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Joyful Marketing with Simone Seol Coupon Discount Free

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Ever wish you could just coach, and not bother with the pesky marketing stuff?

Hey life coach, I see you.

You love coaching. Those “aha” moments of insight, the melting of old beliefs, new sparks of possibility, helping clients create massive change… you live for that stuff.

‘Cause you’ve got some mad coaching skills. It’s obvious to anyone who gets on a Zoom call with you.

But writing sales emails, creating social media posts, and making a funnel… doesn’t feel as sparkly as coaching.

In fact, it’s kind of a drag.

Am I right?
If your marketing were as powerful as your coaching, you’d have taken over the world by now.

And you know it. But instead, here’s what it might be like, now:

    Marketing feels heavy, awkward, and time-consuming.

    It feels separate from the rest of your business - you know, the part where you actually change lives.  

    “Marketing is about service.” Yeah, yeah, you get it - intellectually. But it doesn’t feel natural and joyful at all.

    You wait for an open space of time, the right mood, perfectly-aligned stars, the magical feeling of being tapped into the creative flow of the universe… then you’ll be able to churn out all the magnetic content. Except that happens... almost never.

    You look at people cranking out so much quality content, and who still have time to actually coach people. You wonder -- “But how? Didn’t creating all that content drain the fuck out of you?”

And when you write copy…

    You feel way too close to everything to have any kind of perspective.

    You come up with a brilliant idea... and the judgment immediately sets in, and soon enough, you’re overthinking every sentence.

    You know you should write copy that provides value ahead of time. But what the fuck does that actually mean?

    You have a million ideas saved in your notes and journals... and somehow, few of them ever make it out to the world.

But you’re smart. You’re so good with people and you know you’re a good coach. So why does writing copy and marketing have to feel so heavy awkward? There is giant honking disconnect somewhere, right?

Uh, yes, there is.

Let me explain this to you.
The reason marketing feels hard is not because you’re doing it wrong. It’s because you’ve been programmed by corporate marketing culture.
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png

Corporate marketing culture was invented by, like, Johnson & Johnson and Walmart, to sell detergent and soda.
A man's torso just showing his very corporate suit & watch.

It was created by white men in suits selling cheap commodities to millions of people they’ll never meet so they can maximize stakeholder returns.

It’s all about leveraging data points to sell to as much of the ‘masses’ as possible. And this way of marketing, impersonal and soul-less, is what you’d learn in marketing courses at university. It’s how conventional “marketing experts” are trained.

Even if you buy marketing courses targeted to solopreneur coaches, you’ll find yourself steeped in those ideas. Because even digital marketing in 2020 is a direct descendent of old school corporate culture.


Ever been stressed out by trying to do an “ideal customer avatar”?  Or felt icky trying to “generate more leads”? Pushing “pain points” and faking urgency?

Why does it feel like pulling teeth? It’s because you’re not fucking Pepsi Co.

And we are life coaches who sell soul-growing, life-transforming work to one individual at a time, within a private container of sacred trust. (This is true even if you’re selling a group or membership program.)

Of course you don’t want to manipulate data and corral people through a funnel to get a sale. And of course you don’t want to churn out “content” on a schedule like you’re assembling blenders on a production line.

And thank goodness, you don’t have to.  

There is a different way.
It’s possible to un-do corporate marketing culture and rewrite the rules so that it actually sounds like something you want to do.

Enter Joyful Marketing.

Because whether you want to sign 15 clients or 1,500, all you have to do is:

    Show up like a normal human being,

    Meet people that you actually like,

    And let them know how you can help - in person, in email, on social media - anywhere there are humans.

Weirdly enough, that can actually be pretty hard at first. Because we’ve been brainwashed by the other stuff that makes us sound awkward and stilted for so long.

So I’m here to be your guide all the way to the other side.

Come with me.
Maggie Reyes in a fuschia blouse.
“If your heart has felt heavy trying to fit your soul-ful spirit into soulless blueprints, you will love Joyful Marketing.”

