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Launch 2023 by Mel Robbins

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IT’S TIME TO LAUNCH - Doors Close May 4th at 7 PM EDT.
In 6 weeks, you'll feel like a brand new person.
In 6 months, you'll become one.
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Right now is your time.
“I’m ready to start playing a bigger game... but I don't know how to."
"I want more clarity and peace, but I don't know which direction to head in."
"I want to know how it feels to be proud of myself again."
"I wish I had people in my life who felt like they were born for something bigger, too."
Let me guess... you read those words and felt them echo. You felt them hit. You relate to them.

First up, let me tell you — you’re not alone.

Thousands of you tell me these kinds of things in emails and Instagram DMs and when I bump into you on the street.

Secondly, let me really tell you – you deserve better.
And you can have better.

You deserve to live confidently.
You deserve to live without regrets.
And you deserve to level up in a way that changes the trajectory of your life.
Plus, you can change your habits, thoughts, and change your life faster than you think.‍‍
And I'm going to coach you through it.
This was definitely one of the best experiences in my life and definitely the best course/training/coaching program I've ever taken. It’s the best decision I've made. Life changing. So THANK YOU MEL. For showing me way to tap in my power and finding my freedom and facing my fear! Thank you thank you thank you Mel and team for this amazing experience.

- Alisa
Let's launch you out of a state of low energy and into a state of high-performing action.
In fact, let's launch you into a new way of thinking. Into a new way of living. Into a new way of being.
Over six months of coaching and community, I’ll give you the rocket fuel you need to launch those dreams of yours into the sky (even if you’re not quite sure what they are yet).

    If you're sick of feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain, and lost…
    If you're ready to hit the reset button and change the path you're on...
    If you're tired of living a life that makes you feel off balance and with no clear path forward...

Welcome. This is for you.
a 6 month coaching program with yours truly...
‍...designed to LAUNCH you into that life you want.
Click to join
Because I know that you want to hit the reset button.
Because I know that you can live a life that lights you up from the tippy-top of your head to the soles of your feet.
Because I know that you would love to launch through the self-doubt and fear and overwhelm that these last three years have created for all of us.
On May 9, 2022, I joined Mel Robbins Launch. At the time, it was a huge financial stretch for me but the nudge I got inside was so strong to join that it truly was a no brainer. My inner voice didn’t steer me wrong because this course was truly worth its weight in gold. It transformed my entire life in every possible positive way. Fast forward after Launch. I am no longer the same woman today that I was before I chose Mel to be my mentor and coach. I will forever be grateful I chose Mel to completely flip my life to become the best version of myself. I’m truly living my BEST life! Are you ready to live yours?

- Carol
The course made me feel supported every step along the way. It gave me a formula, but I was responsible for putting the action into the formula in order to get the results I desired. I will be continuing to apply what I learned throughout the course and implementing the habits that I formed as a result.

- Beth
I was skeptical, not of the program, but of myself and my ability to stick with and cross the finish line. Like so many in this program, I’m a great starter but a not so great finisher. Now, I’m feeling proud. I’m feeling better. I’m feeling like I can finish projects now that I have the understanding of the 90/90 Rule, the ability to recognize the emotions that pop up and push through the bull shit thoughts I have to get it done. The recognition that I’m never going to wake up and pop out of bed with a happy, can-do attitude, but that I am going to get up and just do it because it’s who I want to be.

- Kelley
You've probably heard me say — many times — that no one's coming

    No one's coming to save you.‍‍
    No one's coming to live your life for you.‍
    No one's coming to give you all the answers.

But, here's the thing... here I am.
With you.
For six months. Just you, me, and a community of firecrackers who are ready to launch themselves into their new lives, too.

    I'm coming to guide you.
    I'm coming to coach you into the life you deserve.
    I'm coming to show you how to find the answers inside yourself.

Are you going to meet me there?
Enroll Today.
Start Launching Now
Six monthly payments of
One payment for the lowest price:
Doors close on May 4th at 7 PM EST, or whenever we sell out — whichever comes first.

