
We get to create and RECEIVE as much money as we CHOOSE to when we understand HOW it works and how to tap into the motherlode. 
That’s why Rich Babe Academy is NOT just some fluffy program that teaches you money mindset hacks…
A transformation of the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT so that you can totally recreate the old version of you (you know, the money repelling version of you) and OPERATE from your true, authentic  Rich Babe Self.
Become the Rich Babe you know you’re destined to be.
A babe who is  RICH IN LIFE .
A babe who is rich in their relationships, happiness, energy, finances, impact on the world, influence, and especially rich in embracing their most authentic self.
The Rich Babe isn’t just about finances/wealth/money/success.
It’s the full embodiment of wealth in ALL aspects of life.
This is why I created this program. \
Rich Babe Academy Transformations 2
Watch later
This last month I actually had the biggest month I’ve ever done. I had a launch during this time. I had an event during this time and I made over 150K in sales for my business which is insane like that’s way more than I’ve ever done for any of those types of things… I finally feel like I’m part of this success club.
As a result of the work I did during RBA, I started to see money differently. Larger numbers got less scary and intimidating and I tasked myself with getting more comfortable seeing money in my account – something I didn’t know caused me anxiety – because who wouldn’t want money in their account, right? But I realized that I’d always been anxious about spending it the “right” way or thinking I would lose it somehow. That anxiety consistently led to me manifesting unexpected expenses. Nowadays, what I would’ve called my “savings account” or “emergency fund” is actually my “opportunity fund” – something I learned from Kathrin. During the program, I also started getting discounts on things like doctor’s visits, free products like a Google Home Mini, a trip to NY for Thanksgiving that my family gifted to me, and free flight changes…But the biggest manifestation was winning a spot at Kathrin’s next Bali retreat!
Rich Babe Academy Transformations 1
Watch later
I have had chronic back pain lower back pain specifically within the first week when we were doing module one of our homework I came out of that homework with my back pain being completely gone.
When I first entered into Rich Babe Academy I was honestly really lost. I stumbled upon manifestation babe through a friends Instagram and I fell in love with everything that was being shared with me. I decided on the weekend of my birthday which was around the last day to sign up to take the plunge. I was honestly so scared about the money I spent that I might have spent the next 24 hours freaking out. Luckily due to my desire to take my vibration and the support/ encouragement of my boyfriend I decided to take the leap and push through my anxiety/ ego. 
Entering into RBA I was a couple thousand dollars in debt and only had a couple thousand dollars in my savings account. I was miserable in my job and I felt like I kept gridding it out, killing myself and making nothing for doing a job that brought me no joy and a lot of stress. I was anxious all the time that everything was going to fall apart. The hardest part was also that I felt like I had no direction about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to change my circumstance, I just felt hopeless and stuck. 
It’s been about a year since I took that leap and honestly, I can’t believe how much has already changed for me. My savings has tripled, I have paid off all of my debt, and even though I am still working to get things to where I want to be career wise…. I have a direction I am aiming for and things that I am passionate about working on. I am so grateful that I did this program and for all the ways it has helped me reset my thinking. I am honestly probably going to restart the program next week again, because I am ready to take myself to the next level once more. 
I think the most valuable thing that I gained from this program was that beyond the shifts in money and career direction, I found a greater sense of trust in the universe and therefore trust in myself. Now whenever I am scared I simple repeat to myself “life is happening for me its not happening to me…” and it reminds me that everything is happening for my highest good and that if I can trust and let go all of my dreams await on the other side .
I realize now that I was searching for validation from external sources from other people somebody to point me in the path instead of realizing that the only validation that I needed was from myself. The only permission that I needed was from myself that I am all that I need to create the life that I want and that to me is priceless.
To say Rich Babe Academy completely changed my life would be an absolute understatement… Making money is easy and to prove that the last six weeks I doubled my income compared to the previous six weeks before I started this program.
I was able to quit my full time job so that I could pursue my business full-time and that has been absolutely life changing. My business has taken off in ways it never did before starting this program.
6 Core Training Modules:  that unveil and then deconstruct everything you believe to be true about money so you can start to create the brand NEW financially free reality you deserve.
