The Acquisition Bundle by Taylor Welch

The Acquisition Bundle by Taylor Welch

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Businesses grow (and decline) on a giant “wheel” of sorts.

There are periods of growth.
And periods of decline.

After all, what goes “up” must come “down,” but things in decline rarely stay in decline forever. This is the normal ebb & flow of business.
What if, though...?
…There was a way to power through the DECLINE phase quickly… and elongate your periods of growth?
… there was a way to install it right into your business, so that you’re never plagued with lousy seasons of decline against your will, ever again?
If such a thing existed, and if it could be installed directly into your organization — would you want it?
Consider this page your “install instructions.”

There’s only one catch:

    You will pay me $1,000 to access the material
    It will require process to actually deploy into your market

Who puts the price right at the
top of a page like this?
I’m doing this in the hopes that you need more customers — and this letter is written by someone who currently has too many. I don’t need you to invest into yourself, you need you to invest into yourself…

I only have 100 licenses for this material.

So I’m filtering hard from the get-go.

If you’re still with me, let’s make some money.
Why You Should Be Creating
There’s a big push in the market right now to do free stuff.

I get it — sometimes free stuff is awesome. But here’s my perspective and I want to earn your business based on the merit of my business philosophy (and track record). I’m not trying to sell you a product right now, let me first sell you on an idea.

When I sell something for $1, and that person gets MORE than $1 in return, they become happy. This causes a positive flywheel. What are they gonna do? Well, when I offer them something for $10, this conversation happens automatically in their subconscious:
“Well, I paid $1 and got like $100 worth of product… I bet if I pay $10, I’ll get maybe $1,000 worth of product.”
This flywheel works up a sort of “muscle memory” for your audience. By the time you work up to $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 or more (we have some clients who sell $1M packages, pretty wild) — the muscle memory a customer has with you does it’s job.

Contrast this when everything is free — all the time. The moment something is offered for purchase, oops. No muscle memory. It is a risky proposition… some will move forward.

Many will not.
From "Cost" to "Profit"
In 2019 I purchased around a thousand customers. The beautiful thing about buying customers is you also get leads.

I realized, way back then, that if I could get someone to PAY me (money) they were more likely to give me their attention. If someone gives you their attention (assuming you don’t suck), your reputation will improve. This is a giant flywheel that compounds almost effortlessly.

In 2020, I purchased ~30,000 customers.

In 2021, close to 45,000.
But here’s where it gets interesting: those customers came with a list of almost a 500,000 names & emails (aka leads).
The people who saw my pages and did not become customers were still in my system as leads.

These were not just random leads, though. They were people (yes, leads are real humans) who had seen pages, read about the products, and started to complete the purchase. For whatever reason, they didn’t complete… so they didn’t make it from the “lead” stage to the “customer” stage, but that didn’t matter.

They possessed an invaluable ingredient, even as leads, that made them way more profitable to my company:
The leads you get from customer acquisition are higher quality than the leads you get from random lead generation campaigns.
Confession Time...
Truth be told, I didn’t just do all of this myself. That’s not how I operate… lone rangers are cool but they never change the world. TEAMS change the world.

If I’m going to win, I want to take people with me.

Here’s what happened: I brought in one of the best customer acquisition guys in the world, this was in 2019, and we started building new methods. We ran tens of millions of dollars of advertising through our systems to test our hypothesis.

A lot of it worked (and we fixed what didn’t).
Between the two of us, we’ve acquired several hundred thousand customers for some of the largest training organizations in the world. Most of these customers were acquired at profit — which means we did not pay for them…
There are companies who force all new copywriters, marketers & media buyers to go through our old funnels and campaigns just to copy out what we did and how it worked. But what I’m about to offer you is so much better…

At the beginning of 2023, I flew this guy out and we sat down to teach everything we’d learned about customer acquisition. This includes the techniques we used years ago and new techniques, tools & frameworks that had never been taught before.

It was $5,000 USD to be in the room.

25 people were there.

