Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell

Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell

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Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell Coupon Discount Free

Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell Coupon Discount Free

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Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell Mega.Nz Torrent

Resonance Rituals 2023 by Cat Howell Mega.Nz Torrent

You Are Vibrational Phenomena

Both signal and antenna

Here to play with the resonance of reality

And call all that you desire into the physical.

Discover advanced techniques of magic and manifestation

And match the frequency of what you seek

Live four-week workshop


“Imagination is the star in man, the celestial or supercelestial body.” Ruland

Rituals to Create the Ripples

All around you, vibrations create and construct your reality

They are what allow our clocks to track time

Musical instruments to make sounds

Playground swings to gain heights

And the ocean’s tides to come in

Resonance is how all waves are created, and all waves are what create our reality

And you, my friend, are the ultimate vessel of vibration.

Much more than just flesh and bones

And much more capable than what you may believe yourself to be

Discover how to master intention and become a match to what you seek

Join me for an activation like none other


Who This Workshop Is For

You desire a life of enchantment rooted in magical thinking

You've tried typical manifestation approaches with lacklustre results

You wish to rewrite the source codes of beliefs running your life

Hey, I'm Cat! I'm the author of Magic Source Codes and practising alchemist.

It is my intention with Resonance Rituals to immerse you in the vibration of possibility and belief for that which you desire.

It would be an honour to share with you the rituals and techniques I have used to create a life of "impossibles".

Workshop Dates

Sep 4th - 5pm EST

Sep 11th - 5pm EST

Sep 19th - 5pm EST

Sep 25th - 5pm EST

All calls will take place over Zoom

Instant, lifetime access to replays

Plus, one month access to private support group

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Old Price: $99.90
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