4 Audio Downloads (2 Exclusive Meditations, 2 Exclusive Hypnoses):  so you can rewire your deep-rooted subconscious beliefs around money and tap into your intuition to attract and RECEIVE the abundance available to you right now.
6 LIVE 60-Minute Q&A Sessions:  to get the support, guidance, and answers you need to dive even deeper.
Accountability Partner Groups:  to create relationships and accountability with fellow students so you always feel supported as you discover your new Rich Babe self 
6 Transformational Weekly Workbooks:  so you can dive into the nitty gritty DEEP inner work and discover exactly how you operate with the energy of money (and create the reality you’ve been dreaming of!) 
Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group:  to give you a safe, life-long environment to find support, guidance, and build relationships with babes just like you.
  • Getting in touch with your BIG why 
  • Learning what money REALLY is & how we’ve been misled from the TRUTH
  • Getting to the subconscious ROOT to your financial stresses and struggles
  • Learning where you are subconsciously holding yourself back and why
  • Changing your current money story FOR GOOD
  • Digging deep into self-sabotage
  • Your first regression hypnotherapy journey to remove the blocks holding you back
Bonus #11
Module 1
  • Getting through the discomfort of CHANGE
  • The two energies of transformation & how to use them in daily life
  • Getting your energy to a high vibration to become an energetic match to money
  • Distinguishing the differences between your EGO and your HIGHER SELF
  • Putting your Higher Self into the driver’s seat of your finances
  • Deep dive into the Rich Babe Process step-by-step
  • Transforming your relationship with money
  • Forgiving your past and letting go of financial resentments
  • The most powerful forgiveness meditation you can do to clear yourself of the past
Module 2
  • Shifting and reprogramming your money beliefs to create a brand new reality
  • Creating your BIG vision for your financial future
  • Breaking down the big vision into more focused goals
  • The Ladder of Believability (my most powerful trick in setting financial goals that manifest)
  • Exactly how the subconscious mind works in creating your reality
  • Eliminate ALL of your limiting money beliefs that are restricting your financial flow
  • Creating your go-to Rich Babe Manifesto 
  • A potently powerful hypnosis that will continue to rewire your brain while your SLEEP!
Module 3
  • Learn the ART of manifesting money
  • Master the paradoxes of manifestation
  • The 7-step process to manifesting ANY amount of money
  • How to use your intuition in your finances 
  • Releasing all resistance tied to the Rich Babe Process
  • Having absolute certainty in yourself as a 6, 7, or even 8-figure earner
  • Making your success inevitable and manifesting money on autopilot
Module 4
  • Speeding up the manifestation process 
  • Quantum leaping into your new reality
  • Creating the “Rich Babe” version of you
  • Learning the most effective way to “Act As If”
  • Raising your standards to create a fulfilling, joyful, rich and pleasure-filled life
  • Overcoming low self-worth when it comes to tapping into your divine abundance
  • Raising self-confidence and going fully after what you want
  • Manifestation tools and games to help you be a lifelong manifestor
Module 5
  • Making wealth your NATURAL state
  • Going beyond the Law of Attraction
  • The 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation
  • The 5 Levels of Life-long Change
  • Making wealth a part of your identity so that it lasts a lifetime
  • All of my personal resources for Wealth Consciousness content
Module 6
ENROLL in Rich Babe Academy & Get 10 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses!
 Tapping Into Massive Wealth  ($1497 Value)
Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Rich Babe Subliminal Audio  ($299 Value)
Bonus #3
Bonus #4
The Financial Freedom Playbook  ($888 Value)
Bonus #5
6 Weekly LIVE BreathWork Sessions w/ lifetime access to recordings  ($699 Value)
Bonus #6
Bonus Module – Money, Sex, Magic  ($499 Value)
Bonus #7
Win a SPOT to the 2021 Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat  ($8,888 Value If You Win!)
“Money Is An Unlimited Resource” branded mug when you invest in full for RBA ($29 Value)
Bonus #8
Bonus #9
12 Universal Laws Masterclass  ($499 Value)
Bonus #10
22 Money Babe Mantras  ($99 Value)
22 Money Babe Journaling Prompts ($99 Value)
TOTAL VALUE: $17,997
But that’s NOT what your investment in the program is.