Note: all prices are in USD
In six weeks, you're going to feel like a brand new person.
In six months, you’re going to be a brand new person. You'll have launched.
I'm going to be with you: teaching you, helping you lock in new routines using simple science-supported systems, and picking you up and cheering you on on those days where you don't get it done.
So, if you’ve been sitting around waiting to feel motivated or feel passionate again…

If you've been putting up with a job you don't like or building a business that doesn’t feel like it’s growing…

If you have been thinking about the changes that you want to make forever, and you can't seem to get started…

If you are about to start something that's a big level-up for you…

It's time to Launch.

This is a program designed to get you moving in the right direction, and to give you the knowledge, tools, community, and coaching that will make those changes you've been thinking about easier than you think.
I've designed Launch with Mel Robbins with a 3-step approach:
Clarity. Push. Support.
The goal? To help you stride into the next chapter of your life and to change the trajectory of your future. Here's how Launch works.
First up, let's get clarity.
See, I believe in you. I believe that you deserve to have an amazing life. I believe that your dreams matter and that you are meant for more, and I do believe you're capable of achieving it.

And, as you begin the process of creating the essential habits that turn on your new life, there’s nothing more important than true-blue, crystal-clear clarity. The kind that you can’t ignore.

It’s why we dive in with a week of daily coaching and science-backed lessons geared towards helping you zero in on the one area of your life that really needs attention, and then I’ll help show you the habits that will turn that life of yours around… and fast.
Then I'm going to give you a little (well, a big) push.
After you’ve honed in on clarity and started your map forward, we’re diving into a 5 week project portion of the course.

For 30 days, you will focus on a personal or professional project of your choice, and with daily curriculum lessons, weekly live sessions, and tons of community, I’ll hold you accountable to making real progress.

See, maybe that’s as simple as cleaning out your closet or migrating your email list.
Maybe it’s as crazy big as starting a new business or scaling your existing one.
Maybe it’s something in between.

You choose the project, I show you the foundation, and I push you in.
Plus, you'll have mountains of support the whole way.
No big change was ever made all alone, and that’s why Launch is packed with cheerleaders and community to help you tune into your success with the kind of energy you can only find alongside support. Whether it’s my team, the rest of the community, or me, you’ll have a network of support engaged into and woven within your success.

We’ll have specific groups as well to connect with other people working on a similar project to yours, whether it’s personal or professional.

See, if you’re surrounded by people who are also having breakthroughs, demonstrating courage, and shaking off their fear, I can promise you that it’ll light a match under your courage and stoke the flame.

See, launching is for the living — and this live coaching course is happening each and every single day inside this community.
During Launch, I promise high-touch, live support and a coaching experience that will absolutely change your life.

That's why there are a limited number of spots inside of Launch.

Because, here's the truth: a close knit group means a more connected relationship — and more impact. I'm all about launching you into life with maximum impact, you know? How about you?
You have filled my life with a clarity and certainty that love does exist and together we are better

- Kay
Felt lost, seriously stuck, like I was treading quicksand - constantly busy, overwhelmed, but with everybody else's business. The course pushed me to start acting on things that matter to ME.

- Jacky
The content of the course and access to Mel through the live Q&As alone will change your life, but the community group really took the course to a new level. This course is the best thing I ever did. Period.

- Janelle
During my Launch experience, you can...
Launch a new chapter.
Launch through self-doubt.
Launch new habits and a new life.
And , you will absolutely change the direction of your life.
I know that feeling you have, like an itch that won’t go away.
There’s something you’re meant to do, you know?
You know you’re here on this planet in this human form for a reason — and you sure as hell don’t want to make it to the last few weeks of your life and regret never giving your life the kind of meaning you wanted to.
But you’re also in need of a little push to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Your life matters. You being here on this planet is a big freakin’ deal — a miracle.

