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YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks

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YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks Coupon Discount Free

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YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks Download

YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks Download

YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks Torrent

YouTube Title Mastery by Creator Hooks Torrent

Write Better YouTube Titles In 3 Weeks
Join a small group of serious YouTube creators looking to
master writing titles for their videos.

YouTube Title Mastery is a small group coaching course that will help you:

• Come up with better video ideas and write the perfect title for them so you can grow your channel.

• Understand the psychology behind what makes people click on your videos so you can write better titles forever.

• Get live feedback from me on your YouTube titles so you can stop worrying if your title is good or not.
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YouTube Title Mastery Is For You If...

    You're sick of your videos not getting as many views as they deserve
    You're tired of wasting time trying to write the perfect title
    You're scrambling to write a decent title just before publishing your video
    You have an educational or edutainment channel and you're serious about growing it

Here's How I've Helped Others Write Better Titles:
Get Live Feedback On Your Titles
You probably understand the basics of how to write a good YouTube title.

But when you actually write it, it just doesn't seem right.

And unfortunately, your YouTube stats reflect that.

That's why it's so important to get feedback on your titles.

In YouTube Title Mastery, you'll learn the theory behind what makes a good title, write one based on that theory, then get feedback on it right away.

Plus, spots are limited to only 30 people, so you don't need to be intimidated by a big group or worry about not being heard.
Avoid The 4 Common YouTube Title Mistakes
People write to me all the time, "I know my titles are good... why am I not getting very many views?"

Here's the bad news for them: their titles actually aren't very good.

And what's worse is that they don't even realize it, so they don't try to improve them.

In YouTube Title Mastery you'll learn about the 4 most common YouTube title mistakes are and how to avoid them.
Meet Other YouTube Creators Like You
If you're in YouTube Title Mastery that means a few things:

1. You're serious about growing your YouTube channel

2. You've had some level success on your channel before (this isn't a course for newbies)

3. You have an educational YouTube channel

And because we're all similar, we'll be able to help each other grow our channels and our businesses, we'll all get along, and there's a pretty good chance you'll walk out of here with some new friends.
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Meet Your YouTube Title Instructor
Hey, I'm Jake Thomas  

A few years ago I landed my first job as a YouTube channel manager. But there was one problem: I sucked at writing titles.

I almost got fired for it, until something finally clicked. I learned that you can shortcut your way to a great title by modeling other successful videos.

Once I figured that out, I quickly learned what actually makes a great title and how to write them quickly.

While I was at that channel our subscribers 3X'd and (more importantly) our revenue 4X'd.

Since then, my titles have generated 10,000,000+ views for myself and my clients.

Because I'm not naturally a great title writer, I had to teach myself, and that makes it a lot easier to teach other people, like you, how to write great titles.

Hope to see you inside YouTube Title Mastery!
Will YouTube Title Mastery Work For My Niche?
YouTube Title Mastery is for educational channels that are making videos for humans.

Does that sound like you?

Then this will work.

You're not going to learn about current trends that are working now, but won't work next month.

This workshop is all about the psychology of what gets people's attention and makes them click, and how to put that into a gripping YouTube title.

And it's about learning an evergreen system to learn what your audience wants so you can find the best topics that make them click immediately and stay for the whole video.

If you need any more convincing if this will work for your niche, here are two screenshots of 1/10 videos that are in different languages:
YouTube Title Mastery Schedule & Overview
Live Session #1
The Easiest Way To Write Great YouTube Titles Fast

Tuesday, November 1, 2 PM ET
Live Session #2
Q&A and channel reviews

Friday, November 4, 2 PM ET
Live Session #3
The Psychology Behind What Makes An Effective YouTube Title

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2 PM ET
Live Session #4
Q&A and channel reviews

Date: Friday, November 11, 2 PM ET
Live Session #5
The Most Underrated Strategy To Come Up With Amazing Video Ideas

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2 PM ET
Live Session #6
Q&A and channel reviews

Date: Friday, November 18, 2 PM ET
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YouTube Title Mastery FAQ
Who is YouTube Title Mastery for?

This workshop is for channels (or employees of channels) in the education space. It's not for gaming channels, entertainment channels, or creators that are trying to be the next MrBeast. This is for creators who view YouTube as a business to serve people.

How much is YouTube Title Mastery?

This course is $297. It's priced this way because you're learning a skill that will level up your YouTube game forever (and that you can use on other platforms, too). And there's a big community aspect of this so I only want serious creators in here.

How many people will be in this workshop?

I'm limiting spots to only 30 people. This way it's an intimate group so everybody can talk and get feedback on their titles.

When is the deadline to sign up?

The last day to sign up is October 31st since sessions start November 1st. However, there are only 30 spots, so if you really want a spot you should sign up asap.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! All of the sessions will be recorded so you can watch them over and over again as you're growing your channel.

What if I can't make it to all of the sessions?

After every session we'll send out a recording, so you'll still be able to get the lessons from it. Also, we'll have a community chat platform that you can be a part of.

Can this really work for me?

This isn't a workshop where I lecture on high-level strategy and then send you on your way. I'll teach you what works, have you actually write titles using those strategies, then give you feedback.

What's your refund policy?

If you come to a few of the sessions and find that this course isn't for you, I'll give you a 100% refund right away, no questions asked. I'm in this game for the long run, so we can talk about it if you need a refund for any other reason.
You're Just One Video Away...
If you're wondering if YouTube Title Mastery is really worth it, here's something to think about:

If you get one good video idea from this course, the AdSense revenue alone will cover it.

Never mind the skills to do it over and over again...

Or the people you'll meet who will inspire you to grow your channel and prove you can do it.

You'll be a founding member of YouTube Mastery if you join this cohort, but there are only 30 spots available and the deadline is coming soon.

Old Price: $49.90

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