Rich Babe Academy is only $1,998 and you can get started for as little as $199.87.
Tapping into Massive Wealth is a 7-day program designed to help you release resistance around your top 7 most crippling limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and abundance.
As a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I will show you one of the BEST ways to remove energetic disturbances from the body when it comes to resistance around finances (and quite honestly, any other area of your life!). This is the technique that saves me every single time from getting stuck in fear, anxiety, and inaction!
BONUS #1 ($1497 value)
Tapping Into Massive Wealth
Is it possible to rewire your subconscious mind while you sleep?  Why, yes it is!
With this special subliminal audio recording, you will be accessing and rewiring the deepest parts of your brain (your subconscious mind) with no effort at ALL on your part. 
When I was first introduced to subliminal audios, I didn’t believe that they were working. It seemed too good to be true.
UNTIL… I took my income from $9k in revenue, to $600k in revenue in a single year. What was part of my daily success routine back then? Listening to a subliminal recording EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. 
Now, not only does science back up the power that subliminals have on the subconscious mind, you’ll be able to prove it to yourself. Just push play!
BONUS #2 ($199 value)
Rich Babe Subliminal Audio
Create your own customized, personalized BLUEPRINT to financial freedom and know EXACTLY what to do with your money in the most soul-aligned way. Got debt to pay off? I GOT YOU BABE! This is the EXACT blueprint I used to pay off $25,000 of my debt in a single year.
BONUS #3 ($888 value)
The Financial Freedom Playbook
Known to release old traumas, limiting beliefs, stuck disempowering emotions in the body in a single session, breathwork is one of the most widely used healing modalities that create a deeper connection with your soul and your body and facilitate transformational breakthroughs.
As a breathwork facilitator, I will be taking you through a powerful breath work practice where you will release your limiting beliefs, past traumas, re-align your chakras and tap into your intuition so you can finally hear your heart LOUD AND CLEAR. 
We will come together for 6 LIVE breathwork sessions that you will have lifetime access to so you can revisit the magic over and over again. 
BONUS #4 ($999 value)
6 Weekly LIVE Breathwork Sessions w/ lifetime access to recordings
Did you know that your sexual energy can go BEYOND pleasure and/or baby-making? In fact, your sexual energy is one of the most potent money magnets you can ever tap into. Imagine… just by having more fun in the bedroom whether it’s with a partner or even by yourself, you’re able to attract endless amounts of cash into your bank account. Don’t see the connection here? Don’t worry. Until I learned about Sex Magic, I didn’t either. Allow me to blow your mind as I show you how to infuse your bank account through experiencing orgasmic pleasure in this bonus module. ONLY available through the Rich Babe Academy program.
BONUS #5 ($499 value)
Bonus Module – Money, Sex, Magic
Ever wanted to go on a magical spiritual getaway with high-vibe women in Bali?!
This is your chance to get an ultimate spiritual awakening and build a sisterhood that will last a LIFETIME! Who ever has the BEST community-voted Rich Babe Academy Transformation throughout our 6 weeks together, will win a SPOT to the Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat!
I want to give you the experience of a lifetime at my ULTIMATE 7-day spiritual getaway in Bali and if you commit yourself to doing the deep money healing work inside RBA you can win a chance to accompany my team, 15 amazing women, and myself to Bali next year!
BONUS #6 ($8,888 value)
Win a SPOT to the 2021 Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat
When you choose to invest in full for Rich Babe Academy, you will automatically receive an EXCLUSIVE “Money Is An Unlimited Resource” branded mug so you can embody your inner Rich Babe every time you take a sip of your morning beverage 🙂 
BONUS #7 ($29 value)
“Money Is An Unlimited Resource” branded mug when you invest in full for RBA
Did you know that the Law of Attraction is only ONE of the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe?! 
Not many people know that there are 11 equally important laws that play a massive role in manifestation and in this 60-minute masterclass you’ll learn exactly what they are, and how to use them as your secret manifesting trick!
BONUS #8 ($499 value)
12 Universal Laws Masterclass
Want 22 empowering money mantras at the click of a button, ready to support you at any time of the day?! Get ready to dive into 22 money babe mantras that target EXACTLY the message you need to hear along your money manifestation journey! 