We have not sold it or even offered to open it up this entire year, until now.
Every Detail to Acquiring Tens of Thousands of Customers Per Month
WARNING: This is a monster training program...
4 Modules of
Premium Training
10+ Hours of
Video Content
Spreadsheets, Templates & PDF Frameworks
It’s 2 full days of material and will take you at least a month to fully implement. If you want to own a license to this training, you can do that today… I probably won’t open this up again, maybe next year on Black Friday. No guarantees…

There’s a problem, though…

In the interests of basic ethics & morality, let me get this out of the way:
To sell things using the internet — even if the product is good, you need to know how to WRITE things that make people want to buy…

Before now, I would have answered this problem by saying “Yep… good luck.”

For years my teams have been trying to get me to train on my unique style of writing copy… I’ve said no.
Over and over again... No, no, no, no. Here's why...
It’s hard to teach — and I haven’t had the time
I legitimately feel like it’s one of my superpowers
Dane, our marketing director, pulled me aside a few months ago and low-key reprimanded me…

I won’t recount the entire story here but I’ll give you the gist of it.
“How many people do you actually want to help?”
"All of them... obviously."
“Not obviously… if they suck at writing they won’t get their message off the ground.”
It clicked where he was going with it, so I made him a deal…
"Alright, I'll do it... But I only want to sell it in a bundle and we can only make 100 licenses available for now. If I see my sh*t pop up in everyone's little masterminds I will know where it came from and we'll take it back offline."
The Most Requested Training
I Have Created To Date...
Yes, this is the most requested playbook in our arsenal… and it’s been a LONG time coming.

Most of the copy you see across my organizations runs through me in ideation stage and final QC stage. I’ve had a hand in most of it…

I love writing copy.
So, here's what we're gonna do:

    I’m creating this playbook as core curriculum for my team, and our clients
    You can access a copy in your library by participating in this bundle
    It’s called “Copy Magic” and I’m never selling it at scale

You can own a copy only here, only now…
Long Term & Durable Ascension...
Top to Bottom
Last, but not least…

If you haven’t noticed, we create these little “pockets” where people hang out, get smarter, meet other people, and develop into great clients and partners.

These ‘watering holes’ exist on the internet for connectivity and there is a repeatable playbook that we use for the content publishing schedules, interaction & milestones.

For instance, you might be seeing this page from one of our Facebook groups. You might have seen it from a Telegram group or an email list. What do all these things have in common?
They share 3 commonalities:


A great “community” element accelerate a person’s journey from “lead” to “fan” to “customer” to “client.” If customer acquisition creates a muscle memory of sorts for your client base, then “community” creates a “time under tension” effect with a person’s trust.

Community also offers an insurance policy so to speak against rising ad costs & declining sales metrics. The more trust you create PRE-CONVERSION the easier the conversion is going to be.

This product - Group to Clients - is included for free in this bundle.
How to Think About This Bundle
If you already have Group to Clients, enjoy… but think of all these individual playbooks as “amplifiers” or multipliers. Here’s what I mean:

Having the community playbook will make your customer acquisition costs cheaper. Having customer acquisition will make your community ascension more effective.

And obviously, learning my methods for writing potent (and fast) copy will take everything else to the next level. This page, for instance — I’m writing while at a business conference… a few weeks ago I flew to Dana Point and wrote this during a break.

The frameworks inside my Copy Magic playbook will speed you up without sacrificing your quality of wordsmithing. This is the craziest deal this brand has put together, ever. And it will 100% sell out before you think it will.

All major keys for you to scale through market slumps are included. And honestly, anything you need to take out a competitor just by being better and having MORE customers — included.
Grab The Acquisition Bundle An Over $8,000 Value - for Just $997
If I've Still Got Your Attention -
Let's Talk "Brass Tacts"
There are things we need to discuss.

First of all: this costs money.

And it’s not cheap.

To put it in perspective, the Customer Acquisition workshop was sold for $5k per person. Group to Clients is currently only available for $700 + a $1k set up fee. And “Copy Magic” didn’t even exist before this month, currently it is not for sale, and the only way to get it outside this bundle is being a client ($40-70k/year).

