Life By Design Bundle by Natalie Ellis Bossbabe

Life By Design Bundle by Natalie Ellis Bossbabe

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Life By Design Bundle
Your entire operating system for a wildly successful, purposeful, and peaceful life.

Create more freedom, finally get (and stay!) on top of your to-do list, and achieve harmony between your life + business…
Get Access – $349
Value $895
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Say Goodbye To Burnout
Step Into Your Best Self
Your Business Shouldn’t Cost You Your Peace.
It Should Be A Vessel For Creating More Of It.
But all too often, we end up giving it up for revenue, followers, and accolades…

Six months ago, I was STRUGGLING. I’d check one thing off my to-do list just for 10 more to pop up, I felt like I was completely drowning, like I was failing in every area of my life.

And as I get to know more of you and talk to friends who are business owners, I’ve found I’m not the only one.

We get to change this.

What if you could have someone, who really gets it and really cares, come in and wrap their arms around your business for a moment.

What if someone could help you lay a foundation for your business and your life that allowed you to really step into your power and be your best self – at home and on your next meeting.

What if there was a simple (ACTUALLY simple!) process you could plug into that would streamline everything – helping you delegate, taking stuff off your plate, clearing up your mental capacity…

…and it didn’t cost you a 5 or 6-figure hire or a top consulting agency…

Here’s what I’ve found…what happens too often is we have to be really scrappy at the beginning. You’re wearing a million hats, it’s go-go-go, build-build-build.

But if you never take the time to do a true life + business reset, you’re going to wind up burned out, exhausted + ready to throw the towel in.

Don’t let that be your story.

For the first time ever, I’m lifting the curtain on exactly what I did to get out of the worst burnout of my life + career, come back to my power, and create a business AND life I fell back in love with again.
Get Access – $349
Value $895
Introducing: Life By Design
Your Entire Operating System For A Wildly Successful, Purposeful, And Peaceful Life.

    Life Total Reset Workshop (Worth $497) - Join me for an on-demand workshop where I’ll show you exactly how to move out of the burnout zone, say goodbye to overwhelm and step wholeheartedly into your most energetic, productive and focused state.
    7 Figure CEO Operating System (Worth $249) - Unlock this Masterclass and learn what my freedom-based daily, weekly and monthly schedule looks like as a 7 Figure CEO, Mama + High Performer.
    Full Life Delegation Playbook (Worth $149) - Get my proven, step-by-step playbook for EXACTLY how to easily + successfully delegate to your team. You don’t have to be the gatekeeper of information any longer. This guide will help you take everything that lives in your head + put it on paper so you can clear your to-do list…once and for all!

If you want to get out of the burnout zone + bring your business and life into true alignment – you need to be here.
Get Access – $349
Value $895
Learn Natalie Ellis’s Simple, Proven System For Business Alignment + Personal Growth
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Life By Design will give you everything you need to reach your unapologetically ambitious goals, re-align with your highest self + start showing up as her every day.

…even if you’ve been feeling lost, disconnected and disappointed until this point…
Total Value: $895
Get Access - $349
You Don’t Have To Keep Paying The Price Of Peace To Have A Successful Business.
You’ve been hustling hard for long enough. It’s time to move out of the burnout zone, say goodbye to overwhelm and step wholeheartedly into your most energetic, productive and focused state.

Old Price: $69.90

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