These money mantras were designed to not just provide you support during the program, but WAY down the road once you’ve made money manifestation a LIFELONG practice! 
BONUS #9 ($99 value)
22 Money Babe Mantras
To dive in EVEN deeper into your subconscious mind and dig into the nitty gritty beliefs that have been engrained since your childhood, I created 22 journaling prompts with specific questions that are literally DESIGNED to lead you to a breakthrough. 
If there is ANYTHING I’ve learned from being a manifestation coach, it’s that the biggest breakthroughs happen when you ask the RIGHT questions…and these journaling prompts will give you exactly that!
BONUS #10 ($99 value)
22 Money Babe Journaling Prompts
You’ve  made money a non-issue for you and those you love the most.
When  bills come in the mail, you don’t even bat an eye before paying them.
Building your wealth has become your second nature.  You smile every time you check your bank account.
You’ve built a first class life  – you regularly enjoy first class flights, 5-star would travel, the most delicious gourmet food, the works.
You just walked out of the dealership with the  keys to your dream car in hand.
Your  biggest month in business…just 10x’d itself.
Your relationship with money is so good,  it can’t help but pour into your life from every direction.
You  never look at the prices  on the menu ever again before ordering.
You just  gifted your family the dream vacation  they’ve always wanted to go on.
You  live the kind of lifestyle that most only see on TV.
Your  kid’s college funds? Completely taken care of.
So babe…are you ready to completely TRANSFORM your money mindset and learn how to attract, earn, save, circulate, and invest money like the Rich Babe?! 
Join me and hundreds of powerful money manifestors in our LAST round of Rich Babe Academy EVER!!!
Rich Babe Academy is more than just a course. With the aim to increase awareness and support Black and Brown woman-identifying entrepreneurs, we are partnering up with Black Girl Ventures, an organization that provides black and brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and resources to hit necessary business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship.
A percentage of your purchase will go directly to funding a pitch-competition and accelerator program for black and brown woman-identifying entrepreneurs who will receive corporate mentorship from Manifestation Babe and will receive accelerator programming directly from Black Girl Ventures providing them with entrepreneurial resources to help them gain economic security on their entrepreneurial journey. 
Black Girl Ventures X Manifestation Babe
Check out frequently asked questions about Rich Babe Academy to help you make the most aligned decision that will support you and your dreams! 
You can expect to have your world rocked when it comes to your outlook on money. You can expect to receive a wealth of knowledge and the exact action steps to take that are curated and customized to what is most effective and efficient for you to apply. You can expect to receive an extremely safe space to be vulnerable about your current financial situation and create a plan to manifest more abundance than you could ever dream of. You will have a support network of Rich Babes who not only WANT you to succeed, but help you and support you. You can expect to access the best of the best information from Kathrin herself on exactly how she created a sustainable multi-7-figure income in less than three years. You can expect Rich Babe to be the very FIRST and LAST money program you’ll ever need to see the results you deserve to see.
#1 What can I expect from Rich Babe Academy?
This is like asking if I can guarantee you’ll do the work. I’m not here to hold your hand and remind you why you signed up for the course on a daily basis. I’m here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone because you DESERVE a better life. I’ll do it with tough love if I have to because I want you to get the results you so deeply desire. You deserve to live in a state of abundance and enjoy all the beauty and luxury that this planet has to offer you. I obviously cannot and will not guarantee results because so many factors are up to you. The amazing results that previous Rich Babe Academy Graduates have seen were due to the fact that they watched every single module, completed all of their implementation assignments, dove deep into their homework, took massive aligned action on what they’ve learned, and surrendered the rest to the Universe. 
You can guarantee yourself results if you commit yourself to doing the deep, necessary inner work. If you’ve ever seen a success story from a Rich Babe graduate, you can guarantee that’s what they did. 
Basically, you will get out what you put in.
#2 I’m afraid RBA will work for others and not for me…how can I guarantee I’ll get good results?
Nope! If you have a dream of creating a life you LOVE filled with abundance and your rightfully deserved wealth (regardless of your career choice) RBA was made for you! The beautiful thing about RBA is it attracts people from all walks of life– corporate babes, stay-at-home moms, high-level executives, teachers, fitness instructors, business owners, and even actresses! You name it, RBA has helped them. 
