YouTube Storytelling Beyond Retention by David Liu

youtube storytelling beyond retention by david liu

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youtube storytelling beyond retention by david liu coupon discount free

youtube storytelling beyond retention by david liu coupon discount free

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youtube storytelling beyond retention by david liu download

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youtube storytelling beyond retention by david liu torrent

David Liu

David Liu
/YouTube Storytelling: Beyond Retention
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YouTube Storytelling: Beyond Retention

    Course32 Lessons

Get more views, make more income, and tell stories that matter. YouTube Storytelling is the most important skill you need to grow your channel. This course teaches you everything you need to know about how to get great retention and create incredible experiences for your viewers.

  I've just updated this to Version 2, now with 30+ YouTube lessons and case studies.
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"I just finished the course and this is hands down the best YouTube storytelling course I have taken."
Richa Prasad

"This man is a huge reason why my channel is successful, read intently."
NickAR (300K subs)

Better storytelling will grow your channel.
Hi, I'm Dabi, a doctor and YouTuber.  these days though, I often spend my time helping YouTubers like yourself grow their channels by making better videos.

The above image is a screenshot of one of many longform videos I've worked on. But there's one crazy thing about it: this channel only had 18K subs at the time we made this video.

YouTube growth essentially relies on three things: 1. market supply/demand (niche), 2. packaging (title/thumbnail), and 3. storytelling. And storytelling is, by far, the most complex of those three things.

I've developed a set of storytelling principles that have helped 4-5 videos on different channels get 1M+ views. My highest collabs so far have 3M+ and 6M+ views respectively on longform content (non-Shorts). And I've helped countless other channels get 100K-900K views, regardless of their sub count.

And in this course, I'd like to teach you everything I know about making your videos explode, thereby increasing the speed of your channel's growth.
This is how to increase your views significantly
Feeling stuck with your channel's growth? Wanting to explode your views, but not sure how to get there?

The YouTube algorithm uses a metric called expected watch time per impression to determine how many views to give a YouTuber. The longer people watch your videos, the more views your video will get. And that's basically the main reason this course should make a difference to your channel.
Videos I've worked on with 1M+ views
I've had the privilege of working with these YouTubers on their videos to help improve their storytelling, and therefore improve their views. Of course, I can't take credit for everything - these YouTubers are great people and friends in their own right - but storytelling really made a huge difference to their growth.

And storytelling principles can make your videos grow, too.
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 1M views in 7 days, 6.2M+ views since publish
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 1.7M+ views since publish
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 1M+ views in 7 days, too
Tried-and-tested principles that work for YouTube
This course contains:

    How to make videos that get promoted by the YouTube algorithm
    How to craft hooks that grab people's attention immediately
    How to structure videos for retention
    How to make videos that engage people on differential emotional levels
    How to interpret retention graphs properly so you can analyse your videos better
    How to avoid common retention dips
    Detailed YouTube case studies with analyses you can't find anywhere else
    Thumbnail design principles for improved CTR

...and much, much more.
I'll teach you...
Storytelling Structures
The best YouTubers on the platform know how to structure their videos for great retention. I've compiled a lot of case studies on many 1M+ view videos, to give you deep insight into how you can do it too.
Outlier Thumbnail Design
I wrote a presentation that helps you make winning thumbnail designs that appeal to viewer psychology. This approach combines data and viewer psychology together.
Retention Strategies
Keeping a user's retention on YouTube is one of the most critical things that you can do to grow your channel. I'll teach you specific things to look out for to avoid retention dips, as well as increase retention.
YouTube is a game of skill.
Getting a million views on a video is possible for anyone with the right knowledge and skill.

I've given advice to all sorts of YouTubers big and small. Those who are frustrated with their channels not growing. Those who are highly ambitious and want to get to millions of subs.

One key difference in those who succeed is simply that they've obsessed about YouTube enough to really understand it in depth. There is very little luck needed for YouTube, but you need both a lot of knowledge and a lot of time.

I want to help you save time in acquiring that knowledge, by condensing thousands of hours of storytelling information into a course that takes a few hours to learn, but many more hours to master. There is no shortcut for hard work, but this is a shortcut to learning the knowledge required for taking your YouTube channel to the next level.
Who's this course for?