We will sell the Copy Magic product for $2,500. So total net value on this is $8,200.
But, 'tis the season to be merry...
And while you’re reading this, I’m on a Thanksgiving hangover and I want to reward you for taking time out of your day to read this and invest into the future of your life & business.

The bundle gives you a license for all 3 playbooks — for a steeply and frankly ridiculous discount, generously applied for the rest of the day or until we sell 100 licenses.

You get all 3 licenses for $997 and you own them for life (unless you request a refund, in which case we will promptly send you the measly 1k back and transfer the license to someone else — no stress).
To Recap...

    4 Customer Acquisition Modules
    A dozen spreadsheets, templates & PDF notes
    6 Group to Clients Modules (over my shoulder set up)
    Behind the scenes video trainings on evergreen content & ascension
    Copy templates, training modules & brand new “Copy Magic” playbook

There will be 20+ hours of training in the bundle…
Grab The Acquisition Bundle An Over $8,000 Value - for Just $997
Why am I including all of this?
Simplest answer: because I can.
And it’s the holidays.

You deserve to be happy — and rich. So I’m going to help you do that.

The reason I’m only giving 100 licenses to this material is because my methods are cutting edge. They work in multiple industries. We can turn on campaigns and begin creating customers within 72 hours — the last thing I want is to be copied 1,000 different times in 1,000 different industries.

I believe in abundance and surplus. I also believe in not being stupid. We are open sourcing our playbook for all things growth and customer acquisition — ‘tis the season… but that generosity extends only to the quick movers who know what they want and go after it.

My goal with this bundle is to create a better relationship with you. And transparently, I want you to pay me money for the rest of your career. Not because I want to take from you, but because I know that everything you invest into will be returned in greater measure.

Some of the biggest names online trust me and my team to train them with our research, frameworks and tools for getting more customers and creating predictable acquisition. I would love to show you how it all works and how you can escape the rate race of “chasing” for business.
Backed by the Best
Guarantee Money Can Buy
It is important to make sure you know — everything in this bundle is 100% backed for until December 31st at 11:59p CT. That means, I personally pledge you will never find a more proven, valuable, or effective acquisition solution anywhere else, ever — other than perhaps becoming a 1:1 client of mine or joining our flagship mastermind.

If you decide I’m wrong about that, you can call or email us any time before December 31st — even if it’s a Sunday morning while I’m at church, I will get your money back to you immediately. No questions asked. You will lose access to the products, though.

Some of my other products, I let you keep them even if you refund. Not this one. Keep that in mind.
Still Not Convinced? Call One of My Advisors Now at (615) 695-2490
They are standing by to help you start this journey…
Grab The Acquisition Bundle An Over $8,000 Value - for Just $997
This is a gnarly bundle and it has ALL the keys inside of it for you to scale through slumps and honestly, take out any competitor you want to just by being BETTER and winning more customers on the front end.

It’s limited to 100 licenses — or 24 hours — whichever goes first.

I expect we will have a lot of people reach out when they miss this.

To own this bundle and all included programs, templates, models, etc — is $997…

    CUSTOMER ACQUISITION WORKSHOP (15 hrs + 20 templates)
    GROUP TO CLIENTS (4 hrs + 8 templates)
    COPY MAGIC (6 hrs + over 10 pages, scripts, frameworks & templates)

Don't sleep - MOVE.
P.S. We have tons of these - but one in particular...
A “Customer Acquisition” workshop attendee sent this shortly after.

If we break this down at scale, it means he’s getting paid to acquire customers and then those customers are able to be emailed, engaged with, and ultimately upgraded to clients.

There’s nothing like it…

To be fair, I didn’t “invent” customer acquisition. Gary Halbert or someone who’s been dead a long time did that — I’ve just perfected it over the years and I want to teach you how we do it.

- Taylor Welch
Grab The Acquisition Bundle An Over $8,000 Value - for Just $997

Old Price: $159.90
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