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freedom by peter crone coupon discount free

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freedom by peter crone download

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From Limitation to Freedom

Freedom is Peter Crone’s life-changing online platform that inspires an entirely new world of freedom, love, and pure possibility. It combines decades of work in science, psychology, and spirituality to help you overcome mental limitations in all areas of your life. It is a collection of mind-blowing content to free your mind and help you shift from a life of stress, fear, and dis-ease to one of true peace, joy, and vitality.

Learn how to transcend the prisons of your own subconscious that bring mental sickness, frustration, self-sabotage, procrastination, relationship struggles, financial hardship, physical sickness, and all forms of stress. It’s time to transcend your constraints, access untapped potential, and discover… freedom.

What will I learn in Freedom?



Learn Peter’s powerful life-changing theories

Freedom offers a potent combination of theoretical education, practical application, and real-life transformations.
Grow by witnessing mind-blowing breakthroughs

Witness real-life breakthroughs as you watch others overcome their problems through wisdom that you can then apply to your own life and challenges.
Understand the nuances of how to free your mind

Do you want to let go of what's holding you back? In Freedom, you’ll learn how to overcome mental constraints and discover a whole new world of possibility.
What’s included?

Your membership consists of video lessons, interactive exercises, and practical tools to help you look through new eyes and transform your life. As well as a powerful community of like-minded souls who like you are committed to finding freedom in all areas of their life. By the end of every recording, you'll have a deeper understanding of your own mind, why we all do what we do (including your family and loved ones) and discover the ability to break free from primal limiting thought patterns so you can live with confidence, a newfound sense of aliveness, and create a more fulfilling, purpose driven, and authentic life.

35 VIDEOS • 11 PDFs

$1500 VALUE

    The Insights:  Learn the foundational theories. Peter breaks down the core concepts behind why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.

    The Guest Sessions: Witness real-life breakthroughs as people learn to overcome their problems through wisdom that you can apply to your own challenges.

    The Q&As: Go deeper into the work in 4 Q/A recordings.



$2600 VALUE

    From nurturing relationships, to true vitality, to navigating mental and emotional health, to envisioning a future of limitless potential - immerse yourself in guided workshops that echo the essence of true freedom.

    Freedom includes these workshops: Free Your Relationships, Free Your Health + the Q&A, Freedom From Depression + the Q&A, Freedom From Anxiety, Life of Fulfillment, Free Your Future, and Year of Freedom

    New workshops and retreats will become available over time.


$1200 VALUE

    Access the powerful Ask Me Anything recordings from inside the previous Freedom Community where Peter answers hundreds of questions.

    Access Peter’s Instagram Live recordings.



$500 VALUE

    Be part of a group of like-minded people in a positive and supportive environment.

    Better understand the work by sharing your own realizations with loving Freedom members as well as learn from their breakthroughs.

    Contribute to being in a group of humans who are committed to a better world of freedom, love, and possibility.

“Peace, right where I’m at.”

“I’ve emigrated halfway around the world in an attempt to fix my past. But these days, thanks to you, I’ve reconciled it, finding peace right where I’m at.”

- Liliana
“A renewed outlook on life.”

“He’s Marie Kondo for your mind, so we left with a renewed outlook on life.”

– Kristen Jackman, Twitter
“More than I can explain.”

“Peter has helped me personally and professionally more than I can explain.”

– Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks, All-star
“Best mind guy.”

"He's the best mind guy out there."

– Miguel Montero, Chicago Cubs, World Series Winner

“I can describe Peter in one word… wonderful.”

– I.K. Kim, LPGA Champion
“Better, happier, and healthier life.”

"Peter can help anyone have a better, happier, and healthier life."

– Jim Nantz, CBS
“This is the guy.”

"Through our work together I’ve seen a major difference in my athletic performance and everyday life. If you’re looking for results in either, this is the guy."

– Charlie Buckingham, Olympic Sailor, USA
“Biggest impact on my day-to-day life.”

"Peter Crone is without a doubt the person who had the biggest impact on my day-to-day life."

– Charles Howell III, PGA Champion
“It felt like a veil was being lifted.”

"I did your course and it felt like a veil was being lifted. Your words have stayed with me since. I cannot unhear them!"

- Sanya
“Everyone should take Peter’s course.”

"Everyone should take Peter’s course. Period. His work IS the best in the market and it has made a relentless difference in my life."

— Little Peony
“I can now bring more compassion…”

“I took the Free Your Mind course and the learnings have had a real impact on my life. I had been struggling with my relationship with my son for years. I can now bring more compassion not only for my son but more importantly for myself.”

- Sven
“Mind blowing.”

“Holy shit. Your session with Om hit home for me. Mind blowing. Your course was worth every penny even if I’d only watched that one session! So much gratitude for you.”

- Jon
“Pure bliss.”

“I was able to dissolve the blind spots that I have had for the last two decades. The liberation that I am experiencing since then is just pure bliss.”

- Nadia
Free Your Mind:
The Foundational Course

Dive deep into video-based training sessions that will help you shatter the limitations of your subconscious. Learn how your mindset directly molds your experience. Gain profound insights from my core teachings and witness transformative guest sessions. Journey with us through the intricacies of the human psyche. Understand why we feel, think, and act as we do.

Unlock Your Potential At Your Own Pace

An Annual Membership to Free Your Mind
and Create an Extraordinary Life!

This annual membership commitment is broken into 12 payments of $95.00 USD.
$50 Discount Applied

$1,188 / Year
$5800 Value
$997 USD/Year
$947 USD/ Year

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This one-time payment is for 12-month access to Freedom.
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