    YouTubers who want to substantially grow their channel, by improving the performance of individual videos with tested and proven storytelling techniques.
    This course is extremely helpful to YouTubers of all sizes:
        0 - 1000 subs: Some lessons teach the basics of YouTube storytelling. Can really help you reach your first 1000 subscribers.
        1K - 100K subs: Take your videos above 100K-1M views. Learn the fundamentals of how to make banger videos that go viral.
        100K - 1M subs: Advanced, concise, and specific techniques that significantly improve retention. Skip ahead to 'Advanced Storytelling'. The course should pay for itself over about 2-4 videos.
        1M+ subs:
            Case studies and techniques that go way beyond the depth of publicly available information, to help you go beyond retention and into creating evergreen content that people will remember for years to come.
            I've worked with multiple 1M+ sub YouTubers before and even then, techniques from here still end up helping them get 1/10 in their YouTube studio.
            You can also use this to quickly get your editing teams up to speed, because - as you're well aware - YouTube is so specific as a skill that staff need YouTube-specific education.

Buy once, get free updates forever.
This course is an investment in your channel, and I think investments should make you more money than you spend. If you apply the course's principles, your videos should perform better in the long term - meaning that your channel will get more views over longer periods of time. So improving storytelling will directly improve retention -> improves views -> increases your channel's income and ability to reach people.

I want this to be the single best course on storytelling that exists for YouTube. So to do that, I'll keep on updating the course sporadically as my own knowledge changes.
Grow your YouTube channel faster.

    Thousands of hours of YouTube experience, condensed into a course that you can take in less than a few hours.
    Tried and proven strategies that will improve your channel's videos significantly.
    Original YouTube-specific thought and research that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

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Free excerpt: The YouTube algorithm in a nutshell

    Couldn't I just learn everything about YouTube storytelling for free? Many YouTubers are successful in their own right, and thankfully there's heaps of free information out there to help grow your channel. But I've decided to talk a lot about information that doesn't exist anywhere else that I've seen, because they came from hours upon hours of private studies. I'd be extremely surprised if you came across all the same conclusions, but it's not impossible. 🙂 not only this, but this course aims to save you a lot of time spent studying these, by compiling lots of case studies together so you can see exactly what does and doesn't work. Not only this, but working on many different YouTubers' channels means that the theory is backed up by practice.
    Is this course for beginner or advanced YouTubers? YouTubers of all sizes will get a tonne out of this course. For beginners, learning a good basic structure will be the most important. For advanced YouTubers, I go deep into the specifics of implementing structures better. If I can improve your retention by even a single minute, that'll make a huge difference for your channel's growth.
    Will this apply to my channel? A lot of the examples I give are from entertainment channels like MrBeast and Ryan Trahan, but the principles can be universally applied. I work with a lot of gaming channels and travel channels in particular, so these would be extra strengths of mine. I myself have an educational channel, which has a different meta, and I include advice from there too. I've also now included topics like thumbnail design and psychology, which are universal to any channel.
    Why should I listen to you? In making this course, I've included very specific examples of things that work well to give to you. This is from a combination of data I've seen (retention graphs in particular), working with many YouTubers, and having my own YouTube channel. I myself can say I've directly contributed to multiple 1M+ view videos through storytelling. At this point in time, I've analysed a ridiculous number of retention graphs.
    However, in the end, the only way to figure out whether something works or not is to try it out for yourself. Not every principle will work for everyone, because that's the nature of YouTube and content. However, the experimentation of many principles should directly improve your channel. What I hope to do is give you a more focused set of ideas of the principles that I feel are the most important in improving storytelling.
    Will I be successful on YouTube after watching this course? Storytelling is one of the most important skills you can learn as a YouTuber, since it directly improves your AVD and therefore increases the amount of views you get per video. I personally think this course will probably save a few hundred hours of trial and error. But even if I give you a map, it's only when you set sail that you'll see any benefit out of this course. So factors like your consistency, your ability to learn, and your ability to adapt to what's working and what's not will be more important than any information anyone can give you. That of the reasons I'm confident in this course, is that I'm told my advice has often been very helpful to people and have had plenty of YouTuber friends have very real growth from a lot of the tactics I discuss.
    Will this course go down in price? I will continue to add more and more to this course as the most detailed knowledge base of all the storytelling stuff I know...but because of that increase in value, will likely also increase the price over time. There may be the occasional discount, but I wouldn't recommend waiting for that.  
    Do you offer refunds? Long story short, nope. I'm confident the techniques in this course are super valuable, because I've helped heaps of different YouTubers achieve hundreds of thousands to millions of views on their videos - in multiple niches. However, they still require implementation and practice in order for them to actually work. The only exception would be someone who completes 100% of the course, actually implements the techniques, and then doesn't get a significant increase in views in their video. In that case, I'd offer a refund. I've never met anyone who's fulfilled all three criteria, though, since the techniques work.

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