It’s time you take yourself out of that corner you’ve been hiding in and come out of the shadows to be seen.
I SEE YOU. And I am here and ready to be your personal cheerleader.
It’s simple.
‍You. Me. Six months.
‍Life? Changed.
Dreams? Chased.
Living?! Truly, truly living? Launched.
Because, here’s the thing… if you were going to do it alone, you would've done it already.
I mean, how many times have you taken a course and sat alone and watched videos and tried to motivate yourself to get through something that isn’t guided? (Sheepishly raises hand as I type, because I know I have.)

That's not what this is. We’re talking live coaching, a fierce community, and a framework designed to get you OUT of the life you’ve been living and launched IN to the one you want to be living.‍
You have the ability to create a life you love. You are one decision away from getting there.
And you might be wondering...
Is Launch even really for me?!
Well, let's talk...
‍Have you ever wished you could...
...start a business?
...increase your energy? confidence and courage? your passions?
...become healthier?
...conquer anxiety?
...get unstuck?
...deepen your relationships?
...increase inner peace?
…create a business plan?
…reach your most audacious goals?
...become the happiest you?
...achieve work-life balance?
...grow your business?
...increase your productivity?
...add more fun to your life?
...stop procrastinating?
...find a supportive community?
...quit smoking?
...get a new job?
…hire a team member?
…find passion in your work?
Hell, let's break it down even more. Let me ask you a simple question:
‍Have you ever wished you could live the life you know (like really, really know) that you deserve to live?! I bet you have. So, here's the answer - yes.

Launch is for you.
So are you going to take it?
If you are interested in taking action in the areas of your life you have felt stuck, this class is for you. If you have ever felt like everyone out there is saying the same thing, and you still aren't getting going, this class is for you. If you have ever wished for things to be different, that someone would inspire you to move, you will love Mel's class. You will learn how to take the action to master your life.

- Paula
I want to make something really, really clear.
This is a coaching program.
This is not a course where you’re just going to listen. This is a doing program, and I’ll be by your side the whole way.

And, to make it even better, this is a coaching program designed for exactly what you need. You get to choose what you’re launching, and I'm here to help you along the way.
Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty good stuff…
AKA, what you get when you enroll today.
The Lessons
AKA, science-grounded, clarity-focused videos to kick-start your launch.
Starting on May 8th, you will receive a new video lesson in your inbox each and every day for the first 6 weeks of the program. This curriculum, grounded in science, is designed to help you find clarity and create your personal roadmap of whatever project you decide to launch in the rest of the program.

In these 42 lessons, I am Professor Mel, and I break down decades of research to give you simple steps that will make the biggest difference in your life.

During The Lessons, I’ll take you, step by step, through the process of discovering what is holding you back and then give you the tools that you need to make real and lasting change in your life. You will develop clarity to make important decisions and start building the confidence to believe in yourself, which will help you launch into action in the coming weeks.
The Workbook
AKA, your handbook to connecting your life with you launching.
Each lesson of the entire program has a corresponding exercise that you will complete in your workbook, all of which are designed to help you focus on having a breakthrough and launching forward.

Expect the lessons and exercises to push you to uncover your inner strength and start taking courageous action — and get excited, because this handbook will ALWAYS be with you.

It’s 115 pages and designed to help you get to the heart of every single lesson.
The Coaching
AKA, your path to changing your damn life.
After the first week of daily video and workbook lessons, you will have created your new Launch Roadmap. BUT…having a Roadmap means nothing if you don't take action on the things that you need to do the most.

And without the tools to launch yourself, it's incredibly hard to make real change.

Enter: Coaching, where the implementation part of the course comes in. You get powerful, daily coaching and encouragement AND live coaching sessions with yours truly, Mel Robbins. For the first 6 weeks, we will meet live weekly, to lock in your change.

Then, we will meet once a month through October, for a total of 6 months, to keep your progress going.
The Community
AKA, your close-knit partners on this journey launching forward.
More than anything else in the Launch experience, my absolute favorite part of it is The Community. You will be part of a supportive, tight-knit community built to provide incredible amounts of encouragement, support, and love along the launching journey.