“Joyful Marketing is where you learn to think about your future clients as hearts to heal instead of leads to capture. There is nothing else like it. Simone guides you step by step in a way that feels authentic to you and powerful for the people your offer is perfect for. If you are ready to ditch the doubt you have whenever you go to share your work and feel truly joyful while you build your business, buy this program now.”

Maggie Reyes, Life Coach & Marriage Mentor
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
Price for lifetime access: $2,500
enough said, I'm in
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 3.42.34 PM.png
Joyful Marketing

Joyful Marketing isn’t about telling you what rules to follow to maximize clicks.

It’s about reprogramming your marketing brain permanently with new principles based on integrity, human connection and love.

There are five parts to it. You need to know how to:

    Be in partnership with the spirit of your business, and those you serve.

    Create content that serves everyone who encounters your business.

    Make offers that sell by making new possibilities vivid in your clients’ minds.

    Lead your community with your moral, civic and spiritual values.

    Be in your own breakthrough and be the living, breathing billboard for the transformation you offer.

The 5 modules include all the down-to-earth strategies so you know exactly what to do today.

And they are designed to support you in truly feeling at home in your business, knowing that your marketing is a reflection of your heart.

Here’s what you will learn in each module.  
Simone wearing a blue & white dress & chunky brown leather belt. She's wearing bright red lipstick & massive chunky red glasses.
Amanda Gold with a sunny green park behind her.
“I love my business and my brain, and I am enjoying the creative flow with all my heart”

My brain is like an unstoppable fire hose of ideas. Once I stopped criticizing and judging and stalling on everything, it went apeshit. I can’t stop writing. I have posts in a BANK that I can just copy and paste whenever. But even better than all these results (and there’s even more than that...) is that I fucking trust myself, I love my business and my brain, and I am enjoying the creative flow with all my heart. Oh and guess what happens when I love and trust myself and my brain? I love everyone more too. It’s a sparkly glittery funhouse of love over here.

Amanda Gold
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
The 5 modules include all the down-to-earth strategies so you know exactly what to do today

And they are designed to support you in truly feeling at home in your business, knowing that your marketing is a reflection of your heart.

Here’s what you will learn in each module.

Learning how to be in a collaborative ecosystem is the difference between feeling alone and confused, and feeling connected and motivated. In this module, you will learn…

    How to double your confidence by partnering with the spirit of your business

    How to “call in” clients who are a “hell yes” on you

    What to ask yourself everyday that will make your marketing irresistible to your dream clients

    Little-known ways get your nervous system on your side so you’re not always fighting against yourself to get work done

     How to honor your unique brain (even if you have ADHD, high sensitivity, trauma, or are on the spectrum) to finally create consistency and sustainability in your marketing

Leah Jean Kim
“Two months in Joyful Marketing, I tripled my sales for my online products, and I just signed a client!!!”

“I think the huge part that helped me was partnering with myself & showing up as my authentic self.

“The thoughts that helped me were, ‘Everything I’m doing is already working.’ ‘I’m gonna show up no matter what.’

“Thank you Simone, again. I’m so grateful for this joyful journey.”

— Leah Jean Kim

Never be in doubt about what to write, how to write it, and whether it will actually help people and create results. In this module, you will learn…

    The #1 principle that will 100% remove any whiff of sliminess or neediness out of your marketing

    The only copy rule you need to un-boring your message, and make your writing irresistible

    How to share in a way where people are genuinely changed by the content you serve up, so they want to follow you and know more

    The one technique that kills perfectionism, saves you tons of time and increases joyful productivity

    How to embody the ultimate generosity in your content

Mars Lord with a blue knit beanie & black & red glasses.
“All my marketing fears are gone”

“Joyful Marketing is worth so much more than its weight in gold. Consults come in after I post. My revenue keeps going up and I don't feel like I'm 'selling, selling, selling'. I KNOW that I'm serving and my clients keep coming. Signed another client today. And all my marketing fears are gone. Not because of the client. The client came because the fear is gone. I'm feeling JOYFUL.”

