Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy

Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy

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Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Coupon Discount Free

Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Coupon Discount Free

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Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Download

Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Download

Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Mega.Nz Torrent

Ultimate Options by Andy Tanner thecashflowacademy Mega.Nz Torrent

The Best Options Training Ever Created

Increase your cash flow, grow your wealth, and control your risk with this comprehensive in-depth look at all the ways you can intelligently profit with options
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The Right Teacher Is Your Competitive Advantage

Your journey to become a proficient and profitable investor is one of your top goals right now.

That's why it is absolutely critical that you choose the right teacher. Because to achieve your investing goals you must be able to learn these skills… have them ingrained in your mind… and then put them into real practice.

We take this responsibility very seriously. That's why we work hard to create training that makes sense. Everything we do is carefully crafted to make these concepts absolutely simple for you to understand.

With Andy and his team of mentors as your guides, you know that you are in good hands. No one makes options trading as simple, fun, and real as we do.  We guarantee it.
Introducing "Ultimate Options"

There's no secret about what topics you need to learn when it comes to options. What really matters is that you get comprehensive in-depth training on all of these topics.

That's what makes Ultimate Options the best options training ever created. Because no one else makes this as fun, simple, and real as we do.

Course Introduction
History of Options
Calls and Puts
Option Premium
Strike Prices

Gamma and RHO

Option Chains
Risk Graphs
Order Entry
Basic Risk Management Rules
Building a Long Term Wealth Plan
Using a Trading Journal
Four Pillars Criteria
Finding Candidates

Protective Puts
Short Stock Long Call
Covered Calls Part 1
Covered Calls Part 2
Covered Calls Part 3
Long Calls
Naked Calls
Long Puts
Naked Puts
Synthetic Long
Synthetic Short

Long Straddle
Short Straddle
Long Strangle
Short Strangle

Introduction to Spreads
Delta Hedging
Bear Call Spread
Bull Put Spread

Iron Condor Credit
Iron Condor Debit
Call and Put Condors
Broken Wing Butterfly
Ratio Back Spreads
Calendar Spreads

    I like the way you guys have broken it down into the smallest sections (such as the Greeks, one by one) and have gone into the right level of detail and repetition to make sure these things are understood. Great idea to start with some basic concepts before diving into the strategies – it removes any temptation to get started too quickly and skip over the foundations, as I’m sure many would be tempted to do (myself included!). Since starting with Ultimate Options, I’ve actually stopped trading options for the time being so that I can return with more skill and knowledge once I’m a bit further into the course. I’m surprised at how easy you make it to understand the Greeks, etc. – not easy concepts to grasp for the average layman. Also, I find myself getting really excited whilst watching the training sessions, because i’m piecing all the knowledge together in my head and realizing just how bulletproof trading options can be if I know what I’m doing. I feel that I'm in good hands with you guys and I trust fully in the process laid out before me here. I’m also excited about what the future holds with all this – seems like it could be another solid income stream for me. I very much hope that one day I can meet Andy and Corey and shake their hands for doing such a great job. I’ve taken lots of different training courses on how to make money, set up different types of businesses, etc, but this is the one that I would say blows my mind with how good it feels to join the dots on all this stuff. Really easy to understand and is sure to yield incredibly quick results, if the principles are followed correctly.

Matt Stanway
Kent, UK

    Andy and Corey have broken it down into layman terms, so it’s super easy to understand. It’s like a university degree education. Couldn't ask for anything better. At the moment I’m still in training mode and practicing, but I feel confident enough now to start placing my cards on the table and making some money. I now understand options. The amount of information given from Andy and Corey is amazing. I would have never received that much in depth training and information about options trading anywhere. It’s just not out there! I feel confident that I can go out now and make a lifestyle income with the training I’ve received. Thanks Andy and Corey and the team behind you for providing a way out of the rat race and giving me the skills to take control back of my life and to replace my 9-5 . Don’t sit there, go get it. Ultimate Options is just like a university degree but only better.

Dean Crozier
New South Wales, Australia

    I am a guy that needs significant insight into everything, and very few teachers can give me that. The Cashflow Academy is excellent in this. And the Ultimate Options program is great for learning all the insight about options and risk management. I was able to make my living with investments before but everything I did was based on delta. When the market changed in Febuary 2018 I wasn’t able to make money because I wanted to be delta neutral. Now I am able to create beta weighted portfolio with theta cashflow. If you want to have a complete toolbox and be able to profit from multiple opportunities, then Ultimate Options is a must-have training.

Kryštof Bartoš
Austin, Texas

    I like the defensive mechanics of ITM covered calls, Protective puts, and Collars to name a few. These are tools used in conjunction with long term investing or buy and hold. It dispels the myth of simply holding for capital gains. These allow to protect my portfolio during big drawdowns. In fact, I could even be a bit sloppy and clunky, without the fear of losing too much money because I have great defensive strategies now.