Plus, iron sharpens iron… and this is a community filled with people who are all focused on their own growth and development. In it, you absolutely will find a group of people who will cheer you on as you launch forward.

This community is hosted within my private Launch course portal.
More of a "gimme a list" kinda person?! I've got you.
You'll get...
✓ Six weeks — 42 consecutive days — of brand new, science-backed curriculum
‍✓ Six total months of support and coaching calls
✓ Practical actions that will pull you out of your stuck place and get you moving
✓ 115 page workbook to support your deeply personal journey
✓ 11 LIVE coaching sessions where I’ll answer your burning questions
✓ Assignments that will nudge you outside of your comfort zone
✓ Exclusive behind-the-scenes time with me as I create an important new product in my business
✓ A library of resources to help you can dig deeper into course content
✓ Access to the Launch with Mel Robbins app, where the videos and community will be hosted
✓ Access to one of the most powerful motivational groups on this planet
✓ Daily accountability to boost your confidence
Listen. I am going to show you how to live your best days so that you can live your best life.
And, here's the thing: I will offer Launch live only once in 2023.

I do not offer private coaching. Launch is my way of making that up to you.
See, I listen to you.
I’ve been reading your DMs and comments, and I created this course based on where you are and what you’re saying.

I asked my 7 million followers online if they want more excellence in their lives, and 97% of respondents said yes.

I’ve also read about how lonely you feel. That one I could relate to. Because I know that feeling of stuck-ness. It doesn’t feel good. It’s isolating and frustrating as hell.
But you don't have to be stuck any longer. I'm here to get you moving again.
Because you deserve to have someone in your corner here. In fact, you deserve to have sidewalks bulging with people screaming Go! Go! Go! as you stride confidently forward in this marathon that is your life.
Alongside the use of the science-backed powers of synergy, emotional contagion, and high energy to inspire you forward, you will find...

    People just like you sharing new habits to launch themselves into their own exciting chapter.
    People just like you who want to wake up in the morning ready to live an intentional life (and who WANT to.)
    People just like you who want to live for every day, not just the weekends.
    People just like you who tried to change their lives on their own but realized they needed help.
    People just like you who feel inspired when they work with others like them.
    People just like you who can't wait to meet more people like you.

‍‍It's time! You're here right now for a reason. Let's Launch together.
And, trust me - This community is so, so real. In fact, hear it from the community itself.
The course has been the most amazing supportive, caring, and loving community to bring out the power of me. I had all the tools I needed to achieve the greatest version of myself sitting there - I just needed to learn to tell myself a different story.
- Miriam
Mel’s teachings in Launch have been instrumental in my learning to make the changes I have made. She has literally changed my life! Without Mel’s no bullsh*t yet truly caring ways, her honesty, and personal examples, I would still be sitting on the couch, eating chips, drinking wine, and feeling sorry for myself. These days, I do NOT have time for any more pity parties. I have sh*t to do!”
- Carol
To all of you, my sincerest appreciation for developing this community. I'm not afraid to share ideas in our group and I fell 100% supported. This course has restored my faith in people and I can't wait to share it the next group.
- Jenn
I’m calling it Launch because you're not gonna change your life by thinking about it — see, you've probably been thinking a lot about what you want. And at some point you're going to have to stop thinking… and start doing.
✓ A launch is what propels a rocket into the sky.
✓ A launch is what creates a business.
✓ A launching pad is what you take off from.
✓ A launch is when you start something.
So, do you want to propel yourself into the sky? Do you want to take off? Do you want to start?

I am running Launch once (just once!) in 2023, and registration’s closing on May 4th at 7 PM EDT.
You don't have to do it right this second (hey, thinking is a good thing!), but I do want you to keep this in mind - you have a launchpad waiting for you to step on in.

‍And, instead of stepping on a launchpad and being unsure of what to do next, you have this opportunity to step on a launchpad and be instantly greeted by a supportive community, a supportive coach (me!), and a supportive container.