— Mars Lord

Making offers is stressful? Do you hold back and try to ‘space it out’ so people don’t feel pressured or spammed? Only in corporate marketing. In this module, you will learn…

    How to make an offer that feels like water to a thirsty person

    How to think about offers so that making one becomes an act of service in itself

    The one magical frame that always makes making offers feel relaxed, fun and generous (Seriously. It’s time we all broke up with that internal pressure for good)

    The non-icky, non-manipulative way to create urgency so people say “yes” to your offer now

    The one principle that makes it crystal clear exactly when, and how often, to make your offer

Natalia Lopez with green palm fronds behind her.
“JM has opened up the selfless coach inside me and I'm not hiding anymore.”

I joined JM with 0 clients and 0 working knowledge on how to market my love for helping people without being sleazy. I now have 3 clients, have had 12 consults and created two offers to promote to the world. Simone helped me see myself. I found my mission is to help people with the relationship with themselves and the important people in their lives. Through this I marketed from love and DEEP truth of what I've been through. My engagement has skyrocketed and I get weekly messages from people thanking me for everything I say. JM has opened up the selfless coach inside me and I'm not hiding anymore.

— Natalia Lopez

It’s not enough to pitch your coaching and get buyers. You must be the change you want to see in the world to create a bigger wave of change in the world. In this module, you will learn…

    How to draw in the kind of people you want to hang out with, and be their leader (spoiler alert: this is the main thing that actually makes marketing fun, like it’s a party)

    How to create authority without hierarchy, and exude expertise without feeling fake or pretentious

    How to develop a strong backbone so you create and enforce excellent boundaries around your business (hint: this removes 90% of the stress of showing up online)

    How to create beautiful, joyful, growth-creating cultures in the communities you lead

Pete Sibley smiling at the camera.
“Thanks to Joyful Marketing, I’ve stopped pretending to be someone I think others want to see.”  

“Now, working on my business feels as enjoyable as going on a hike, playing the piano or reading a great book.”

— Pete Sibley

There is no better marketing than for people to see you being the living example of transformation. In this module, you will learn…

    How to live in integrity with what you preach… without having to turn yourself into a superhuman perfect robot

    Tools that make personal breakthroughs and hitting big goals normal

    How to become known for creating client breakthroughs

    My signature evaluation protocol that regularly takes my clients to fully booked while hustling less and enjoying life more

Lori Krikorian in a camel colored sweater & her hair curled.
“I am filled with Joy! I am living in the breakthrough of having.”

I love what I do, every single day. I share authentically of myself, and my engagement has gone up so much. I get love notes from people all the time. I’m so glad I joined Joyful Marketing, it really helped me focus on what’s important.

Lori Krikorian
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
"Love from @simone.grace.seol She's the gift that keeps on giving!" posted by @amandastarkingsley to IG Stories with a sneak peek at the JM goodie box.

You know what’s joyful? Hard copies instead of PDFs.  

(Can I get an amen?)

In fact, when you sign up, you’ll immediately be mailed two of Joyful Marketing’s essential program books, plus extra gifts. You’ll be able to dig into this stuff to play with right away, but without having to stare into a screen all day.

Here’s what’s included your box:

    The Joyful Marketing Workbook: This is the entire Joyful Marketing curriculum and all the exercises. People always ask me the exact beliefs, practices and rituals I used to create a 7-figure business in 2 years. It's all here, broken down into bite-size pieces so that you can implement one day at a time, and see results immediately.

    The Big Book of Marketing Answers: Wish you had a “pocket Simone” that could answer every marketing question you have, at any hour of the day? Well, we don't have that technology, but this is the second best thing. If you have a question -- whether it's about get more engagement, or how to announce your niche change -- the answer is guaranteed to be in this book.

    A few other slightly magical gifts that will help you achieve the Joyful Trinity of "Work hard. Rest hard. Play hard."

