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more than mindset by becky keen coupon discount free

more than mindset by becky keen coupon discount free

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more than mindset by becky keen torrent

You’ve heard the strategies. You’ve tried the mantras. You've even done some mindset work. So why TF do you keep experiencing the entrepreneurial feast and famine?
Here’s the problem:

    You don’t really believe in yourself.
    You don’t actually trust your gut.
    You don’t always listen to your intuition.
    You’re so worried about what others think, you don’t even know what you think.

 It’s time to disrupt the second-guessing, the self-doubt, and unleash unshakeable inner confidence.
A 4-week mini mentorship with moi, Beck Keen.

I’ll show you how to trust your own ideas, strengthen your self-belief, and tap into your badass energy, so you can access some of that money & sales mojo you wished you possessed.

 During this mini mentorship, you will:

     Shift your energy around money, sales, and visibility.
    Find out how to disconnect your self-worth from the amount of money you make or number of clients you have.
    Become wildly intentional about the money you’re calling in (FYI detaching from the outcome doesn't mean you sit around doing nothing).
     Stop operating out of lack and self-doubt and instead operate from inspiration and expansion.
    Increase your capacity to receive more—not just more money but more love, joy, and energy. We're blowing past alllllll the upper limits here.
    Get off the revenue rollercoaster! Needing others to buy from you, in order for you to feel good about yourself is the quickest way to NOT make bank.

Investment: $555
What is More Than Mindset?

It's 4 potent recordings where I model and mentor you on how to coach yourself through the limiting beliefs, blocks and mind fuckery that comes up as a business owner.

Through these teachings, you’ll discover the energetic tools and processes I use to upgrade my mind, gain deep confidence in myself and practice being grounded when things feel shaky around me, so you can too.


Over the 4 weeks, we’re diving into:

    Self-belief + Self-Worth
    Confidence +Clarity
    Power + Patriarchy
    Money Mojo

You’ll walk away feeling ready to take action on your big ideas, and completely inspired to make way more money.  

What More Than Mindset Is NOT:

This is not a coaching program. I’m not coaching you.
This is not a kumbaya circle where we vision and meditate.
  I’m not teaching you strategy!
We’re not covering your offer stack or lead gen process.
We’re not getting into how-to do anything, other than embodying the badass energy that helps you believe in yourself and take the kind of action that makes your phone blow up with Stripe notifications <ka-ching!>.

This is about Finding Your Big YES Energy

I created this mini-mentorship experience because after all the years of coaching and mindset work I have personally done, something BIG shifted for me this year.

 I stopped giving a fuck. I stopped looking to others for validation. I stopped depending on having a sale or “getting another client” to feel worthy about myself.

 I started listening to my gut, even if on paper it looked like a risky business decision (like stopping my mastermind that made me 200k/year).

 The result?

 My sales exploded (up 44% to be exact). While I worked less. While we travelled (4x to Hawaii and 1x to El Salvador). While I trained a new puppy (Ranger , love of my life). I stopped blocking my own ambition and started saying YES to my intuition, to new ideas, and to receiving more with ease.

 The coaches & consultants who work with me all talk about tapping into “Becky Energy” whenever they want to make bold moves in their biz.

 This is your chance to learn the principles and practices, that will take you beyond the mindset work. So you can create that “fire” within yourself and sell whenever you want, however you want.

 It's time to stop the second-guessing that keeps you in feast-famine cycles, and to stop needing the validation of others to do things you want to do.

 Because when you truly trust your own self, you will take action - even if you’re scared. Especially when you’re scared. The unshakeable confidence you’ll feel about yourself and your business will finally create the expansion and freedom you’ve been searching for.

Consider this your invitation. I hope you’ll receive it!

Investment: $555
Old Price: $69.90
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