Email List Domination by Rachel Pedersen

Email List Domination by Rachel Pedersen

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Ready to consistently grow your email list AND generate sales with email marketing - with SIMPLE growth frameworks and proven email templates that WORK?
After 8 years of building my email list from 0 - 300,000 emails - I’ve tried every strategy and tactic in the book! Over the years, I’ve perfected exactly what sky-rocketed my email list and conversions. I’m ready to share the most powerful email list growth systems, email writing workflows, email sales strategies, and list building hacks… Into one insanely value-packed course!

    Email Launch Secrets: my powerful workflow that has brought in $37,000 - $131,000 every time I use it… And it takes way less effort than a full, live launch.
    The ATM Funnel: the specific email system/strategy that has brought in 193,462 leads FOR FREE (AND also generated a profit!!!) - so we never lose money while building our list again.
    List Building on Steroids: how to attract ORGANIC (FREE!) emails to your list every single day - without paying a penny!
    Winning Lead Magnets: no more wondering if people are going to like the lead magnets and freebies you put out… This powerful strategy EMPOWERS your lead magnet process - so people WANT what you put out there!
    Email List Setup A-Z: pack of workflows and trainings to help you get your email list and lead magnet library set up, organized, and ready to be maximized!
    Emails for Sales: creating great emails that convert shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes a day. I’ll teach you my exact frameworks and workflows for working smarter on email marketing.
    Nurture Your List 101: specific frameworks to you NEVER again have to wonder what to email your list. Easy frameworks and templates that you can implement in minutes.
    Rachel’s Email Library System: I’m sharing my system and training for email management - so your content will always be organized, easy to find, and under control! This is the exact system I use to manage the massive amounts of emails I write and send out.
    365 Proven Plug and Play Subject Lines: these are NOT AI generated - but actual subject lines from top marketers that you can use instantly.
    Silent Ascension: my simple strategy for ascending email list members to paying customers and clients - without seeming salesy.
    Advanced Email Marketing Strategies: I’ve tested thousands of email strategies and hacks - to see what attracts eyeballs, leads, and sales. I’m sharing exactly what works BEST to take your email marketing to the next level!

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    1000 new email subscribers jumpstart: my complete framework and scripts to produce the EXACT content/videos that generate email subscribers (immediately and for months to come). These proven scripts perform long-term so you reap the benefits for years to come.
    Instant email sales templates: want to generate low, medium, or high ticket sales (this works for physical products, software, and services, too!)? I’ll share with you the BEST templates that you can instantly plug and play to generate sales opportunities with your list.
    1 Hour of Laser Group Coaching: Let’s get nerdy and dive into email marketing, building your list, lead magnets, and emails for sales!
    Lead Magnet, Funnel, Email Automation TEMPLATES: If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend all day fumbling with designs and tech… Right?! So I am sharing our top converting templates for the lead magnet, funnel, and email automation - so you can save tons of time plug and play!!!
    My Private Email Library Volume 1: want to peep the EXACT emails I have sent out over the years? For the first time ever, I’m sharing 158 pages (volume 1) of my private email library - so you can get inspiration, swipes, and ideas for emails - on demand.

Hey there, it's Rachel Pedersen!

As an entrepreneur, and a busy mom of 3, I know firsthand the power of email marketing and list building to drive real business results.

From launching new products to boosting affiliate sales and generating repeat business, my email list has been an absolute game-changer.

Over the years, I've honed my email marketing skills to grow my list from scratch to an incredible 300,000 contacts!

And now, I'm thrilled to share all of my tips, tricks, and strategies with you in Email List Domination - my ultimate course on email marketing.

Old Price: $79.90

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