“Love in a box” love notes from Joyful Marketing students:
How it breaks down

    30+ bite-size videos

    Printable workbook + worksheets

    Private Facebook group

    2 live coaching calls every week (Tuesdays at 12pm ET and Wednesdays at 8pm ET)

    Access to the Joyful Marketing Insiders private podcast so you can download all coaching call recordings to listen on the go

    Challenges throughout the year to keep you engaged and in breakthrough

You get to stay in the community and keep all assets that get created in the future… forever.

Plus, grab your workbook + exclusive gifts! Join now to receive a special gift box with hard copies of The Big Book of Marketing Answers, Joyful Marketing Workbook, and awesome goodies.
join the party
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 3.42.34 PM.png
Maggie Reyes in a fuschia blouse
“Joyful Marketing is the perfect combination of learning how to cultivate and harness the wisdom of your heart, fuel it with the power of your brain, and share your message with the world.”

This program will help you whether you are just starting out or already experienced with online marketing.What this program does that traditional marketing training doesn't, is incorporate the reality of the ups and downs of your emotional experiences into your marketing. Instead of creating more silos and separations between how you offer your services and how you deliver them, you learn how to integrate all parts of yourself into the words you use to talk to your community about your work.

Maggie Reyes
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
My story
Simone in a sheer black & gold blouse smeering blue paint on her cheek with her index finger.

I’m Simone Seol, life coach, business mentor for coaches, host of the Joyful Marketing Podcast.

I started out as a tarot-reading hypnotist who loved the work of actually helping people, but wasn’t making much money at all. Then I actually figured out how to do the marketing and selling stuff in a way that doesn’t feel gross to me.

In 2019 and 2020, I made nearly a million dollars in coaching revenue, and have coached dozens and dozens of coaches to get fully booked.

I’ve noticed over and over again there is only one crucial difference between the coach who consistently signs dream clients and moves up in revenue... and one who doesn’t.

It’s whether they enjoy marketing, and bring their creativity and fun into it.

That stuff is not “nice to have.” It’s a must if you want to build a sustainable business with unique impact and revenue that grows in proportion to your skill. And it’s about so much more than just more money. Because we love money, but we also want a wonderful life. And congruence with our values.

Joyful marketing comes from Truth and Love… and hence is sacred.

Joyful marketing is the purest transmission of your unique God-given gifts… and hence is an art form.

Joyful marketing creates trust, resonance, and changes of hearts… and hence creates big movements and unlocks magical opportunities.

Joyful marketing effortlessly draws in and filters for the kind of clients who love you the most, and are happy to pay you… and hence is the most profitable business strategy.

And most importantly, joyful marketing isn’t a goddamn drag to do.

If you’re just starting out, this is what will get you connecting with your first clients fast. If you already have a profitable business, this will be the difference between stressful, hit-and-miss launches and ease-filled, sold out launches.

Joyful marketing will be the end of marketing dread, forever.
Let marketing feel as meaningful as actually working with clients. And let your income finally reflect the life-changing power of your coaching.
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
yes, please
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 3.42.34 PM.png
Deborah Hurwitz on the beach with blue hair.
“...a deep, delicious freedom is now in sight.”

Even as I approach the half-million mark in my business, as I welcome raving fans to my tribe and “crush it” in my programs, I struggle to feel safe, to relax, to STOP, ever. I KNOW that my workaholism only leads to burnout and exhaustion, yet I’ve never been able to stop the hustle and grind, for fear of losing it all.

Your program, your coaching and your very being have rattled that cage so hard that I’ve actually been thrown from the hamster wheel… and a deep, delicious freedom is now in sight.  

From the standpoint of my soulful sanity, Joyful Marketing might be the biggest ROI on any business investment I’ve ever made. And I’ve invested A LOT.

Deborah Hurwitz
Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.57.48 PM.png
You might be wondering…

    Will this teach me how to create a website/nail my niche/write an algorithm-optimized Instagram bio/build a funnel?