‍Helllooooo, NASA!
I said this above, but I'm going to say it again because I think it's particularly important to this program.

‍If you were going to do this yourself, you would have done it already.

‍And, doing it - launching into your dream life - is the most important thing you can ever do.
Because this is your life. This is your life.
Think about that for a moment, okay? Think about the things you’ve thought about maybe doing yourself. Think about how your life might be different.

You would have started that business already, or gone back to school for that degree you keep talking about. You would have told your boss you were interested in that better position. You would have tied up those running shows, traveled to the place that scared you, hired that assistant, or launched that website. Maybe by now you would have made new friends, signed up for a half marathon, or added thousands of miles to your frequent flyer program!

More importantly, though, you'd complain less and engage more in each and every day.

‍That's why you need this program.
Plus I’ve done the calculations. You now have a chance to finally…finally! …get the tools you need and the support you deserve to live an intentional life on your terms for just $5.53 a day. (the cost of a Starbucks vanilla latte…um…yes, please!)

Are you ready to start?
Enroll Today.
Start Launching Now
Six monthly payments of
One payment for the lowest price:
Doors close on May 4th at 7 PM EST, or whenever we sell out — whichever comes first.

Note: all prices are in USD
So, here's a question I want to leave you with...
If you truly, truly deserve to launch this life, why wouldn't you take the chance to do it?
For the next 6 weeks, all I need from you is 30 minutes a day. And after that, even less time.

And I'm serious about that, because you deserve 30 minutes. Your dreams deserve 30 minutes.

When you start honing in on that, something really cool happens. You realize how much time you're wasting because you're not focused on what's truly important to you.
The second you get clear about what you want to launch in your life, it's amazing how much garbage just falls to the side.
And if the time's not right, I understand. But, let me be very clear about something.
This is the only time I will be doing this program live in 2023.
If you can’t do it now, my free content will still be there for you. Hell, maybe you'll end up at a corporate event where I've been hired to deliver a keynote! But this is the only time I am doing this course live.

And I don't know about you, but I'm sick of waiting around for things to feel normal. So I'm hell bent on not waiting for the "right time."
I'm doing this now because I want to launch, too.
Wanna join me?
And it's time to get serious about not only the simple discipline and the things I need to do, but also surrounding myself with other people that are super inspiring, to make me think even bigger than I'm already thinking.
Seriously. It's time. Let's do this. Grab onto my hand. I've got you.
And so do all your other friends from around the world who are waiting for you. Let’s do this..
Also, if we haven’t met… I’m Mel! I’m your coach in the Launch experience.
And since you’ve scrolled down this far, you’re still wondering if you should get in this course. So here's a little bit more about me and my background… AKA, my super professional bio that I use for podcasts and press and fancy things like that.
Mel Robbins became one of the most trusted experts in change and motivation the hard way: by first screwing up her own life.
That’s why she’s in a category all her own. As one of the most widely booked and followed podcast hosts and authors in the world, she’s sought after by the world’s leading brands and medical professionals for her research-backed tools and motivation. At the same time, Mel has amassed millions of followers online, with her advice going viral online almost daily.

A New York Times Bestselling author and self-publishing phenom, Mel’s work includes The High 5 Habit, The 5 Second Rule, the #1 ranking The Mel Robbins Podcast, as well as signature online courses (like this one!) that have changed the lives of more than half a million students worldwide.
Her female-led media company produces provocative, life-changing content, with millions of books sold, billions of video views, six #1 audiobooks, and one of the most viewed TEDx talks in the world, and partners with brands like LinkedIn and Starbucks Global Academy to create courses on confidence and change.
Her work has been translated into 41 languages and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. And despite all this, Mel is one of the most down-to-earth and caring people you’ll ever meet – because it was out of necessity that she discovered the tools and research that transformed her life and got her to where she is today.