    In a nutshell, I like the detailed approach on preserving capital using options, which completely busts the myth of high risk equals high returns.

    After Ultimate Options, I trade the sideways market more confidently. On trending environments, I trade breakouts and pullbacks , and during consolidation I do a lot of Naked puts and covered calls (which I did not do prior to Ultimate Options). For example, after the drop in early February, I've been generating 1.5% to 6% in the sideways market, while I stand aside with my trend trading strategies.

    I was surprised mostly with the openness of Andy, Corey, and the whole crew. There are lots of trainings out there where they hold back information so you are dependent on them or sell you some subscription service where you are dependent on their recommendations because you don't know the process behind the scenes.

    As it stands now, I am a full time Professional Trader and I can do the business from anywhere in the world.

    Take the other basic courses first, and get a feel for the openness and genuineness of the people behind the training.

Richard Gan
Manila, Philippines

    I like the detail that you go into with Ultimate Options. I really like the analogies that you use to explain the different concepts.

    Ultimate Options has clarified the basics and allowed me to understand and be able to communicate better about my trades to my husband. It is making me a better trader, especially the section on the Greeks.

    This course is the best and easiest way to start to understand how to trade with options. Though you should first take the 4 Pillars course. Trading is like anything that needs practice, and this can be done in a simulated account. If you are interested all you have to do is start! Options trading IS NOT gambling if you learn how to do it using risk management as taught in the Ultimate Options course.

Sharon White
Edmonton, Canada

    As advertised, you teach all the stuff that I wish I would have known first, first! I spent considerable money in 2007 to learn stocks and options, only to have all my trading money sucked into a new house that lost half of its value in the 2008 housing bubble pop. UGH! Anyway, I am so excited to be learning how to mitigate the risk of various positions and how to plan ahead for the price to go up, down, or stay the same and how to do the little things that can help me keep more profits.

    I love the fact that Andy has brought in one of his expert friends, Corey, to help him train. I’m happy that Ultimate Options is available when I am. I do find myself wanting to jump ahead (just like you said I would) but having the classes roll out sequentially helps me focus.

    I originally signed up for the Mentor Club because I love seeing how to adjust trades and I was learning quite a bit from them. Then Ultimate Options came out and I had to talk my wife into letting me sign up for that. I’m so happy with the content thus far and I know that the rest will be just as valuable to me.

    Ultimate Options teaches not only HOW to be profitable with options but also HOW to protect profits. And more importantly, WHY! Plus, Andy and Corey are a couple of down-to-earth funny guys who love their families.

Ron Chatfield

    Mr. Tanner references Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi to point out the slow and necessary steps needed to learn this material. I am naturally more like Frank Shamrock. His dad picked him up from prison, dropped him off at his brothers gym, he did a few hundred push ups, few hundred sit ups, then his brother beat the crap out of him for 2 hours. 2 weeks after his wounds healed, he went to a Ninja monastery in Japan, studied the weakest parts of the human body for 6 months and then went on the become the UFC world champion. Ultimate Options is the ninja monastery of option trading.

JB Jones

    I love how in-depth you guys go with every strategy. It's next to impossible for me to find anything close to the wealth of knowledge that is offered here at the Cashflow Academy anywhere else online. Especially when it comes to options trading. My favorite thing about Ultimate Options is how well organized it is. It's so hard to learn when you feel like you're jumping around from topic to topic. That feeling never happens in Ultimate Options because the Team clearly spent a lot of time and energy making sure the lessons are organized in a way that allows you to flow from one lesson into the next, taking what you just learned and building upon it!

    I am literally a brand new trader; A millennial from a hardcore middle class working family. Before Ultimate Options I knew absolutely nothing of the stock market. After the 4 Pillars of Investing I knew just enough to be dangerous and lost about 5,000 in my paper trade account with my first round of trades. After working through just the Basic Strategies in Ultimate Options, I have made all but 500 back in funny money with just a handful of trades! Best part is, making that money back immediately wasn't the goal. The goal was to practice but making that “money” back so quickly was the best feeling I've literally ever had in my entire life.

    The sheer amount of information is astonishing. This is the most in-depth options training available online. I'm positive I couldn't have gotten a better education in options trading anywhere else. Especially if you're not trying to day trade. Most all of the trainings out there online right now are teaching some form of day trading.

    The entire Cashflow Academy team is lovely. Website giving you a glitch? Tech support is super responsive and never too busy to shoot you a email. Wondering how to input your hedges into your trading journal or why your risk graph isn't giving you the probability of profit you were after? Corey will actually email you back! I've been in education programs where it seems like you'll have all this support but as soon as you pay the company you can't ever get an email back. The Cashflow Academy couldn't be more different than those other guys.

    If you're thinking about trying to learn options trading, don't waste your time trying to piecemeal an education together from the web. Do yourself a favor and get serious about your future by investing in an education that actually has the opportunity to pay you back in the relative short term.

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