Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante

Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante

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Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante Coupon Discount Free

Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante Coupon Discount Free

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Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante Download

Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante Download

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Airbnb Investor Academy by Michael Elefante Torrent

Financial Freedom University

The Fast Path To Financial Freedom

Investing in short term vacation rental properties is the fast path to financial freedom. The cash flow and earnings potential is substantially higher than most traditional real estate investment strategies. Just a few properties can set you financially free.

Why Short Term Vacation Rentals

The cash flow potential for short term vacation rentals is substantially higher than what traditional real estate investments produce. One, or just a few properties, can produce enough monthly cash flow to set you financially free. With the use of technology and software automation tools, you no longer have to pay a property manager large fees to manage your properties. You can successfully manage properties from a distance, and run them effectively.

Where To Invest

You will learn how to evaluate different markets and decide which ones provide the best opportunity for you to invest. Learn which markets are trending in the right direction to provide you the most stable ROI.
How To Evaluate Properties

You will have access to custom investment analysis templates that will allow you to evaluate potential Airbnb properties. This will give you the capability to confidently distinguish between a great investment and a mediocre one, before ever putting in an offer.
How To Set Up Your Airbnb For Success

Learn how to make your Airbnb property stand out from competition to increase your average daily rate and occupancy rate, therefore boosting your revenue and cash flow. Learn to automate 90% of the day to day management activities.
Example Curriculum
What is Airbnb Investor Academy?

    Watch this video! (15:36)


    Elliott C. Is cash flowing $11k/month with his first Airbnb (3:33)

Collin's Experience and How He Cash Flowed Over $3k/month with his First Investment (2:15)
Nick's First Ever Airbnb to Cash Flow Up To $6.5k/mo After Seeing Michael on Tik Tok (3:18)
Eliot - Had The Mortgage Paid in The First 2.5 Hours of Going Live On Airbnb (UPDATE: $4k Cash Flow Month 1) (7:21)
Eliot 7 months in cash flow update ($6,300/month!) (1:12)
Kolton's Testimonial (21 Years Old) (4:00)
Tyler's Experience on his First Ever Short Term Rental Investment (3:13)
Welcome To Airbnb Investor Academy!

    Welcome Note (3:58)

Meet Your Instructor (9:19)
Why Invest In Real Estate (4:54)
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The Fast Path To Financial Freedom

Learn the ABC's of investing in short term vacation rental properties. In this course you will learn how to select the right markets, evaluate properties, furnish properties, stand them up on Airbnb, learn how to automate the day to day management, and much more.

You will gain lifetime access to the course. You will be able to download all of my investment analysis templates, rental arbitrage, messaging templates, furnishing and budgeting templates, revenue tracking sheet, among other items!

You will also get added to the Airbnb Investor Academy Facebook Mastermind group - a private group to network with others across the country, share knowledge, experiences and resources.
Airbnb Investor 3 Month Sprint Coaching Plan
Fast Track Your Growth To Achieve Your Cash Flow Goals
6 Months Unlimited Coaching & Mentorship
Direct coaching from Michael Elefante
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Michael Elefante

Old Price: $119.90

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