The material is designed to get you clear on what you WANT, heal your relationship with money and start living your dream life, instead of fantasizing over it. You don’t need to own a business to join, but who knows, after doing the work inside RBA, you might discover a passion in a side hustle & create something that lights your soul on fire! (this has happened to many of our students!)
#3 Do I need to have a business to receive value from Rich Babe Academy?
Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However, if you find that after accessing Module One that you do not like the course or don’t feel like it’s a great fit for you, we offer a full refund ONLY until September 18th by 11:59pm PST. Keep in mind that by requesting a refund, we REQUIRE that you send us an email to [email protected] with your COMPLETED Module One homework for proof that you at least committed to making the course work for you. We reserve the right to refuse your refund if you do not show us that you accessed and completed Module One. Under no circumstances are refunds offered after the cut-off date and time of September 18th at 11:59pm PST. After that date, you are responsible for making all of your payments in full. 
#4 What if I don’t like the program? Do you offer refunds?
Like every program we offer, what you put into RBA, you will get out. Students who make time for the course work and treat the modules/homework as a priority will see the best results.
However, I am TOTALLY aware that we all have unexpected events come up and some schedules are busier than others. So, the entire program is entirely recorded for your convenience so you can attend everything at your own pace! This also allows you to take the program from ANYWHERE in the world, because you don’t need to be on Pacific Standard Time to participate.
Every LIVE Q&A (and breathwork sessions) is recorded so if the time frame doesn’t line up, you can always watch the replay and still get the same amount of value as if you attended live. 
You also have LIFETIME access to the program so you always have the leisure to watch modules at your own pace, go through homework and Q&A’s on your own time and interact in the group as you please. 
#5 This seems like A LOT, how much time will it take to implement all the work in RBA?
100000% YES. Rich Babe Academy is not just about learning how to manifest money. It’s a transformational program that TRANSFORMS your mind. In RBA you’ll learn how to become an energetic match to money so you’re always calling in abundance that is in alignment with you. 
You’ll learn how to let go of any stories that have caused you to feel guilt and unworthiness and you’ll officially embody that inner Rich Babe you were destined to be. No more feeling guilty or undeserving of wealth babe. Because remember….when good babes make good money…EVERYONE benefits 🙂 
#6 I struggle with self-worth and feel guilty about money regularly, will RBA help with that?
There will be weekly LIVE Q&A sessions during the 6 weeks of the program to make sure that your Rich Babe questions are answered before moving onto the next module. 
#7 How much support can I expect to receive from Kathrin? 
No, this is optional, but I will say it is HIGHLY recommended and an integral part of the program. The most consistent results we’ve seen from our students came from those who had accountability partners and used the Facebook community for support. 
Accountability is the KEY to staying on track and following through with your commitments so we do highly encourage joining a group. 
Before the program starts you will take a survey where you’ll agree or deny accountability partners and also choose whether you’d like to connect with specific groups of babes that resonate with your lifestyle : parents, entrepreneurs, etc. 
#8 Do I have to have an accountability partner?
Yes, of course! We make all of our videos (modules, Q&A recordings, and breathwork) closed captioned so that you can still follow along the course even if you are hearing impaired.
#9 I am hearing impaired, can I still participate in Rich Babe Academy?
The knowledge I have picked up over the last 4 years has cost me over $500,000 in investment, and in my opinion, it was worth every single penny. This isn’t just something you can pick up from a book because it goes to a much deeper level than any other program you’ll find on the market. To break through the glass ceiling you need to be able to find the limiting beliefs that are not so obvious and hidden deep inside your subconscious mind…and unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen from a book. Trust me, if it were possible, I would’ve written it. When you have skin in the game, you tend to value something much more than if you got it for free. By having an investment in this knowledge, you’re more likely to put that fire under your ass and APPLY it. I speak from experience when I say, “nothing will ramp up results faster than taking a financial leap of faith” and investing majorly in your personal development.
#10 Why should I invest in Rich Babe Academy if I can find the same content for free in a book or online? 
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Rich Babe Academy by Kathrin Zenkina Download Sales Page


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