No. You don’t need ANY of this. Joyful Marketing will help you start building an irresistible brand and draw in your ideal clients without any of this.

    Will this help me with ads?

No. Ads can be great, but I made nearly a million dollars with life coaching 100% without ads, and I want to teach you the little-known steps to do exactly that, too.

I love helping people build lean businesses (that is, without paying for traffic or clicks or fancy bells and whistles). This program will teach you the exact steps to do so.

    I don’t have an email list or social media following. Will this help me?

You’re in the perfect place to start creating your own movement.

Even without any of that, this program will help you figure out what to start doing today so that you can start helping people as a coach and sign your next client.

Let me teach you how to rile up the humans, and create a revolution for Good in the world, and get you profitable in the process!

    Simone, you’re a well-known copy expert. Will this course include copy training?

The program will teach you a different way to think about your business, so that even if you have terrible grammar and “break the rules”, people still want to buy from you.

I mean, look. It’s great to have solid copy skills. But you know what’s even better?

Never having to ask yourself, “is my copy good enough?” ever again because you feel so damn connected to the people you serve, you’re having so much fun, you know your shit is making a difference in their lives because you see them lining up to buy. That’s what this program will help you create.

    I already have my funnel and it’s converting well. Will this be useful for me?

Awesome! If you’re making the impact and money you want, marketing feels fun and hitting business goals feels easy, and you have tons of time left to enjoy your life, you don’t need this program.

But even if you’re successful, if your marketing doesn’t feel fun and relaxed, you’re leaving money on the table. I’ve seen so many coach entrepreneurs work a lot harder than I do, and make less money.

Whether you want to scale to your first 100K or million, just a few Joyful Marketing principles could help you devise solutions so you can work fewer hours for the same results, and with a lot more enjoyment. The ideas in the program contain the answers.
What happens once I sign up?

    You will get an email with your log-in to the program portal.

    That email will also include a “Welcome Guide” that outlines exactly how to get started.

    You will get the link to join the Facebook group.

    You’ll get a unique link to add the Joyful Marketing Insiders private podcast to wherever you listen to podcasts

    You will receive the “Love in a Box” gift box in the mail with your workbooks and exclusive goodies to support you during the program and beyond.

    Enjoy the program for life!

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 3.42.34 PM.png
Here’s how you start.

Depending on what you’re most hungry to learn, pick a module.

Spend 5 minutes watching just one video.

Spend 10 minutes doing just one worksheet exercise.

That alone could change the trajectory of your business.

Any single tool, technique or worksheet can change the air around you and compel that follower to come out of the woodwork to hire you today, inspire your million-dollar idea, or create a domino-effect of positive influence that changes the life of someone who hasn’t even been born yet.

There is so much good, and any starting place is magic.

Start today.

I’ll see you on the other side.
let's do this!
Miish Grixti smiling big!
“Within the first HOUR of being inside, my entire self-concept shifted”

Before I decided to join Joyful Marketing, I'd heard people say that the orientation model alone was worth the cost of entry. So I had high expectations.

Those expectations were blown out of the water.

Within the first HOUR of being inside, my entire self-concept shifted. I came into a WHOLE new relationship with my business, which I honestly wasn't expecting as someone who's already built a 6-figure business.

Now I feel calm and focused about 'what comes next' for me and my business. There's no overwhelm, urgency, or the familiar, desperate need to get everything 'right'. Instead, there's curiosity, playfulness and a newfound WILLINGNESS to experience the discomfort that comes along with the growth in store (who even am I?!).

Simone's ability to articulate things that you've always sensed, deep down, but have never been able to coherently express yourself, shines through every element of Joyful Marketing. It means that each one of the pragmatic, implementable lessons inside turns into the most transformative business teachings you will come across.

Joyful Marketing is a program like no other. Join now, and thank yourself immediately.

Old Price: $199.90

Immediately after you paid:

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