Resonance Rituals by Cat Howell

Resonance Rituals by Cat Howell

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Resonance Rituals by Cat Howell Coupon Discount Free


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Resonance Rituals by Cat Howell Torrent

Resonance Rituals by Cat Howell Torrent

You Are Vibrational Phenomena

Both signal and antenna

Here to play with the resonance of reality

If you do not have what you desire

It is only because you do not match its frequency

Discover advanced methods of manifestation

Rituals to create the ripples

Live five-day workshop

Master the Signal

The more you want it, the more it slips through your fingers

...the more you lose your confidence.

With each passing day you start to buy into the lie that you don't have what it takes.

To cultivate what you seek into your reality

The freedom, the money, the love, the clarity.

You turn over every stone, but always come up empty handed.

Meanwhile everyone around you seems to have cracked the code.

Maybe if you change this, or fix that, or release some blocks...

Maybe then it will be yours.

So you read the books and take the courses and buy the crystals and launch and relaunch, and sit in the therapy chairs all so that you can finally get rid of those limiting beliefs

But it only gets worse.

Tires spinning in the mud.

Rest easy, the scramble stops here

Because you have forgotten yourself.

For you, my friend, are a master magician

Whose instrument is the vibrational chords of the universe.

A master storyteller here to play with the resonance of reality.

Discover how to craft the ripples and tune into the frequency.

Five days of alchemy to calibrate to your highest expression


Why a Resonance?

All around you, vibrations create and construct your reality

They are what allow our clocks to track time

Musical instruments to make sounds

Playground swings to gain heights

And the ocean’s tides to come in

The naturally occurring phenomena of resonance is the mechanism by which ALL waves are generated - from sound through to light through to our technology.

And you, my friend, are the ultimate vessel of vibration.

Both signal and antenna

Much more than just flesh and bones

And much more capable than what you may believe yourself to be

If you do not already ha
Old Price: $199.90

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