Mel lives in New England with her husband of 26 years and their three kids, but she is and will always be a Midwesterner at heart.
Mel Robbins Smiling
Psst... During Launch, Mel is creating an important new aspect of her business. If you're in this course, you're getting a full behind-the-scenes look at every step of the process.
But here's the not-so-fancy bio:
I’m Mel Robbins, and I’ve been where you are. I want to help you get to where you want to be.
It's that simple.
So, let's break it all down again with a little FAQ action:
Frequently Asked Questions
What will we learn about in the program?
When is the course?
Is Launch With Mel Robbins right for me?
How does this course differ from many others?
How involved is Mel in the course?
When are the live calls?
My schedule won’t always line up with your live sessions. Will I miss out?
Who should enroll in Launch?
Who should NOT enroll in Launch?
I am a procrastinator, and I have a habit of starting a course and not finishing.
How will this course be different?
Do I have to complete the course before it ends?
I’m really busy and don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it.
I’m already successful. Is this course for me?
I’m not very tech-savvy. Will that make a difference?
I want to give this course to someone in my life. How can I gift this course?
How much is Launch and why is it priced that way?
I can’t afford this right now. Do you have scholarships?
What if I sign up and I’m not satisfied?
When is the last day to register?
My question wasn't answered here. How can I ask it?
Imagine if on June 18th, you felt totally different than you do now.

‍If on June 18th, you can reflect on your experience and think…

“I have changed my level of energy.”
“I have started a ripple effect in a new direction.”
“I did some things that I've been thinking about for years”
“I’m making some bold moves.”
“I’m tapping into courage.”
“I feel new habits starting to stick.”

Now close your eyes and ask yourself, honestly:
‍“What am I waiting for?”

‍I think you’ve been waiting for today.

‍And today is here. Let’s launch together.
Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail
Grab your spot
You deserved so much more and it would be my honor to help you launch that next chapter in your life.

It would be a privilege to help you launch through the fears that are holding you back.
And it will be thrilling to be by your side as we launch forward together.
Why we do what we do:
Before knowing about Launch or signing up I felt like the negativity in my head had taken over. I was feeling pretty useless around the house as my wife was taking care of most things and the kids. My toxic job had taken a toll. I was waking up at odd times and late morning and always complaining about the day. Pretty awful. I know I expected better for myself. Following the Launch program might have just been what I need to kickstart my routine again. The program has taught me day at a time of how to control it and be mindful and to speak to it. I am now seeing those results and able to remove the negative feelings by taking action. There have been so many little wins however my biggest win to date is the ability to wake up at 6am. Not kidding, this has been an issue for so long that now because of this course I can wake myself up out of bed 7 days a week – I consider this a HUGE WIN!

- Dan
Comeback kid!  When I started this program, I felt lost and hopeless. I didn't even really know what the focus of my launch would be until about a week into this sucker. I completely forgot who I was and what I was good at. I had lost momentum after divorce, career change, and a brush with cancer that lead to two years of biopsies- just exhausted at the end of that road. Dating wasn't working out. I had gained some weight. I'd been asked to step up and speak up in meetings at work, and yet still doubted my voice at the table. Looking in the mirror was a dread most days. I forgot what made me ME. My confidence was at an all-time low in not one, no two, but ALL areas of my life. Blame the pandemic. Blame my lot in life. Blame my mother. Blame the weather. Blame it on the rain? I read back over my entries and noticed how hopeless I sounded.

So I put on my big girl pants and completed this amazing experience!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! In this program, I have cleaned up all my old clothes and streamlined my entire apartment to make life EASIER! I have written TEN new songs, and my goal was to write five. I can't believe this! I reached out to my music community and found a producer. I worked on a strategy to release some new music. I touched base with two photographers. I barely checked the dating apps because I was so focused on my goals. And running: I really let myself be a runner again. WOO!

This course taught me to celebrate my Season Two Tanya 2.0 when she emerges and to set up some simple systems to give her what she needs to be brilliant every day. I am so grateful to Mel, Team Mel, and this awesome community of amazing people that are investing in themselves! You are showing up to your life when it’s so easy to run and hide. You are asking for more when it’s so easy to just take what’s given to you. You are becoming a brighter, shinier YOU which makes this planet a better place to be. So now that you’ve launched, it’s time to SHINE!

- Tanya
When I did the free training with Mel, I did not expect to see the changes in my personality as quickly as I did! So of course, when the LAUNCH program was introduced, I was driving to a shift an hour from home and I immediately signed up and paid the fee without even blinking an eye. I have learned that my happiness and goals were worth spending money on, and I deserved to have the amazing help and support from Mel Robbins and her team.

In the program, I have developed new habits that are helping to LAUNCH me into the next season of my life. I am more motivated than I have been in nearly 6 years, and have so much more energy to put towards different goals of mine. I could go on and on all day about the amount of change I have experienced, but overall I am just amazed at the mindshifts that have occurred and the resulting motivation to live my life more authentically.

- Cassandra
This program has transformed my mindset, health, motivation and self-confidence. I came into the program ready to commit, and I did it thanks to Mel’s structure and energy. Prior to this, I tried and failed for years to develop a consistent set of daily habits. I’m so proud of myself, and thankful to Mel and her team for instilling in me the importance of consistency, of taking small daily actions toward a goal, and succeeding in doing so by marrying it all to my WHY. Mel helped me to deeply understand, internalize and LIVE these concepts.

Since completing LAUNCH in 2022 I have maintained a daily practice of waking up early, exercising, journaling, and engaging in a community of support to sustain my new practices. I’ve ALSO hiked to Machu Picchu and completed two home reno projects. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined all this would be possible in so short a period of time. Thanks, Mel and team, for helping me unlock the secret to ME. Thanks, Mel and team for helping me unlock the secret to ME so that I’m a better person, wife, mother, friend & employee.

- Anna
The course changed the relationship I was having with myself, changed for the better my relationships with others, and increased my productivity and confidence. After the participation in the program, I feel confident to try and act more, with more possibilities and new perspectives for the future.

With Mel’s amazing communication skills during the weekly and monthly coaching sessions, and combined with the interactivity of the friendly online community, I have a sense that everyone who participated undoubtedly moved forward and got a lot of new answers!

- Diego
Coming into Launch I was feeling pretty defeated, frustrated, anxious, and unhappy. I couldn’t see the vision of future me that I had once held so clearly and I was starting to believe I wasn’t going to be able to make it happen. After completing Launch I feel like I found myself again. My morning routine is back, I’m up when the alarm goes off and excited to get my day started because I’m working on my future. You helped to inspire me to consider things I never have before.

I never could have anticipated how much I could change and how differently I’d feel in this course. I’ve never been so excited about this dream I’ve had because for the first time it isn’t just a dream or something I’m talking about. I’m building it right now. I’m really finding myself and growing into the woman that I want to be. I’m able to hold boundaries around my self-care and still be a strong source of support for people around me. In a season that could have majorly set me back I can actually say I’m thriving and excited for the future. I’ve done a lot of hard work, but I truly have Mel to thank for all of her teachings and support.

- Irene
Since joining the first Launch group, I became committed to acting like the person I want to be in season 2 of life – as an author and speaker and finally let go of my terrible case of imposter syndrome! I made peace with messy action and took small steps each week that built momentum. I could have never predicted what would come next after taking those steps.

While sharing my publishing experience with my mom’s therapists while she was receiving stroke recovery support, therapists asked me to help package and publish their therapy tools so they could help more families like ours and generate some side income. Which then led children’s book illustrators hearing about what I was doing and contacting me to support their clients who were struggling to get their children’s books published. Which led me to take further messy action by putting up an imperfect website, offering publishing services, and within a few months I’ve supported dozens of first time authors achieve their dream of publishing a guided journal, workbook or children’s book.

The ripple effect of me showing up for myself in a more bold but aligned way allowed me to help others act like who they wanted to me in the next season of their life in return. Mel’s reminders during the Launch to keep taking messy action made this happen. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today personally or professionally without Mel, Team Mel, and all the other Launchers.

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